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I look like someone who one day aspires to sell steak knives, door-to-door. Poor Suzie looks grey.

If I may point out a few highlights:


* Big-ass headphones with curly cord ("Nova-20"s?) from Radio Shack

* Husky, husky jeans (Cuffs? Check.).

* Nike t-shirt

* Sparkling new Nike canvas high-tops

* Perusing the latest _TV Guide_ ("Mmm...Benson sounds quite amusing this week...")

* Analog Digital alarm clock (orange-back-lit turny-over numbers made heinous grinding sound exactly 5 seconds before the top of the hour -- awesome for insomnia tracking)

* Can of Dr. Pepper

* vintage curvy edges on Eckerd Drugs-processed prints


And of course, the John Lennon record I got for Christmas the month before.


8th grade: Hello, ladies.

See for an explanation. And don't forget the Photoshopped version. I was about sixteen years old, setting up a booth at the Vancouver computer fair for the Apple Alliance computer club.

My sexy look when I was 7.

You Look Nice Today used it's old Cray supercomputer to come up with a new, life-changing path for me: SALT SOMMELIER. How did they know I had so much salt already?

John and I holding up the glasses of brandy.

This is my yearbook picture from my junior year, 1981. At this point the New Wave/Punk Rock schism hadn't yet reached Fort Worth and I listened happily to The Cramps, The Cars, Ramones, Gary Numan, The Clash, Talking Heads, Devo, Blondie, etc. all with equal fervor. I had already decided that I would not be going to college, and that I would be a rich, famous musician. Please note the non-haircut forced into a new-wavy do, the blue blazer with a button on the lapel (I believe it was a generic artsy music staff and notes button), the black shirt, and most importantly, the home-made skinny white vinyl tie. I couldn't wait to bust out of that hick town and show those fucking rednecks.

OMG! It's a nerd party and I was invited!

A group photo of "Young Entrepeneurs", back in my Malaysian high school. Yeah, you heard me: "Young Entrepeneurs."

Quark & I at the Las Vegas Hilton

My dad would do anything for us. This picture is actually amazing when you consider that my dad is African-American.

Liz Lemon will have to be my "Nerdiest Photo Ever" stand-in until I get a hold of the family photo albums. Unfortunately (or fortunately), much of my puberty and adolescence is undocumented, due to me ruthlessly shredding those school photo packages.


More shredding than G. Gordon Liddy.

the photographer's assistant had just angrily combed my hair, that's why I look so sad

If you’re keeping track of my progress at Admiral Farragut Academy, I believe at this point, I had been promoted to "Seaman Navigator."


I'd like everyone to know that not only were these pants the delightful floral pattern you see here, THEY WERE STIRRUP PANTS.


(ETA: Added to YLNT per the Twitter request of Mr. Mann. I twitter here.)

Age 14, visiting my grandmother. I am captured here on film at what must be the geekiest point in my life. Which is saying something.

This was taken at a regional academic competition for private and parochial schools, circa 1999. I'm in the gymnasium of some Catholic school in Shiner, TX. We got to wear a non-uniform shirt with our khakis that day, so I naturally went for the worst possible choice. Believe it or not, I'm the go-to girl for fashion advice now.


We got in trouble with the nuns for giggling and I placed in the top of my events and had to go to the state competition. Thrilling.

Digging through old photos from past galleries. I was an intern at TechTV in the Spring of 2004, pre-G4 acquisition.


There is a long story about how I came to meet Leo on this particular day (Remind me to tell it to you some time). At the time, I was still very starstruck by everyone on TechTV, so I was a little nervous (To me, they were like celebrities). As years passed, I've come to see these people more like colleagues rather than big celebs. That doesn't mean I still don't get tongue-tied around them though.


Also, it looks like we both gained weight since then.

Officially the most embarrassing picture of me, ever.

it was the 80s. a very special time, when even girls had mullets.


found while cleaning out the office.

I think this is a PowerBook 520. (Thanks Tom.)

I was probably like 4 or 5 years old.

Sorry no date on this one.

Photo Credit: Dad

1983 or thereabouts.


(Things eventually got better for me.)

Me, my brothers Patrick and Doug. Yes, even back then I was not the tallest, despite being the oldest. I was also not the skinniest. BUT GODDAMN I'VE ALWAYS BEEN CUTE.

No Dan, Dawn, Todd or Tom. This one they get right everytime

Y'know, I'd say this was before a game, but it's likely that my dad just wanted to take the picture for posterity.

Me as Barnaby Tucker and Nathan Buchanan as Cornelius Hackl in Moore County High School's 1989 production of "Hello, Dolly!", directed by our band director, Carol Grooms, and sets by my theatre-loving father.

Fall 1982 at Curtis Baptist Day Care

I love the Power Glove. It's so bad.

It's just not even real hair though is it?

best photo ever taken in the history of man? I think it's definitely a contender.

OK, so I don't own the light sabre or anything.

Despite her best attempts, Jessica lost yet another 'Best Front teeth' competition.

I'm loving my attitude in this one!


Food colouring, what a novel, and disturbing, idea. The Wham scarf gives it that extra special 80's edge though!

Wish I still had this cardi, it rocks!