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Moon today

Nice evening

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Heading towards a Harvest Moon - tonights moon was a fabulous colour. It's been a hot day here so we sat in the garden watching the moon rise.

Waxing gibbous

Visible: 94% ↑

Age: 14 days

View full size for a detailed view.


Canon 760D, 80mm Refractor, 2x Barlow lens, providing an F12 focal length, plus the 1.7 camera crop, resulting in a total of F18 at ISO 400. The moon is so bright, small F numbers can be comfortably achieved. Photo processed in Lightroom and Canon DPP.


Waxing gibbous Moon at Dusk

و القمر قدرناه منازل حتى عاد كالعرجون القديم .. سورة يس، آية 39

"And the Moon, ---We have measured for her mansions (to serve) till she returns like the old (and withered) lower part of a date stalk."


I cropped the actual shot and it seems closer than using 200mm coz its 10.2 Megapixels =)


Global Village, Dubayy


Copyright 2007 - Abdulla (ThE~uNiQuE or UNIQMEZ)

de hoje.

Explore 14-jul-2008 #375

I think I've taken one other picture of the moon before. I always love looking at moon pics, but my camera is so mediocre that I don't even want to try this sort of thing.


However, tonight the moon was just so beautiful. I swallowed my pride & here it is: My post of the moon. I don't even think it's full moon (I don't follow these things), it was just a beautiful moon. It's not the best shot ever, but it's my best shot with what I have and know. Still learning, so may post another again in the future - let's hope I can blow you away! :)


Besides, I think Lila posted the full moon this morning, right guys? LOL!


El Paso, Texas


Waning gibbous with 97% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.

i just like taking pictures of the moon

March 11, technically the day after the full moon. I need a bigger lens :-(

The Moon was nice and clear tonight I always like photographing it.

# the moon early evening yesterday


on april 30th 2012


our first attempt at moon photo-ing, liked how you can see the craters on this one :)


photo by Calle

lens: Nikon AF 70-210mm f/4-5.6

gundidepp commments below about the "sepia" toning of the image. It turns out that the color resulted from the Photomatix process I used to compress the tonal range of the original image. When I tried to do a more standard b&w view, many of the finer details disappeared. The photo was taken in the morning after the sky was already blue, as shown in the photo in the comments.


View Large On Black

Waxing Moon a couple of days before the full phase. Gull wouldn't cooperate and cross the face but judging by the shutter release I would have missed anyway. and been grousing even more.

To nights moon,

haven't done a moon shot in a while,its so bright to night couldn't resist.

Full moon. Snapped through telescope. June 15, 2011.

Zoomed into Moon

One from last nights moon rise.

I know there are 100's of moon shots on Flickr, but when I saw this images detail I was excited to show it off. It was really cool how the moon had this amazing glow tonight. Say goodnight to Sunday. Mondays almost here.

Orion Europa 250 telescope - first look at the moon and photos with this telescope


Prime lens

The high over cast skies, the late blue light of sunset and a sliver of the moon (with earth glow) lends to the other world feeling. At first I wasn't going to bother, but it keep nagging here it is.

The full moon Friday night will be the biggest one of the year as Earth's natural satellite reaches its closest point to our planet.


Earth, the moon and the sun are all bound together by gravity, which keeps us going around the sun and keeps the moon going around us as it goes through phases. The moon makes a trip around Earth every 29.5 days. But the orbit is not a perfect circle.


The moon's average distance from us is about 238,855 miles (384,400 km). Friday night it will be just 221,560 miles (356,567 km) away. It will be 14 percent bigger in our sky and 30 percent brighter than some other full moons during the year, according to NASA.

Griffith, New South Wales

Slowly but surely ... on its way to becoming a full moon.

1st Quarter Moon ~ Catford ~ South London ~ England ~ Thursday June 1st 2017. Click here to see My most interesting images


Purchase some of my images here ~ ~ Should you so desire...go on, make me if you see any of the images in my stream that you would like and are not there, then let me know and I'll add them to the site for you..:))


You can also buy my WWT card here (The Otter image) or in the shop at the Wetland Centre in Barnes ~ London ~


Here's another moon shot, taken from my back garden in

London, shot hand held, leaning on the fence.:) Have a Fabulous Sunday Y'all..:)


Although I was paddling on Horsepen Bayou when I captured this image, the smaller of the two subjects was actually a half mile or so to the west, directly above the Johnson Space Center where, in my day job, I support both the Orion Program that hopes to return US astronauts to the moon, and the Commercial Crew Program that will launch US astronauts to the International Space Station on commercial spacecraft. Somehow the image seems appropriately symbolic.


The larger of the two subjects, by the way, is more than a quarter million miles away.

Full moon over Germany.

August the 29th 2015


I see the big ball in the sky ;-)


Thank you for ll your awards and nice comments.


Beautiful moon in the sky.

Illumination 89℅





The Moon, of course the image is not so sharp, my little camera don't have that "BIG" zoom, but we can see some craters. After taken this photo, an falling star just crossed the sky right in front of the Moon. Was one of the greatest thing i ever seen. I hope you like this picture. Dont worry, when i have powerfull lenses i will make better shots. :)

I made a time lapsed video of the Moon rise, you can watch here:


Canon PowerShot A470 (Manual mode)


Exp. 1/60seg

Ap.: F/5.8

ISO: 80

EV: 0

Light Metering: Pontual

Focal lenght: 21,6 m.m.



This was a hugely exciting night. Not so much because of the moon and its earth shadow but because of all the things that were happening while I was out there trying to get a decent shot of the happenings. Well, I started on the upper level balcony because some trees were in the way initially. What a complete bust. Yes, the color turned out great but it was way too dark in spite of all the various combinations of camera/lens/iso/shutter speed/exposure settings that I tried. What an absolute disaster. Even checked the differences between having IS (image stabilization) on and off. Nothing worked. So, I moved my efforts to the ground level after the moon was at a decent height. All that resulted in was my belligerent dogs going after the coyotes who decided to grace us with a visit. Short lived at best. Not the best hosts, my dogs are. That didn’t do much for my concentration on the perfect blood moon shot. So, I put the dogs inside and tried again. No go, simply too dark. So, I came back out again after the spectacle was over and the moon once again visible to the lens and camera. Took some shots, the coyotes had returned by this time, I did not see them but heard them rummaging around. Obviously, they were impressed with my stamina.

Since this was rather a pale image and I quite liked the effect of the actual blood moon, I did some work in lightroom, colorwise, and came up with this. The cool thing here is that you get to see the whole moon and not have part of it covered in the earth’s shadow. I know, I know, here I go again, it’s a feeble excuse but that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


Here I Go Again – Whitesnake


Full Moon taken at 1.500mm focal length (mosaic of 32 frames). Very high saturation to highlight the mineral composition of the moon's surface.


Equipment: Skywatcher Mak 127/1.500 on Celestron AVX Mount & Astrolumina Alccd5l-IIc high speed lunar/planetary camera

The Moon


by Robert Louis Stevenson


The moon has a face like the clock in the hall;

She shines on thieves on the garden wall,

On streets and fields and harbour quays,

And birdies asleep in the forks of the trees.


The squalling cat and the squeaking mouse,

The howling dog by the door of the house,

The bat that lies in bed at noon,

All love to be out by the light of the moon.


But all of the things that belong to the day,

Cuddle to sleep to be out of her way;

And flowers and children close their eyes

Till up in the morning the sun shall arise.

I tried a redux of the Moon tonight, since it wasn't hazy. It is a slight bit better, but I think I can still do better. The moon was lower, so perhaps better to wait until it's high in the sky so the light is traveling through less atmosphere. Also, a quarter moon or so makes for a more dramatic terminator, when the craters and peaks are highlighted by the sun edge-on.

The Wolf Moon is a full moon that occurs in January. Its name comes from hungry wolf packs that would howl outside the villages of Native Americans. This full moon is also known as the Old Moon or the Moon After Yule.


It was 5 degrees when I bundled up and went out to get this shot.....but it was well worth it, the moon was huge and bright!

"and the moon's riding high" dire straits

Aug 20 #187 in explore

Moon 16-02-2008 In Groningen By Stormblast1953

Moon has been so beautiful last few nights. I always try to capture the moon as I see it, with light and glow. I'm not going for a technically sharp picture here.

full moon rising over ridgeline

The only semi-acceptable shot of the moon that I've taken. I adjusted contrast and sharpened extremely slightly in photoshop. I cropped out a lot though so the pic will be smaller. Still probably easiest to see detail in largest format. Any suggestions? I'd love to get one of those telescope connector things.

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