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Electricity from the lake below must be transported through the mountains so there are masts coming from the generators in the lake. Most of the power generated by the lake is enough for the whole country of Macedonia. Enlarge the photo to see all the details!


Mijn foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op

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“It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out; it's the grain of sand in your shoe.”

Robert W. Service



Smokey Mountain Grandeur one of the most beautiful places in North Carolina are the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can travel for many miles and see this scene.

photographybyjw Smokey Mountain

Took the a couple of blocks from my daughters home this past Friday. The Great Salt Lake is just past those mountains.

Mountains rise into cold, grey clouds in British Columbia’s Stikine Region.

Ive just deciderd to put up this photograph again as its one of my most favourite ones and I love the place. Ive a lot of personal stuff to sort out at the moment so hopefully this will give me breathing space. Best wishes and thanks to all you great people out there!



" I love the ground whereon she stands "


Here is "Celtic Woman`s" haunting version:

Do give it a listen/look;



"Black is the colour, of my true loves hair,

Her lips are soft like roses fair,

She has the sweetest smile and the gentlest hands,

I love the ground, whereon she stands"


" I love my love, and well she knows,

I love the ground, where on she goes.

I write her a letter, a few short lines,

And my heart it dies, a thousand times"

[ Unknown, traditional, Glasgow, Scotland, 18th century. ]


The evening light slowly fades out to the west

over Lugala and beyond and as far as the eye can see, in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, Ireland.

This lovely mountain is also called "Fancy Mountain".A pretty name for a pretty place.

Im going to ask my friend to write a slip jig on the fiddle for me and call it " The Fancys of Lugalaw " and then every time I go up here, not only will I have the view and the silence but Ill also have the music going around in my head as well. Now isnt that a proper kind of "madness"! Lol! P@t.


My pics are also available in slide form on Flickriver below, if you prefer;


A few people have said that they found the song very sad, particularly the extra verse I put in above.

We may be completely wrong as often in songs and poems of this period from Ireland and Scotland, the woman is actually ones homeland.Many womens names were used in the place of the country and the broken heart and unrequited love has to do with the country been in "strangers hands" and un free and would particularly apply to Scotland and Ireland.

It seems to be in vogue now to be patriotic and whereas a certain amount of it is to be admired, we must be careful, as too much of it has plunged the World into too many wars. We dont want a border here in this country. We had one for a hundred years and lots died because of it. Mostly innocent as always.I do think that they wont allow one and Im hopeful.


Ive just updated this photo as lots of people may not have seen it. I actually think its my best ever and please do listen to the song and watch the video as its amazing!!! P@t.

Mountain views as scenic as this are rare. I think some how the portrait orientation and framing works well in this photo by Cagatay Orhan.


From this view the depth of the image is emphasised however, some part of me wants to see another vertical photo to the right of the picture. Heck why not take one on the left of this frame too and stictch all 3 frames together, that'd be swell!


This one was remixed by attempting to cut some of the original haze in the image, tweaked some of the local adjustments and completed a colour enhancement. Its facinating that from a distance mountains have this bluish tinge to them, even though when you're standing on them you don't see this blue.


Photo to download and use as always :)

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What a gorgeous mountain to photograph! We spent the evening at Tipsoo Lake in Mount Rainier National Park to catch some awesome sunset light and we weren’t disappointed. Despite a clear day with no clouds to reflect any light, the sun setting behind the mountain still lit it up like it was on fire, casting orange shadows on the trees and ridges at its base. Small clouds along these ridges and around the mountain helped to make the sun’s rays pop, adding to this burning effect. I simply cannot get over just how beautiful this place is.


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The formations and the colors of the mountains in Upper Mustang Nepal at 3800 are spectacular.

King Mountain and a portion of the Chugach range rises majestically above the Matunuska river.


Thanks for taking a peak peek.


Another shot of that stunning scottish scenery seen from the A82 between loch Lomond and Glen Coe

a view of Red Mountain peaks from 11,000 ft near the top of Cork Screw Gulch, one of our favorite jeep trails in Colorado.


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Col between peak Damga and Varla / Rila mountain Bulgaria


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Shot on the way home from my trip to austria. The Mountains looked as if they were flying on the clouds!

East of the Desert View Watchtower in Grand Canyon NP sits what appears to be a lone mesa, darker than its surroundings due to vegetation. My research indicates that it's an extinct cinder cone called Cedar Mountain.


On this early April day, the low cloud cover made the mountain appear even darker and highlighted the contrast between the vegetation above the canyon rim, and the nearly barren rock walls. There is an off-road trail, and the ability to hike to the top of Cedar Mountain. It's roughly 2000' of elevation gain and a nice hike with very few other tourists taking the time to visit this location.


I think I will check it out more thoroughly on my next trip to the Grand Canyon.


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- Top Of 4peaks is letting go of Winter, wearing a Rare Fashionable Frosting, Desert Mountain, AZ. -

Looking down from Glyder Fawr mt at the beautiful frozen Llyn Idwal. x

View from Mount Hiei (Hieizan), Kyoto Japan. Medium format film scan.



The strength…


Thanks so much for all, happy new year 2019 :D !!




La fuerza…


Muchas gracias a todos, feliz año 2019 :D


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mountain view taken from capel curig on the way back from llynnau mymbyr along the back route.


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The full scene, including the track on the left that we were about to cycle up - steep!

the mountain Goverla, 2061 meters

"Windy Point" in the Catalina Mountains, "Thimble Peak" in the center...looking south across Tucson toward Mexico.

The Rainbow Mountain or "Vinicunca" is a majestic location and a nature’s gift. It is situated near the Ausangate Mountain in Cusco Region, Peru. It is one of the places that still has not been discovered by travelers. The Rainbow Mountain has been explored by local Andean people only.

Rainbow Mountain Peru

Alpenglow in the mountains of the Hohe Tauern nationalpark in Heiligenblut, Austria.


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Lake Tegernsee view towards the alps.

A small mountain stream leads downhill to Mount Sunday and the Rangitata River in New Zealand's Ashburton Lakes district, March 2016.

Marsh along Turnagain Arm near Placer river outlet. That's on the way from Anchorage to Seward. A beautiful road through and through!

Leopoldsteiner See is a mountain lake in Styria, about four kilometers northwest of the city of Eisenerz. It is located 628 m above sea level at the foot of the Seemauer in the western Hochschwabgruppe. The lake is 1400 meters long and 370 meters wide, its lowest point is 31 m.

A slice of the Alaska Range.


I believe that is Mt. Hunter back there. Or Foraker or Denali. Mystery solved, thanks Chuck! Denali it is! Such a beaut brute butte!


I took advantage of a gap in the thick woods to see this, but then didn't have any other landmarks to make a better determination. Mountains everywhere up there. Most delightful.

View from Mount Pilatus.

Watzmann und Hochkalter bei Sonnenaufgang


Etherington river - Fiordland National Park, New Zealand.


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A view of Mount Rainier taken from Seward Park in Seattle.


The base of Mt. Rainier is so distant that the blue haze of the atmosphere makes it look as if that is part of the sky itself, giving the appearance that Mt. Rainier is floating in mid-air.


Geographers talk about "ultra-prominent" mountain peaks: those peaks that rise significantly above the land that surrounds them. Mt. Rainier is the third most prominent peak in the US, surpassed only by Denali (formerly known as Mt. McKinley) in Alaska and Mauna Kea in Hawaii. This photo illustrates this phenomenon perfectly. For more information on "ultras" or "ultra-prominents", visit:


This image is a composite of three vertical (portrait mode) images and the original is of fairly high resolution. In fact, in the original image, you can see two bald eagles soaring near the water tower on the left. In this version, they just appear as tiny black specks.


The Cuillin mountains on the Isle of Skye making a brief appearance in the sun. Taken from the Applecross peninsula, Scotland

Smokey Mountain Scenic off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, one of the most traveled area in North Carolina.

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