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Not much hopeful news lately... excuse my desperation:-)

Lost in the city...

I read the news today, oh my...


No need to comment. This is my therapy, after writing to all representatives and senators. They do nothing!


Shhh...back to therapy. Thanks for looking.

Daily News..


Slid a wee bit for Sunday



Standing in front of his tractor; don't think he is going back empty-handed

♫ Good News ♫


More goodies from 6th Reublic! :)


* 220ML Shelf&Wine. Shown are: shelf; Cork Pot; Portrait and Cup; W I N E; Clock; Apple and Bottle Wine; Wine Pack. Direct TP @ 6th Republic (NEW)

* Eleventh Hour Bang! Sign; Tesla Lights. Direct TP @ 6th Republic (NEW)

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* ..::THOR::.. Metal S Sign; Metal 6 Sign; Baseball Bat; Baseball Glove; Baseball Memorabilia. Direct TP @ 6th Republic (NEW)

* [ zerkalo ] Modern Loft Gacha. Shown are: Box w/Books - RARE; Vase; Bed; Frame1, 2 and 3; Chest; Hat. Direct TP @ 6th Republic (NEW)

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JIAN 'dorable Danes 1. Breez-e Jowls RARE



added to the gallery De "Macro Mondays".


added to the gallery Amazing Paper Creativity.



Location: Luanes World @ Slice of Heaven


My new Landing point and main store for :LW: Poses. I am so excited to announce, that some of what has happened is, that I added another sim to Luanes World - The new one is called "Luanes Magical World" and is located @ Morning glow. Both sims are connected, so you can visit both:)

Morning Glow is adult rated, but please keep nudity and so on, in the builds and private spots around the place, and NOT in the magical unicorn forest:)


I will be celebrating my new sim and main store with a great 24 hour sale on selected poses and props starting tuesday June 14th at SL noon time.


But if you can't wait, you can drop by now already to see all of the exciting news!

Don't forget to post any pictures taken at Luanes World or Luanes Magical World here


Hope to see you all! <3

This Image is ©


If you intend to use any of my pictures, whether it's for monetary gain or personal use on your website or any other usage, please, contact me first! Thank you.

Tower of the medium wave radio station "Beromünster". If you own one of those old tube radios, you might notice the name of this station on the display.


It is located close to the city of Beromünster (not actually in Beromünster, but on the area of the city of Gunzwil) in Switzerland, on the "Blosenberg".


The radio station started broadcasting June 11, 1931, and was decommissioned December 28, 2008. The main tower is located on the Blosenberg. It is 215 m high and is said to be

currently still the highest Swiss building.


This shot was taken on September 14, 2015, shortly after 8pm, during the "blue hour".

News soon, stay tuned in our store!

we are starting the inauguration of sugary inword!

still preparing for the beginning and always looking for improvements for you! <3

we thank you all for your support and look forward to bringing you news as soon as possible! <3


Teleport ~


+++aus gut unterrichteten Kreisen ist zu erfahren, dass der Umbau der Mannschaft parallel zum Umbau des Stadions erfolgen wird+++


Für Michael

Lucky there is always someone that wants us to stop reading the news. Keep eyes open for little sweet moments in life to endure in this difficult time.


Fujifilm GFX50r and Noctilux ASPH 50mm F0.95 via adapter.

VERY SAD NEWS: After arriving back home in PA today, I received news from my friend in NC that one of the owlets, after being harassed by crows, was reported to have fallen from the tree to its death today. This is one of the hundreds of photos I shot last Thursday. Nature can seem like a major bummer at times.

This forlorn little cemetery statue stopped my in my tracks recently. It struck me as the perfect metaphor for how I feel lately. Completely buried in a never-ending avalanche of bad news. I am a news junkie at heart, but even I've had to limit my exposure in an often futile effort to maintain mental wellness. The delayed outcome of the presidential election, coupled with the annoying and unnecessary delay in transition, have only served to punctuate an already awful year. And meanwhile the pandemic rages on. I was thinking the other day just how conditioned I've become to a daily onslaught of bad news. I recall the early days of the pandemic and the anxiety attacks that followed even a quick stop at a grocery store. Im way past that point now. Difficult to even remember a time before it all began. Going into stores without a mask; embracing people; shaking hands. Even family gatherings, all gone. Everything has changed this year, for better or worse. I feel oddly detached from the approaching holidays. The Covid format threatens to suck most of the joy right out of the season. I'm not quite as downbeat as this all sounds. I continue to find ways to relieve the stress by stating active and being creative. Can't help but wonder if artwork developed during the pandemic might someday be regarded as a unique genre. I'm not talking about photos of people wearing masks. Rather the subconscious impact on our worldview that emerges when we create. No doubt the pandemic has influenced us all, perhaps in ways that are yet to be recognized.

Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! xo💜💜

لــكن ~ مثـل خـبر حبـكَ , لآآ وربك غـطـآ عـلى كـل الأخبآر

Egypt‘Newspaper * </3 iMISSthat days =")

-Lost Lagoon-

Lucy :

Genus Strong Face W001 Mocap

Maitreya Lara body V 4.1

Skin TheSkinnery Kasia Genus Toffee

Skirt Top Tights Shoes Yeliz

AO Vista Animations

Tableau Vivant Hair

SB Genus Julia Fire Small SoftArch Ginger

Eyes Euphorique Giselle Applier

So Chic Stilettos & Stockings by Gos

Exclusive to Fameshed April 2019

Walls of Havanna

Kuba 2020

city walk Delmenhorst

More News From Nowhere


These are the mornings I love.


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Nikon D750 | Nikkor 35/f2.0

Local News reporter Maria Merlang interviews Imperium after his capture of Negator, while Beast the super dog watches over the criminal.


Taken in Elite City, part of the Multiverse online Hero RP

“News told, rumors heard, truth implied, facts buried.”


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