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broadway looks clear below 96th street. A red double decker tourist bus makes its way uptown.

Forest Hills LIRR station, with displaced subway riders lining up to buy tickets

Hey Buddy, got any donuts?


Tenuous Link: Buoys in blue (water) ---> Boys in blue

Keeping the peace at the LIRR station

A dozen people waiting for the train, while hundreds wait outside

Note the grinch. A copyright violation, I imagine.


I wonder who put it up.


I haven't seen any pro-strike postering.


On Gothamist


On Gothamist again.

This sign has been posted on subway entrances up and down Broadway on the UWS. The first time I tried to take a picture of it a guy pushed past me and ripped it down muttering either "it's a legal strike" or "it's an illegal strike" (a crucial difference). He didn't want me taking the picture, and he didn't want to stick around and talk. (I asked).


But when I was taking this picture a young female Police Officer said something to me (uh oh, I thought), but it turns out that she was pointing out that the subway entrance across the street still had it's gates locked and said I should take a picture of that for "the full effect" (the picture did turn out too well, though, too little light).


These posters look like the subway information posters the MTA puts up for service changes. Either they put them up, or somebody wants us to think they did. They do not identify a publisher.


MTA bus cruising down 5th Aven... what? NYPD commandeered transport !

Trying to get a ride on the corner of Atlantic and 4th ave at 7:00am.

..."You have the right to food money

Providing of course you

Don’t mind a little

Investigation, humiliation

And if you cross your fingers..."


imagining joe as a bus driver seems easy

Iconic police bike-lock hack. Although I suspect a fair percentage of bad guys know how to open handcuffs. But maybe not too many people would risk stealing a police vehicle.

on the first morning of the transit strike, this cabbie rear ends a livery cab near houston & 2nd ave.


the FDNY EMT who was treating the livery cab driver yells out to me, "hey! what are you, eyewitness news!"

I didn't make it, but i'm sharing it!

Queens strikers, represent! About a dozen people were still in a picket line/circle at 7PM in my neighborhood. TWU Local 100 & ATUL Local 1056 were present.


Tenuous Link: MTA not manning their workpost

i'm not sure if i had my first slice in 1978 or 79. i might have eaten it before i started smoking pot, but ray's was special.


later on i would cut high school and hop the 5 train at baychester ave and head down to the village for a slice of ray's.


mmmm, ray's.

sign in a window of Starbucks, 94th and Broadway.

The line stretches back around the corner

In Grand Central Station, while the subway system is shut down due to the NYC transit strike, these members of the NYPD Blue patrol the entrance to the 42nd Street subway station. They are making sure that no vandals or saboteurs get in while the station is closed.

i loved this series of books when i was young and it made me happy to see it walking back home to brooklyn from midtown on the first day of the strike. suddenly, after seeing the dislodged homeless, listening to people complain about the transit strike, seeing all the people walking and my own worries about being able to get a ride across the williamsburg bridge or walking it again all faded.


just for a few moments i thought, maybe this is a special place where things that don't happen elsewhere are supposed to happen. that's what makes it both magical and perfect fodder for children's books.


then i looked around i remembered i was on the lower east side and i went back into noo yawka mode as i realized i better go to an atm becfore getting to the bridge. i only had a dollar or two in my pocket.


i hope the strike ends when i press "SAVE" below this text field.

During the waning hours of the transit shutdown, while the city is waiting for the subways to get back online, NY1's superstar transit reporter Bobby Cuza -- who granted me 15 minutes of fame this past October -- chats with me in Grand Central Station. Behind him, the access point to the 42nd Street subway station is still barricaded; a passerby has stopped to ask an NYPD officer when the station will reopen.

Cute advertisement from today's (Friday, Dec 23rd) newspaper.

seems as though only one spanish language daily paper got it right this morning.


Lining up in Forest Hills, Queens. The cars near the back of the line are looking for passengers (vehicles must have 4 people) to take into the city.

My normally empty afternoon PATH ride


I can't wait to try to get on the LIRR tomorrow! Weeeee!


with the l train being out as much as it is, this view hardly phased me.

dude was murmering something as he rolled up his New York Post into his back pocket.


somehow i felt a bit more pity for this Post reader than most. he seemed so, so... pained.


as seen from the williamsburg bridge

No subway lovin' here today

Fake taxi cab slinks by, looking for a few fares


Tenuous Link: Cargo ---> Car go

this bridge is not the easiest to walk or ride a bike across. it's very steep, high up and on december 20th, freak'n cold.


wish i wore long johns before deciding to huff it across the east river this morning.

The morning wait, again. With breakfast! On this third day, everyone seemed to have figured out that already having a ticket was a great idea. For them, perhaps. Now I had to wait in a HUGE line!

The Dow Jones zipper in Times Square, while stuck on a bus during the transit strike

it was ironic to see this this display on broadway near easat 4th street this morning, the first day of a transit worker strike. nearly seven million people were without trains and buses today. like many, i walked quite far to get to work today.


it was good to see that students were asked how they felt about their perspective of being both a citizen and worker.


strikes are not easy for anyone. for a union, a strike is its ultimate weapon.


i intend to blog this image

dan is awesome and drove me and another friend to work today:)

5th Avenue had an express lane for emergency traffic. I only saw one car drive down it; it was used mainly (to the objection of the police) by people on rollerblades & bicycles.

Walking home on the day of the MTA strike December 2005 and taking in the view while crossing the 59th street queensboro bridge.

Hooray, the Q60 bus is still in business!

Due to the transport system strike, a lane was reserved for people in skates, bicycles, skateboard, etc. I'm sure it was better than walking.

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