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at Georgia Aquarium

Giant Neo at NECC show!

I love that the seats are keys! Just need a print screen key one. ;-)

John Pederson, Jeff Utecht, Chris Lehmann, Brian Crosby, Mario Asselin, Darren Draper interacting with others not at the confernce during Will Richardson's presentation.

We had a team dinner--Southern Style--at Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffle House in Atlanta. It was mighty good!


In addition to eating a ton, we had a great time!


Of course, being Yahoo's, when our food came out we pulled out our camera's and Flickr'd our food before eating it!


View of Centennial Park in Atlanta

Here's the studio we set up to record and edit podcasts for NECC 2007.

MOUSECORPS student, Syed Zaidi explains his web-based hours log experiential learning project to educators at NECC.

MOUSECORPS student, Syed Zaidi explains his web-based hours log experiential learning project to educators at NECC.

vendors area at NECC 2007

... or as organized as we were going to get.

I can't say this.... yet. I think this is an advertisement sharing wishful thinking on the part of the vendor! (sorry this is blurry)

Here's a view of the CNN Center from my hotel.

Dinner with friends at NECC...incl Mario Asselin, Vicki Davis, Anne Lindsay and David Warlick

Otherwise known as a cinnamin apple waffle and five wings.

This is ridiculous. And the reason I can't wait to have a wireless access card for my laptop to get on a 3G cellular network when I am traveling.

Fast food mere feet from my hotel room. Must resist the grease!

Judy Beck, Dr Jan Kelly, Graham Brown-Martin, Tony Vincent

Nancy told me a story today following my session at NECC about how my podcasts helped her not "feel alone" when she was going through her national board certification in the past year, as a 3rd grade teacher. Thanks Nancy for sharing this story!

We even got to wait in line to use the escalators

This is my work desk at NECC, click on the hot spots for more information about the gadgets and gizmos I'll be using.

A little strange to see at an education conference. I guess we'd better get used to seeing them everywhere.

The vendors' equipment all shows up in big wooden crates.

I am staying at GeorgiaTech which is offering conference housing for Georgia people. This is so much nicer than when I went to college here at Georgia Tech -- I have my own room and share a kitchen with one other person who isn't here yet!

Yeah, 4 people in the back of a cab...never a good idea.

The male showed off at the window while the females stayed in the back.

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