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At the end of a snow wintry day, the sun bust through at the end to put on show, firing up the sky here behind my Soleri bell.

How it was done in the old days, with a film camera and a mirror. That's my trusty old Nikkormat (sadly gpne) set up in my bathroom in Mesa. I had darkroom equipment then and processed image in the same bathroom.


You kids and your sticks and mobile phones ;-)

two months ago my neighbor asked if I found a house key he lost while unloading firewood in my driveway; today for some reason it jumped out at me

Lovely red pockmarked rocky buttes in Papago Park, Phoenix, pinked up with a bit of HDR. They are great to scamper up.

I've not kept good care of Dad's old boy scout axe (badge symbol on top, the word GENUINE stamped in the middle), but I still have it.


If anyone every finds this and asks, I will reluctantly tell the story when as a stupid drunk college student Alan lost Dad's old scout knife.

Detail of a quilt I bought in New Zealand in 2000, probably the first piece of art I ever bought.

The cigarette and the kid on the handlebars. It would seem unreal in a movie.

I've accumulated like 400 photos of the number 106 in honor of ds106; now I am branching out for double N's for my new course in Networked Narratives

This is in the last hour of my 1700+ mile jaunt to Denver and back, a 6 day road trip with only loosely defined plans-- mainly just to spend some time not glued to a laptop (ironically, I was glued to a steering wheel).


There is so much that is magical about a road trip, especially to counter the aspects of living out of your car, but mainly the freedom of choosing directions, where to stop, where not to, what kind of horrible non nutritious food to ingest. My preferences is secondary highways, and only resort to the bland interstate when time is short.


As I rode along many familiar roads, I kept wondering what it would be like to see myself go by in years past; when I first drove west n I-40 in 1987 for my first move to Arizona; the back and forth I did in 1991 in the weird Summer at Los Alamos, numerous family camping/road trips.


But alas, I saw no ghosts, only majestic and sometimes eerie large open, empty spaces, many devoid of human touch, and many many too many littered with human touch.


I got to finish listening to audiobooks- Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything which was as sweeping and broad (and sometimes funny) as the open lands I zoomed across. Bottom liner- the entire existence of this current human race was a long series of mathematically unlikely events and luck. And we seem to squander such a thing.


I also listened to the preview chapter of Thomas Friedman's new book Hot, Flat, and Crowded -- he is likably bold in his assertions that to "save" the earth its going to take more than token statements and swapping out light bulbs- it would require a massive international rebuilding of energy and infrastructure and change that the world has never done before-- and I would agree that the prospects of any of the current politicians to lead this are nil. So for future generations that are going to face the impact of a doubling of the CO2 emissions... well its not going to be pretty.


But there were so many highlights; solo camping in the Jemez National Forest, climbing to the top of the Great Sand Dunes, seeing friends and family in Denver, crossing many a range on highways 285 and 160 to Durango, and just mainly... being small, but moving, across giant open spaces.


So what if I missed some new web browser? I was on the road.


There's nothing like a road trip.

That's the tower from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport seen from one of the buttes in Papago Park

He did not make it before getting crushed by a car.


Yes, this is gross.


But it’s what I stumbled across on the morning dog walk.




Death happens.


Every day, my body kills bacteria. Walking around, I crush small insects with my feet. In my truck, I take out lots of insects, an occasional bird, and once... a javelina.


This was a brutal end for Mr Squirrel. I hope he lived to the max right before be got crushed by some minivan rushing to Walmart (or whatever it was).


Yes, gross.


But it happened.


I just walked by (crushing ants).


Amongst my old toy cars I found a few different years of catalogs for Matchbox cars

Darn, I left my favorite robo grip pliers out for a few weeks.

Never get tired of this sky.

Interesting effect with some water on the camera cover of my iPhone.

Meet Felix, the dog I adopted today from the Humane Society of Central Arizona. He is 2 months shy of 2 years old, and his breed is Australian Shepherd mixed with "Catahoula Leopard Dog" (yes, I had to look it up).


He's.... adorable.


I'm.... happy.

These hand painted metal figures were given to me as a kid by a family friend (I cannot remember who). But I was never allowed to play with them, they sat in a box wrapped in tissue.

On our late afternoon walk, Felix sat right in front of the setting sun. Nice, glow, buddy!

That's The Vancouver Skyline I Remember

My diorama of the standoff at Standing Rock -- these are my old Matchbox trucks an set of Indians and Cowboys I had as a kid.


How can we be at the point where speaking up is met with freezing violence?

For the second Daily Photo prompt, I set up:


#fotodia2 Make a Portrait of Someone’s Shadow


Well, it did say "someone" needs to be "someone else". While outside, I noticed the pitch fork I used in my compost, and wondered about an image representing the old dude in the painting doing a post-divorce pose.


A swath of HDR to crisp this picture up?

Well, lowering the camera a bit made 'em look big. Maybe 6 foot swells at Vero Beach. Most of the people (like my sister) say it's too cold, leave it to the guy from Arizona to show 'em

Never doubt the power of the human/animal bond! Mom, age 90.

Christmas 2016

@netnarr #dda351 Digitized in my alchemy lab for today's #netnarr Daily Digital Alchemy. Mirror Portrait.

These books have changed my thinking in profound ways, or, riffing off an old Van Morrison tune, and they changed me to my soul ...

The situation at Standing Rock is not one for toys... How can we be at the point where speaking up is met with freezing violence?


These are my old Matchbox trucks and set of Indians and Cowboys I had as a kid...

@dailyshoot: 2010/05/19: Make a photo today that distills some simplicity from the complexity of the world. #ds185


It's powerful to still know how to use cross multiplication (here calculating dimensions for a video conversion). Thanks to my math teachers at Bedford Elementary School, Sudbrook Middle School, and Milford Mill High for showing me the power of math... even wacky Blooma Friedman, my 10th grade chemistry teacher, who insisted we learn how to use a slide rule (sorry Blooma, I did forget that).

Our UdG colleague Pedro took us to meet a fascinating group of people at this Guadalajara Laboratory experimenting with new kinds of material science. Learn more about their open laboratory approach at

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