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Newsletter #177 is now out in the wild at - enjoy! There's some cool stuff about Luminar in there too.

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Essa news eu mesminha quem criei e será enviada para os clientes, amigos, possíveis clientes =D


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Newsletter Juli 2019


Zoo Frankfurt

Newsletter Februar 2020


Orang-Utan Kembali & Humboldtpinguine

Zoo Frankfurt

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Newsletter for Ipsus01 a property development in Wandsworth, London.

Dear sponsors and supporters,


It was a tedious month where so many unexpected crises happened at the same time. Firstly, 3 typhoons landed on Luzon, Philippines bringing much destruction and secondly, the 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Bali. At this moment while I am updating you, I am still monitoring the situation in Philippines.


But God constantly shows me his grace during the most difficult time. Without Him supporting me, I would not have persevered till now. I was simply overwhelmed by the efforts needed to elevate the people of Smokey Mountain from poverty. But I learned that every promise from God is YES YES and YES. There will be a revival in Smokey Mountain where all 20,000 residents will be benefited through our intervention. The day will come when the poorest of the poor would rise up and become a living testimony to God’s grace. For those who have been helping and supporting will be blessed!


Cambodia :

We have 34 children receiving scholarships from our programme. The growth is something that I have expected as I have seen it in the vision through dreams. We are expanding so fast that a second administrator was recruited. He is the elder brother of one of our sponsored kids and his name is Viboey. He is married with one daughter and a good chef who speaks good English. Viboey was a graduate and scholar from Northline School. We welcome him to join our team and he will assist Panny in all children and families matters.


We have the intention to start a technical and language school in Phnom Penh. We are looking for investors for premises and resources. We hope to train young adults and youths in computer courses and bridging them with job opportunities in Singapore or Cambodia. We hope to establish ourselves as language school, specializing in teaching English and Mandarin.


Indonesia :

We experienced an Earthquake in Bali early this month. Our kids in Abangan experienced it first hand but thank God, there was no casualty or damaged of property.


Our sponsored boys are doing really well in their dance training sessions. We hope that they could get contracts for regular performances from the hotel nearby.


Philippines :

As you know I am working very hard to make sure all typhoon affected families in Smokey Mountain are being reached and helped. I need support and help in spreading the message around. At this stage, we still lacking SGD4325 and I have only 4 more days to raise this money. Monday next, the 49 families who are now taking refuge at a basketball court and a Korean church would be asked to leave.


We have already helped 97 families and these are the last 49 families that we have to care for. I believe God does not want us to ignore them. We shall work hard to make sure all families are taken care of. No one shall be left out.


Please help in whatever way!


The scholarship programme in Smokey Mountain, Manila is growing rapidly too. This month we have new sponsors joining us. They are Mark and Mei Ling. We welcome them!


Thank to Dr. Tan HH who led a medical team to serve the sick children in Smokey Mountain. It was a very successful one as we have provided medical care to 200++ children. We were exhausted but our spirits were high.


Special thank to team Singapore, comprised of Doris, Marlon, Mui Lai and her brother. They were our angels who made thing smooth and accountable.


Thank you SJSM for donating the medicine for 200 patients.

Thank you ACROSS for the Swiss made water-purifier that would be able to provide clean drinking water to a large community.


And not to forget the Philippines team led my Dta. Milyn and all the Philippines volunteers. Thank you so much!


1st and 2nd Batches of Funds raised for Smokey Mountain's Rebuilding project.


[1] MH, Vietnam - SGD700 (via TT)

[2] David F., USA - USD50 (via Pay Pal)

[3] Doris, Singapore - SGD400

[4] KP, Australia - SGD50

[5] Thomas, Malaysia - SGD300

[6] Sherman Kwok, Singapore - SGD50

[7] CM, Singapore - SGD50

[8] Samuel Jacquat - SGD68 (via Pay Pal)

[9] Reggie, Singapore -SGD29 (via Pay Pal)

[10] Mui Lai, Singapore - SGD400

[11] Alvin Ting, Singapore - SGD50

[12] Raquel Lins, Brasil- SGD23

[13] TracieTaylor, USA - SGD100

[14] Bernard, Singapore - SGD400

[15] Mark Widrick, USA - SGD119 +SGD243

[16] Lim Wei, Singapore -SGD138

[17] Tan LF, Singapore - SGD50

[18] G. Ho, Singapore - SGD50

[19] L.C. , Singapore - SGD100

[20] Veronica, Singapore - SGD242 + 20

[21] ML's friend, Singapore - SGD100

[22] AF, Singapore - SGD2000

[23] Sim Sh, Singapore - SGD300

[24] Connie Cheah, Malaysia -SGD130

[25] Mara, Canada - SGD1215

[26] ML' s friend, Singapore - SGD139

[27] MeiLing and friends (Junxiang, Jeslin Neo, SJ Ng), Singapore - SGD120

[28] Tess, USA -SGD189 (awaiting transaction to clear from PayPal)

[29] Coco - SGD92 (awaiting transaction to clear from PayPal)

[30] Doris and friends, Singapore - SGD600

[31] Wilson and Jasmine, Singapore - SGD500

[32] Yuik, Korea - SGD500 (awaiting cheque clearance)

[33] Eve, China - SGD190 (awaiting transaction to clear by PayPal)

[34] ML. Singapore - SGD25

[35] Maria - SGD99 (via Pay Pal)

[37] Serene, Singapore - SGD100

[38] Melvin Goh, Singapore -SGD500 (pledged)

[39] Louise, UK - SGD98 (awaiting transaction to clear by PayPal)

[40] CSL, Singapore - SGD102


Total - SGD10,599 (346,401 peso)


3rd Batch of funds raised :


Updated on 19 Oct 2011, 17:28 hrs

[1] Sussie, Singapore - SGD30

[2] Coco, UK - SGD101 (GBP55 via Pay Pal)

[3] Lilia - SGD49 (via Pay Pal)

[4] ASKI, Philippines (NGO) - SGD450 (Pledged peso 15,000 direct to MKM)

[5] Gina, Singapore -SGD200 (via POSB transfer)

[6] Yayasan Ramah Anak Bangsa, Indonesia (NGO) - SGD1000

[7] Jean Chan , Singapore - SGD500

[8] David F., USA - SGD80 (via Pay Pal)

[9] Wouter, Belgium - SGD142 (via Pay Pal)


Ledger Balance - SGD2552 (37% on 3rd day)

Target - SGD6878 (4 more days)

Fund shortage - SGD4325


Newsletter Mai 2016

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Motiv: Gorilla SAWA

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Newsletter JANUAR 2017


Motive: Rotschulter Rüsselhündchen

und Bonobo Ludwig

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Newsletter März 2017

Fotos vom Gorillababy XETSA

und vom Bonobobaby

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Man Ray (1890-1976), Glass Tears, 1932. © Man Ray Trust/ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2016. Courtesy the Sir Elton John Photography Collection.


See the December 2016 Eye newsletter: & Rick Poynor’s Photo Critique:

Newsletter August 2019

Foto: Gorillas XETSA 6 WELA

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Newsletter November 2019


Weißwangen-Schopfgibbon & Capybaras

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I am a DTP Graphic Designer. I am strong at (InDesign) CC-18. I am doing InDesign layout to prepress. I have been working more than 8 years ++ IF you have any Question Please feel free to ask me.


2 Color Indd/IDML File included


Help file included


Size-A4 and Us Letter

Size with include bleeds 0.125 inch

100% CMYK color

300 dpi

Full- Bleed

Modern creative clean Design

You can edit text easily

Indesign layout to print.




Newsletter FEBRUAR 2017



Zoo Frankfurt

My August newsletter is out! Red it here.


My November newsletter is out! Read it here...

Newsletter Juli 2016

Goldstirnklammeraffen und Graureiher

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For all best stock picks and important information the website is providing to be quiet effective thereby helping most readers or investors to get to know about different facts. The other important thing that needs to be considered or taken into count is from which best investment newsletter can all be read and used for future use. Visit the page for more information.

Exclusive for my Flickr friends.


(Estimated 80 000 protester)

Backstory: This is a newsletter that Michael Morrow (See Hawaiian Album) and I created in the waning months of 1999. For those of you who lived through that time you'll remember the low-level paranoia about computers malfunctioning when the clock chimed midnight. A neighbor of Michael's took the fears a bit too seriously and Michael felt it was his duty to make fun of the poor sod, so we created this five page newsletter, posting them in the neighborhood on New Year's Eve. Nothing came of it, at both the macro and micro ends, but we had great fun making it.

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Newsletter Juni 2016

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Motiv: Nachruf Gorilla JULCHEN

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Newsletter Oktober 2019

Fotos: Humboldtpinguin und

Indische Löwen auf der Titelseite

des Jahresberichtes 2018

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Group 7: Miros Rodriguez & Noemi Garcia

Our latest newsletter is out. Come have a look...

This is a photo taken in Sanya of a gigantic Buddhist statue that juts out into the South China Sea. Just on the edge of the horizon, there were some Chinese military cruisers.


I want to build a deeper connection with people, who care for my artwork.

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check out my last newsletter, made of wallpaper, art nouveau, belgium and bags…

Inside pages of a newsletter from September 1949 from Almo Radio, which was a Philadelphia based radio and television shop.

Finally scanned this awesome pic. Off the cover of a work newsletter. About staff tours of the hidden disused underground train tunnels in Sydney. For a LiveJournal post.

Newsletter Dezember 2018

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Motiv: Silberrücken VIATU

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