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Cast and creator of "Arrested Development" talk about the show.


Mitch Hurwitz announced that they're working on 10 new episodes (each episode will concentrate on a character) leading up to the Arrested Development movie!


Not pictured: Ron Howard, who joined the panel remotely by phone.


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New Yorker Festival, Fall 2011

sigur ros @ new yorker festival. more at The Music Slut

The band with director, Dean DeBlois, on the right.

It starts with invitations and conferences to explores unpopular ideas. Next it is giving the extremist who had trouble filling a back room an audience of thousands to spew out his hateful ideas.


Then he's doing the talk show circuit, cracking jokes, convincing people he's not a racist fanatic but an ordinary guy just trying to his ideas out in the face of fierce opposition from the"liberals".


It ends with innocent people getting hurt and lives ruined by his "freedom of speech"; the political opponents who are now seen as legitimate targets, the women and minorities who are beaten and murdered by angry, violent men who have had their hatred validated.


While in hiding, 29 year old Edward Snowden was asked what his greatest fear is. His response gives each of us an opportunity to stand up and decide what is worth protecting and what is worth making sacrifices for. The greatest among us are never afraid for themselves:


"The greatest fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change. People will see in the media all of these disclosures, they’ll know the lengths that the government is going to grant themselves powers unilaterally to create greater control over American society and global society, but they won’t be willing to take the risks necessary and to stand up and fight to change things to force their representatives to actually take a stand in their interests. And in the months ahead, the years ahead, it’s only going to get worse until eventually there will be a time where policies will change because the only thing that restricts the activities of this surveillance thing are policy. Even our agreements with other sovereign governments: We consider that to be a stipulation of policy rather than a stipulation of law and because of that, a new leader will be elected, they’ll flip the switch, say that because of crisis, because of the dangers that we face in the world, some new and unpredicted threat, we need more authority, we need more power and there will be nothing people can do at that point to oppose it. It’ll be turnkey tyranny."


*What would you do if you were in his shoes?


Those who awaken never rest in one place.

Like Swans, they Rise and leave the lake.

On the air they Rise and Fly an invisible course.

Their food is Knowledge. They live on Emptiness.

They have seen how to break Free.

Who can follow Them?


- Buddha


***********Added Note September 17, 2013

(By Glenn Greenwald honoring Edward Snowden ) :


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****April 3, 2014


****Sep 2014...Wired Magazine Interview


*********November 30, 2014...The Virtual Interview: Edward Snowden - The New Yorker Festival


*****December 9, 2014... the Laura Poitras Documentary : "Citizen Four" (A MUST WATCH)


Sep 23 2019

After the release of his new book "Permanent Record"


Exceptional Interview 6 years later:


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The RZA from Wu-Tang Clan at the New Yorker Festival in September 2005.


He joked to the guys with him that it was like I was taking his mug shot.

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My favorite living author, Haruki Murakami, at the New Yorker Festival on October 4, 2008.

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This was from the New Yorker Festival, registering people to vote.

We all heart paul rudd. I got to see him in New York last year during the New Yorker Festival. Unfortunately, his wife was there and so was my boyfriend, otherwise it was totally on.



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This was from the New Yorker Festival, registering people to vote.

I'm putting these tickets up for sale here 24 hours before I put 'em on Craigslist.


The deal: Two tickets to "From Stage To Studio: When Performers Produce", a panel discussion that's part of the New Yorker Festival. (This is sold out, by the way.)


Where/when: Times Square Studios, 1500 Broadway, Saturday 9/24, 4pm


Description of the event, from the Festival website:


Sasha Frere-Jones, moderator. With Steve Albini, Ani DiFranco, Ric Ocasek, and the RZA.


Sasha Frere-Jones is the pop-music critic for The New Yorker. From 1991 to 2003, he was a member of the band Ui, whose albums include “Answers,” “Lifelike,” and “Sidelong.” In 1998, he released “Standing Upright on a Curve,” a solo guitar album. He is currently finishing an album of loud rock songs.


Steve Albini is a guitarist, recording engineer, and occasional music writer. Formerly a member of the bands Big Black and Rapeman, he currently plays with the group Shellac. He has overseen the making of the albums “In Utero,” by Nirvana, and “Surfer Rosa,” by the Pixies, among many others.


Ani DiFranco is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She produced her first sixteen solo albums and co-produced her seventeenth, “Knuckle Down,” which was released this year. She has also produced recordings by the artists Dan Bern, Janis Ian, and the group Bitch and Animal, and co-produced Drums & Tuba and Hammell on Trial for her Righteous Babe Records label.


Ric Ocasek was the front man for the rock band the Cars, which sold more than twenty-five million albums in the nineteen-seventies and eighties. He has produced recordings by Bad Brains, Guided by Voices, Hole, Weezer, and No Doubt, and served as vice-president of artists and repertoire at Elektra. His solo albums include “Troublizing” and “Nexterday.”


The RZA, whose real name is Robert Diggs, is a founding member of the hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan. He has produced all their albums and also the solo efforts of Method Man and the late ODB. As a film composer, his credits include “Kill Bill: Vol. 1,” which was nominated for a BAFTA, and “Kill Bill: Vol. 2.” He is the author of “The Wu-Tang Manual,” published this year, and will star in “Derailed,” with Clive Owen.


Want the tickets? I'm selling them for $30 each, or best offer -- face value is $25, and I paid $5.75 each for outrageous TicketMaster fees, so this is actually a bit less than I paid. Drop me an e-mail if you're interested.

We decided to bike there because it was a nice-ish day and let's face it, we won't be able to do much biking anymore soon! It would have been a lot nicer if three million people hadn't been filling up the entire Brooklyn Bridge. (There was a diabetes walk and apparently they were not briefed on the wonders of keeping the bike lane clear.)


The first event was Malcolm Gladwell. His talk was about 1975 and this union man named Marvin Miller, who revolutionized the world of baseball and then by domino effect, the economic paradigm of the professional world. It was a shift from paternalism (one person in charge who told you what to do and you accepted it) to market pricing (freedom to negotiate value based on talent). Did you know that in the 50s, people making over $200,000 paid NINETY ONE percent marginal tax? That's equivalent to two million dollars today. Gladwell was saying that basically the government said you can't make more than that, and that money supported the best economic situation this country has ever seen. Since that "magical year of 1975," the mindset has gone from 'How much is enough?' to 'How much can I get?'. Very interesting food for thought!


After his talk, we biked up to another facility to see if we could get tickets to the SNL panel. We waited for about twenty minutes and were able to buy tickets from someone who had extra. The cast members were Seth Meyers, Kenan Thompson, Kristin Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, Andy Samberg, and Fred Armisen, and they were all funny. They spoke about their audition experiences, what it's like each week to create the show, and some of their own experiences. It was a lot of fun to watch.

See an excerpt for yourself in the previous video!

Fiona Apple taking part in a Q&A, as part of the New Yorker Festival. This was at the Brooklyn Lyceum in, if i remember, Brooklyn.

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Tim etched some artwork into his portroid as it was developing.


This was from the New Yorker Festival, registering people to vote.

Interviewed at The Supper Club by Hilton Als for The New Yorker Festival

john mccwhorter, cornel west, leslie sanchez, thomas frank, barbara ehrenreich, david remnick at the new yorker festival town hall meeting on race and class in america.


this was fantastic, although tom frank talks too much (lauren liked what he had to say, i didn't). cornel west is amazing.

Martin Amis and Ian Buruma on Monsters

Articles editor of the New Yorker.

The New Yorker Festival is this weekend. Andy went to three events earlier today (Atul Gowande, Bill Simmons interviewed by Malcolm Gladwell, and David Simon). Tonight we had dinner at a new Mexican place and then went back for A Conversation with Regina Spektor. It was like an extended interview and then a short performance.

I've listened to her albums for a couple years I guess, and really enjoyed them. I loved seeing her sing live--it sounded pretty much exactly like she does on an album. I can't wait to see her live again.


She did five or six songs, and this was the one I liked the most. The camera ran out of memory in the middle of the song, before it got super intense and passionate and just incredible.


I recorded parts of a few songs like this---more for the audio than the visual. I rested the camera on my knee so I wouldn't have to hold it and annoy people with the light from the display. You can see her a bit here and there though.


But again, the sound was the main thing, and wow.

Interviewed at The Supper Club by Hilton Als for The New Yorker Festival

37 Arts Theatre, West 37nd Street, Manhattan, New York

Interviewed at The Supper Club by Hilton Als for The New Yorker Festival

18/10/09 at the City Winery, 155 Varick St. NYC


Peter Sellars, Nico Muhly, Rufus Wainwright and Lisa Bielawa with moderator Alex Ross

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