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Father, in Jesus Name, send out your ministering angels to my flickr contacts, who need Your help.

York Minister cathedral is based in Northern England and origins date back to the 7th century. its amazing architecture is full of splendour, great beauty and a lovely cathedral to visit plus the city

PANTSU*HUNTER angel wing .red roses.

parfait. Giga Gel Capsule

12.Ss-CB AntiqueOutfit.Gacha - nurse white@Gothical

17.Ss-CB AntiqueOutfit.Gacha - boots - ivory@Gothical

*Tentacio* Tamsy nurse medical halo



The story of the Pinoccio doll is shortened:

1. Father: Geppetto, carpenter, carves a doll and calls it Pinoccio

2. Doll comes to life

3. Doll runs away

4. Gepetto catches the kid

5. Pinoccio promises to stop lying, be good and go to school

6. Gepetto sells his jacket to buy school books

7. Pinoccio (never stopped lying) becomes Minister of Health 😮

Sequel …

Kiev/КИЕВ 60 TTL , Volna 2.8 / 80 mm , F 2.8 1/30 , Fujifilm Reala , 1.2 m , Crossed Finger Processing .

Testfilm taken with "Yashica Minister D"

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St. Anne teaching the Virgin Mary to read

Taken with Linhof color 4x5 and Computar Symmetrigon 150mm at f45. Kodak plus X that expired in 1987.

"Barkerville, once the largest city north of San Francisco and west of Chicago, was situated on the western edge of the Cariboo Mountains. It was named after Billy Barker from Cambridgeshire, England, who was among those who first struck gold at the location in 1861, and whose claim was the richest and the most famous. In 1958, the government of British Columbia decided that the town should be restored and operated as a tourist attraction. Today, Barkerville appears as it did in its heyday and is referred to as Barkerville Historic Town. The history of each building has been researched and documented. No actual residents remain; they were either bought out or moved to New Barkerville during the restoration of the site."

Beautiful Minister Pool in Lichfield City

Focus-stacked - 5 images

Testfilm taken with "Yashica Minister D"

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Minister Stein 2/4/7, Schacht 4 Dortmund-Eving Juni 1989.

1856 gegründet.

Seit 04. April 1871 Minister Stein.

1873/74 Fusion der Zechen Minister Stein und Zeche Fürst Hardenberg zu "Vereinigte Stein und Hardenberg".

Eigner Gelsenkirchener Bergwerks-AG (GBAG).

1891 Teufbeginn Schacht 4.

1926 Errichtung des Hammerkopfturms über Schacht 4 mit 2 elektrischen Turmfördermaschinen.

1941 mit einer Jahresförderung von 3,67 Millionen Tonnen und 6820 Beschäftigten die größte Zeche des Ruhreviers.

1945 Trennung der Zechen Minister Stein und Fürst Hardenberg.

1953 neuer Eigner Dortmunder Bergbau AG.

1958 wieder Anschluss der Zeche Fürst Hardenberg an Minister Stein.

1968 zur Ruhrkohle AG (RAG).

1987 Einstellung der Förderung, Stilllegung 31. März 1987..

Letzte Dortmunder Zeche.

Danach Abriss der Tagesanlagen bis auf den Hammerkopfturm über Schacht 4.

Renovierung des Hammerkopfturmes und Einbau einer "Bürobank" an Stelle der alten Hängebank.

Zum Zeitpunkt der Aufnahme waren der ähnliche Hammerkopfturm über Schacht 2 und das Fördergerüst über Schacht 7 bereits abgerissen, die Schachthalle Schacht 4 teilabgerissen.


germany, ruhrarea

They are supposed to be ministers of the god Inari, which means the god of harvest in Japan.

OBSERVE Collective

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Nave at Beverley Minister. 5 shot HDR.

Spent a great morning with friends at Plimouth Plantation...such an amazing place...this fellow played the role of the minister...I could have listened to him for hours. A PBS special on the pilgrims will be airing the week of Thanksgiving and they were filming it while we were will definitely be worth watching.

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York Minster is the second largest Gothic cathedral of Northern Europe and clearly charts the development of English Gothic architecture from Early English through to the Perpendicular Period. The present building was begun in about 1230 and completed in 1472. It has a cruciform plan with an octagonal chapter house attached to the north transept, a central tower and two towers at the west front. The stone used for the building is magnesian limestone, a creamy-white coloured rock that was quarried in nearby Tadcaster. The Minster is 148 metres long and each of its three towers are 60 metres high. The choir, which has an interior height of 31 metres, is only surpassed in height in England by the choir of Westminster Abbey.

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'Cause we live in a Country that is the laughing stock of everybody and where everything happen, these two guys are running for the next general election



cité de la mode

ministère de l'économie


CAIN , eds member

shouts out to KASM,MEYA and KAT


EDS 2014

York Minister in Monochrome on 14/06/2020

Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm 2.8 Silver 1958 @ f 2.8

Minister Creek along the North Country Trail in Allegheny National Forest PA.

Beverley Minister from Long Lane near to the open paddock as you enter Long Lane beautiful clear blue skies taken on the 7 February 2018 I have also done these in Black and White.

An eerie, otherworldly figure cloaked in white

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Had fun taking this picture!

Thank you Virgil for your patience even though I took like 82745894375 years to take it xD





talent: M.A.M08 + HOLGA

location: KLCC park!


rollei 2.8F/portra160VC

DO fotomega / scan canon 8800F

A change from insects photography with a visit to Beverley Minister.

Today, the beautiful sepia collection taken with this Yashica by Richard Belfry reminded me how fond I am of this humble rangefinder. The lower Yashinon f/2.8 is also a great lens.


Cosinon-S 50mm f/2

私に お婿さん が きました ^^

今日 ハネムーン してきました

chabin さん ありがとうございます ♪

My father in law saw that this camera was being thrown out and rescued it for me. It still had its leather case and some film in it. The film was unrolled and so I was not sure if it had been used. Think I might get some new film and see if it works. I need to work out how it works first though. It's a great addition to my collection though.

وصول رئيس الوزراء الكويتى الشيخ ناصر المحمد لمطار الكويت قادما من جنيف فى اعقاب رحلة علاج تكللت بالشفاء وقد كان فى استقباله فى المطار طوفان من البشر اللذى اجتاح المطار حيث اعتبرها كثير من الكويتيون استفتاء شعبيا على سموه جدد خلاله الكويتيون الثقه به رئيسا للحكومه

هذا ما يتعلق بالخبر أما المهمه اللتى أوكلت لمصورى الصحف فكانت أشبه بالمهمه المستحيله وأنا هنا لاأريد أن أتحدث كثيرا عن مهنة المتاعب اللتى نحبها بل سوف أترك لكم المجال لمشاهدة الصور وأترك لخيالكم تصور مدى الجهد والتعب فى إاتقاط هذه الصور

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