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7h27. 3-11-16. 333.323 con un Acciona de Bilbao a Jundiz.

Het is natuurlijk een cliche foto, maar hij was te mooi om niet te maken.


Toen ik aankwam in mijn gehuurde auto ben ik eerst de strip helemaal af gereden en was dit eigenlijk het einde van de fun stuff.

Gregor Hohpe of Google presenting the original Web 2.0 Celtic Tree of Life.


This represents the ecosystem of consumer generated content where the business is the trunk and core of the community. Without the business, the content and community would not exist. The roots represent the suppliers/producers who generate the content and metadata that the consumers/distributors are looking for. This is a feedback loop that creates the community. As this ecosystem grows, the branches and roots spread out creating the longtail as shown in red just below the tree.


Also notice the smaller trees of life in the center of the trunk. These represent other ecosystems in which larger and smaller communities exist.


I am excited to see an incredible graphic that represents a new way of growing businesses and communities. Look for it on a t-shirt near you and a tattoo if you are really committed to this philosophy.

Three xBox 360s were given away to these guys playing in a lounge on the 4th floor at the end of the show on Wednesday afternoon. Microsoft's Channel9 filmed an unscripted commercial of the give away. It went something like this:


"So, what do you think of the xBox 360?"

"Its very cool. Great graphics. Great games."

"So, do you have one?"

"No, but I'm definately gonna buy one."

"Well, you don't need to because we're giving each of you one."

"You are getting an xBox 360, four wireless controllers, chargers, a years subscription to xBox Live and ten games."

"NO WAY! I've never won anything."


"So, do you want to take them with you on the plane or should we ship them to you?"


Gotta love it!


I want to know who got the flat screen TVs and Media Center PCs?

Gedsc digital camera

Robert Scoble. Sent from my smart phone.

At the microformats birds of a feather meeting in the Venetian food court. Tantek spreads the word.

The zoom on my camera sucks, but that's really Bill Gates.

Robert Scoble. Sent from my smart phone.

- Taken at 6:03 PM on April 03, 2006; cameraphone upload by ShoZu

Jean Christophe Cimetière, Chef de produit Plate-forme de Microsoft France pendant sa session à la conférence "Stratégie Web 2.0" à Paris le 22 Juin 2006

this is what it looked like from the speaker's stage...all you could see were the two blindling lights...

Tantek Celik at Mix06.


I have been working with microformats and debating hCard vs. vCard standards. I am now convinced that the hCard is the way to go.

Lights at the Flamingo

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