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A3 on paper a maple study and a textured. Thanks for the visit and a have a nice weekend

quotes with drawings in my Moleskine,Thanks for the visit have all a nice day

Black Alder in nutwater,and textured,the castle a drawing in my Moleskine.Thanks for the visit have a nice day

Our Earl Grey contest. The most expensive sorts are not imperative the best ones. I think the GEPA tea has the best price-performance ratio.


All rights reserved. Permission required for any use. © Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

Defacing my Moleskine.

Moleskine, Sep 2015

La noia del treno. La musica dell'iPod. Le penne colorate.

Este es un boceto de mi nueva libreta: ¡Una Moleskine! Sonia fue mi paciente modelo ¡Gracias! Y también quiero invitarlos a conocer mi nueva página web:


Y para el blog clic aquí.

_ _ _

This is a new sketch from my new sketchbook: A Moleskine! Sonia was my patient model, Thanks! And I want to invite you to my new website:


To see the blog just here.

More studies of Jordi Bernet style.

Both from Torpedo.

Didn't know what to draw, so I made a color chart with my watercolors (Schmicke Horadam)

I re-discovered rather normal felt tip pens. They don't bleed through like copics do and the colors are vibrant. Accidentally I discovered that they are watersoluble, so you can use them like watercolors.


All rights reserved. Permission required for any use. © Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

by my four-year-old daughter.

My first ever moleskine! Cant wait till next year.

The moon rose a couple of nights ago looking so huge against the sky. Couldn't capture it so drew it instead.

Some faces made with a new calligraphy pen.

Right side a little study of Jordi Bernet's Torpedo.

Florencia, Firenze...


Moleskine is a great company! My notebook is my partner all the time... The David of Michelangelo captured in my Moleskine with my beautiful pencil.... : )


David, estabas ahi de pie, frío y majestuoso, dispuesto a todo, despues de haber sido formado con cincel y martillo, te han creado a golpes una y otra vez y eso te ha hecho grande, eterno, para siempre... Gran Miguel Angel constructor, artista de todos los tiempos.

For Julia Kay's portrait party, beautiful Emily in Watercolor Moleskine.

Emily looks much better in real then in the painting:

I tried the palette knife in this painting but gave up very soon to pick up the brushes again...

Have a look at Emily O'Marra's photostream here:

I should be doing a thousand other things right now, but I needed a couple hours of art therapy this morning....

Moleskine book 6, page 13, 7/2008

Getting back into writing and just treated myself to some Moleskine Cahiers

I rearranged my little watercolor box. But after finishing this drawing I squashed in one more pan. ;-)


All rights reserved. Permission required for any use. © Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

moleskine book 4, page 64, 4/11/2008

All rights reserved. Permission required for any use. © Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel


Can't stop buying new colors, even if my stock of colors will reach until the rest of my life.

moleskine sketch.2008.

I bought all sorts of Earl Grey which I could find in our wholesale. The prices are very different, and I'm curious if the taste will be analogous to the price.

This is the Moleskine that will be exhibited at The London Book Fair for Moleskine.

moleskine sketches,2007,

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