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● .:Tribal Tuesday:. The Cello M @ FOCUS Photography Fair


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Created for the The Artistic Manipulation Group Mixmaster Challenge 46

CHEF Temari motivates us to use our musical mastery!

➤ Your image must include at least one musical instrument of your choice.

➤ The background must include one mirror image with musical notes.

➤ It must also have only ONE human OR cat OR bird ...

➤ And at least one texture.

➤ NO MACHINES of any kind (including robots, computers, phones, etc.).


All photos used are my own.


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The sound of music

gives state of relaxtion

whenever you are in doubt

or any type of confusion.


The sound of music

have the healing power

escape from the the worst days

in an hour.


The sound of music

give immense pleasure

worth to maintrain

a forever treasure.


The sound of music

geated by rain

listen it carefully

the rhythms in chain.


The sound of music

is not only topic

it`s part of my life, without it

i can easily become sick.


✔ Backdrop : .PALETO.Backdrop:. New York For Equal10

✔ Hair : Exile - Phoebe

✔ Glasses : #7 CHAIN - Weird Gacha - Glasses - Black & White

✔ HeadPhone : .miss chelsea. Niki Headphones Gold

✔ Top : Gaia - gigi crop top For Equal10

✔ Jeans : Gaia - gigi denim jeans For Equal10

✔ Jacket : TETRA - Tokyo Puffer jacket (Bubblegum)


● Post : Music & coffee

Autumn music is the sound of rain and rustling of falling leaves.




• Credits •


🍂 Top:

Loki - Alexa Strappy Top @Access August


🍂 Tattoo:

NOAM - Ingel tattoo (body edition) @mainstore


🍂 Pose:

[Empowered] - Umbrella Poses @mainstore


Tell me who, and I'll be thanking them

The numbered lovers of Duke Ellington

Do I owe each kiss to lip and cheek as soft

As Chet can sing "Let's Get Lost"

And "Let The Good Times Roll"

Let "Smoke Rings" from this "Paper, Doll"

Blow sweet and thick 'til every thought of

"It Don't Mean A Thing"

I've got some colour back, she thinks so, too

I laugh like me again, she laughs like you

I wouldn't know where to start

"Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark"

Be still "My Foolish Heart, "

Don't ruin this on me




♪♪Must Listen♪♪


Destination: Mimmo

Music is the closest thing we have to a time machine!!!

When words fail music speaks.

35 E 76th St, New York

Old town Stockholm, 2011

Music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and the body. Faster music can make you feel more alert and concentrate better. Upbeat music can make you feel more optimistic and positive about life. A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day. Music is effective for relaxation and stress management.


The tiny little helpers from little world need a break to relax from time to time as well :)


At the end is up to yourself and mostly gets dircted by the mood we are in at the moment. If you feel that you would like to relax and refresh youself - you might give this a try...


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The sun goes down, the stars come out, and all that counts is here and now. My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came. (Robin Schulz - Sun Goes Down)

Anita Sweet

Hello amazing Flickr People !!


Today is a black and white day at Color my World Daily and it is Sliders Sunday.

So lets enjoy some music or ice cream (it all depends on what you prefer !!) and have a beautiful day !!


See you later my friends !!


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Let the music take me to the places I dream of




Hail your taxi to Mimmo

Tribute to David Bowie.

Music .... caresses my senses as light caresses my skin ♪♪♪♪♫♫♫♫

It may seem obvious when I say that dancing is a way to participate in music, even if you do not sing or play an instrument. It is another way to join in the rhythm, to feel the tune, to absorb and express the emotion. Depending on the song, it can be either meditative or invigorating. Dance can relieve stress. Dance can be a private exercise or a public performance. Dance can be what you need it to be. Dance.




I wanted to share this capture as well because it turned out so beautiful and it was joint effort with AD. Thank you baby for helping me with this one. I love you! ♥


Mihail - Who You Are

Romanian Music Series


"She feels in love

It's something that she doesn't know what it is

She's missing those days

Left on a tape

And it's getting cold

She knows your arms won't hold her anymore

She's driving with fog lights on

Driving alone

So tell her stranger

Who, who you are

Why won't you tell her

Who, who you are

So tell her stranger

Who you are

Why won't you tell her

Who, who you are...!"


[Song: "When The Music Dies" by Nad Sylvan , off the 2017 album "The Bride Said No"]

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.


~ Plato

Oh the music of a beautiful sunset.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

― Victor Hugo


Credits . . .

Panel music mixer with sound controls. Exhibition of music and light in Moscow.

So muss das Wochenende sein: Eine Tasse Kaffee, gute Musik, etwas zu lesen...

on Explore! September 4, 2020

I am not really a huge Fan of Musicals and music based movies. Most of the time the story is lacking and it just isn't believable. But, as always, there are exceptions. Besides Dirty dancing, which not only works as a story and covers lots of themes, there is also Footloose. From my european perspective the whole concept is a bit far fetched, I mean, towns making dancing illegal? But then, it is the USA and from what I've learned the idea of it came actually because a town really did make that law. One thing Dirty Dancing and Footloose have in common is that in both movies the music is additional. At no point the Characters burst out in song. Maybe that is why I like them? Who knows. Anyway, this song brings back memories of school dances and nights listening to a cassette with the soundtrack late at night under my blankets. Ah, memories. Nostalgia is nice sometimes, isn't it?


Almost Paradise - Mike Reno & Ann Wilson


I thought that dreams belonged to other men

'Cause each time I got close

They'd fall apart again

I feared my heart would beat in secrecy

I faced the nights alone

Oh, how could I have known

That all my life I only needed you?

Oh almost paradise

We're knockin' on heaven's door

Almost paradise

How could we ask for more?

I swear that I can see forever in your eyes


It seems like perfect love's so hard to find

I'd almost given up

You must have read my mind

And all these dreams I saved for a rainy day

They're finally coming true

I'll share them all with you

'Cause now we hold the future in our hand

Oh Almost paradise

We're knockin' on heaven's door

Almost paradise

How could we ask for more?

I swear that I can see forever in your eyes


And in your arms salvation's not so far away

It's getting closer

Closer every day

Almost paradise

We're knockin' on heaven's door

Almost paradise

How could we ask for more?

I swear that I can see forever in your eyes





Looking close...on Friday theme Music!


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this photo, it's very much appreciated! HLCoF


Stay safe my friends! 💙

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

~ Bob Marley


(almost right - you could feel some pain listening to me playing the violin after all these years without practice, lol)


The scroll of my violin (the knob in the middle is only 6 mm wide) ... sidelit in a light tent

for Crazy Tuesday - Theme of February 4, 2020: Sidelight


Happy Crazy Tuesday, everyone


I will be browsing propely later in the evening due to work


* * * * * * * *


"Das Gute an der Musik ist, wenn sie einen trifft, fühlt man keinen Schmerz." (Bob Marley)


(fast richtig - man könnte durchaus gewissen Schmerz empfinden, wenn ich nach all den Jahren ohne Übung auf der Geige spielen würde)


Die Schnecke meiner Geige für den Verrückten Dienstag - Thema am 4. Februar 2020: Seitenlicht (der 'Knubbel' in der Mitte ist nur 6 mm breit)


Einen schönen Dienstag euch allen

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. -- Often attributed to Plato but not. It is perfect nonetheless.

A tribute to our beloved departed cat, Wasabi.


Wonderfully soothing and beautiful Music for Cats:



One Good Word - KP October 2020 Contest

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