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Il capolino fiorale di un cardo non è cosa semplice. Si tratta, in realtà, di parecchie decine di fiori, collocati in strette sequenze concentriche. Questo significa che visitarli tutti e dunque inserire la spiritromba in ciascuno, alla ricerca del nettare, divine una missione impegnativa per una farfalla. Missione a cui la stessa farfalla, in questo caso un Macaone, si dedica comunque con ammirabile solerzia ..... ..

Il fior di loto è sbocciato e sta esponendo al sole la sua magnificenza. E' gigantesco, ma un piccolo sirfide sembra non scoraggiarsi e si accinge ad esplorare le riserve di nettare e di polline del fiore. La sua è una missione impegnativa e probabilmente, nel continente asiatico, in cui la pianta è autoctona, i pronubi sono di specie e dimensioni diverse. In questo caso, però, il Sistema Naturale ha trovato questa soluzione ..... ..

These are bells at Mission San Juan Capistrano. The mission dates back to 1776, founded by Catholic priests, but I don't know when these bells were cast. They are huge - wish I had a daughter standing by them but she hid.


"Ring the Bell" Smile on Saturday group

Peter, Oleg, Aunt Lucy, Uncle Paddington naughty Munin, Cuddly bear, Max and Bernus have temporarily said goodbye to Profesor Doctor Hakus. Doctor Hakus is on his way to Mars for the university to do research there. Bernus especially has a hard time with it, but fortunately he understands it.


So much fun playing with photoshop!

A Caspian tern's mission accomplished. Taken a few years back. A bit soft, oh well...

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A northbound Kansas City Southern freight crosses the Mission River at Refugio, Texas, on March 14, 2013.


Listen I'm on a mission, I never been the one to fit in

I do it different, I find a spaceship and I get in

I got ignition, I got that 20/20 vision



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Mission San Juan, San Antonio, Texas



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This is a walking trail along Mission Creek in Kelowna, BC

Jeremy said we did what had to be done and all is fine now.The mission was to create chaos .Almost 4 pm I say and its still more then 1 hour walking through the subway station.We have to hurry......


Hope you will all have a great day my dear friends and followers💕 ✌♫💌


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mission district

san francisco, california

Mission Mountains in February.

Santa Barbara Mission


Mood Music


I have been trying forever to figure out how to use these cats in a pic :)

mission street

daly city, california

In the Mission, San Francisco

Well my dear MM-friends, I really tried to make a macro of this wonderful cheese inside of the trap, but only a second later

- I swear - I only was able to photograph those crumbs of it. So it was truly not my default .. the mouse must be an „Ethan Hunt“ of the mice .. or something like that 😉


Oh, I hear something?


Soundtrack Mission Impossible


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Daybreak on the 45th parallel, halfway between the North Pole and the equator

Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, Soledad, California.

Every year it's the same. A single week of beautiful sunny autumn weather with trees in unbelievable full color and the trouble to hit a free day to be able to chase it with the camera. Too early or too late means much less or no color at all in trees and a year to be wasted. Luckily I've made it again, phew! Mission accomplished...

A wet soggy fall day up Mission Creek. I didn't quite make it to the falls, but I did manage to get soaked. :-) All good!


Happy Sunday all!


To Group: Maine, Montana and Wisconsin Theme: I can't believe I got this shot! :-)

This is the backside of the Mission on the hill in Winterhaven, California at sunset. The most colorfull part of the sunset was in the opposite direction, but I liked this way too.

Flowers at Mission Point...

Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo

San Antonio, Texas


One of my Flickr friends and I went for a photo shoot to Goliad TX... found the most beautiful buildings, and missions there. The small town, has around 1000 population, and has houses like you stepped back into history. Wanted to show more sides at one time, and tried this one, the really nice thing at that day was, that we had plenty of cloud cover...


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Texture by Distressed Textures.

253rd Legion Mission 1.2



//Log Data PC187\\

As my Brothers had both defended the Landing Platform and the Base I got notified that aur secondary base had been overun and that, apperently clones had spotted a cloaked figure. My team and I imediatly set out to investigate.


Mission Street, Mission District, San Francisco, California, USA

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Mission, BC

It's fall but most days still feel like summer.

I spotted this lovely summer dress in a non-blogging stream a couple of weeks ago and I swore I would track it down. Mission accomplished.


Dress: Tres Blah Pippa


Full Credits @ Pixelated Fashions


Tune: Paula Cole - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone No excuses for using this song again. Love it!

I finally made it to beautiful Santa Barbara!!


HSS :))

When you tried borrowing your friends makeup but she said no...sometimes you have to go Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise on her ass! xoxo

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I got a few snaps while visiting my twin boys and husband at Boy Scout camp "Scout a Vista".

Mission Ridge, Wenachee, WA.


Bell at the mission in Soledad, California.

Mission Hills, British Columbia, Canada

Mission San Xavier del Bac, pre-pandemic image. The Spanish mission was established in 1692 and the original structures

destroyed by Apaches in 1770. The mission was re-built between 1783 and 1797. Oldest European building in Arizona.

RKO_3741. Diving Common Kingfisher! Another image of this series! Some other images will be uploaded in due time....LOL


It was one of my annual goals to get some acceptable diving shots of this blue arrow! I guess "mission completed"!


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Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge, Week #35 Historical


The Mission Point Lighthouse is located at the tip of the Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan. This Lake Michigan lighthouse was built in 1870.


By the mid 1850s, shipping on Grand Traverse Bay had grown substantially. A lighthouse on the northern tip of Old Mission Peninsula was needed to warn of the rocky shallow point. In 1859 Congress appropriated the funds, however the light was not completed until 1870.


The first lighthouse keeper was Jerome M. Pratt, who kept a detailed journal of passing ships. On the first day he noted 5 vessels- 2 schooners, 2 steamers and one bark. An entry in 1875, only 5 years later, listed 101 steamers and 75 sailing ships.


Mission Point Lighthouse had only 7 keepers in the 63 years it was in service. In 1933 the old lamp was decommissioned and eventually replaced by an offshore buoy light.


The Mission Point Lighthouse is located exactly on the 45th parallel or halfway between the North Pole and the Equator.


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