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Taking me to my own planets..



filling my cup with good energy..

Taken on trek to Satopant Tal lake in Garhwal Himalayas, India

G'day Flickristas :)


Ol' Jax has been wearing this outfit by Flow. It's called the Streetstyleoutfit. It comes with a colour-changing HuD. And it's free. Just how awesome is that :D


'Tis all for today. Stay lovely :)


hugs n' kisses

- Jax

A nice surprise of GMD-1's. After seeing the "Super Continental" the next thing on the list was Northern Alberta's mixed train. Then came the surprise. Waiting for the train to pull up, 303 and 304 arrived from the north. They've run around their train and are going after their caboose.



Friends are special creatures. Sometimes they are magical and whimsical, but most of the time they just need the helmet.

Thank you for letting us play with your pretty faise.


original -



with a cow guard. /Gotland Sweden.

Het Hijkerveld was tot in het begin van de 20ste eeuw een uitgestrekte heidevlakte, zo kenmerkend voor het Drentse landschap: heide met tientallen vennen en veenrestanten. het is met meer dan 800 ha één van de grootste terreinen van de Stichting Het Drentse Landschap.

Wijdse uitzichten en een vrijwel onbezoedelde horizon zijn nog steeds de unieke kwaliteiten van dit reservaat.

Het natuurreservaat word begraasd door schapen en runderen om de vergrassing door met name het pijpenstrootje (in het Latijn Molina) en bosopslag tegen te gaan.

bron Het Drentse Landschap.


Until the early 20th century, the Hijkerveld was a vast moor, so characteristic of the Drenthe landscape: heather with dozens of fens and peat remnants. with more than 800 ha it is one of the largest areas of the Het Drentse Landschap Foundation.

Wide views and an almost untainted horizon are still the unique qualities of this reserve.

The nature reserve is grazed by sheep and cattle to prevent the grass from growing, especially from the pipe sprout (in Latin Molina) and forest storage.


Flal, Oranjekanaal-wandeltocht op 28 december 2019



(Ampliando fica melhor)

If you wanna see more pictures, and read some fun backstory, check out the MOCpages link:


Super proud of this one! Lots of fun to build, and even more fun to make all the minifigures that are in it. Would love to make more Cantina MOCs in the future.

Heres my Nar Shaddaa build for darktimesgroup. Pretty proud of this build so story reposts are appretiated.




Nar Shaddaa, the smugglers room. Gil decided that this was the perfect opportunity to steal something he wanted. He'd always wanted an astromech. However, he ran into a little trouble with the authorities -

Blueweed När Lighthouse - Gotland/Sweden.

Når fjordene blåner som markens fiol,

og bræerne glitrer i spillende sol,

når liljekonvallen ved foten av hegg

står duftende skjønn langs med klippernes vegg,

mens elven bak orrkrattet danser seg vild,

og trosten fra granlien synger dertil,

da røres, da røres mitt bryst,

da blott hviske jeg kan:


Gud signe deg Norge mitt deilige land.


Närsholmen, Gotland, Sweden


ICMm 4242 met een onbekende broertje vertrekt uit Amersfoort en gaat naar Schiphol. 9-7-2020

.. er det ikke den værste udsigt man kan have.

kış akşamlarımızın vazgeçilmezlerinden...

1973 Renault 5 TL.


Last taxed in May 1988.

This literally rusted into the ground in the years after this picture was taken.

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The Nars or Narrows is a very unique landform along the Buffalo National River. The remnants of a mountain, that once stood between and was eroded by the Buffalo River and Richland Creek. All that remains of the mountain is a narrow sliver of rock only a few feet wide.

Marcopolo G7 Paradiso 1800DD

Mercedes Benz O-500RSD.



>PPU: HFXY*21.

>Servicio: Santiago - Valdivia.

>Empresa: Nar-Bus Internacional.

>N° Orden: 346.

>Fotografía tomada el día: 10 de Febrero 2016.

>Foto: Pablo Duarte Gutiérrez.

>Actualización día 03-003-2016

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