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Canon 5D ii + Nikkor O.C 35mm f/2

Taken with the adapted Nikkor PC 28mm f3.5 (42mm equiv.)

I wish you health and happiness !

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Happy Birthday my lovely and kind friend !

Thank you very much for your visit and fave !

Thank you so much for your visit and fave !

A title suggested by my lovely friend Anne

Recupero hoy esta vieja foto de mi primera cámara Reflex, mi D90 que guardo con cariño. Ya prácticamente no la uso porque después de tantas salidas y fotos acabó con algunos pixels quemados. La foto pertenece a los molinos de Consuegra y está hecha con el 18-105. He recordado ligeramente el encuadre del cielo y retocado mínimamente niveles.

I have added a little more contrast to this one, i feel this is better than the other one i posted please give me your thoughts.


This photo is showing my luck at getting a Nikkor 105mm F/2.5 lens for my Fuji cameras. I bought this lens for $95 at a camera swap/trade event. It started being produced in 1959, and based on research, my version was released in 1966. It’s legendary for its sharpness and, as one reviewer put it, “was known for its bokeh before most people even knew bokeh had a name.” It was also the lens used by photographer Steve McCurry when he photographed the legendary “Afghan Girl” cover for National Geographic magazine. Well, I am crappy at manual focus, and the lens weighs about 1000 lbs., but it will be fun using it a bit more frequently. Maybe I’ll have the guts to do a people shot. This pic is from this morning’s rain in Northern California. (PS: The inexpensive Fotodiox Nikon to Fuji lens converter is great.)

Thank you very much for your visit and fave !

Nikon 500 + Nikkor 16/80 F2,8

As always thank you for you faves, comments and views. Alan

I took a 2014 Fuji X-T1 and 1970s-era Nikkor MF 105 2.5 on my walk today. I am not worth a crap at manual focusing, but I'm throwing this one out there anyway. Inexpensive Fotodiox NIK-FX adapter used. No EXIF data, but likely at f2.5, which is wide open. Bokeh not bad.

Thanks for taking your time to view, fave and comment on my photo.

Últimos de Enero y Febrero es el tiempo de crocos por esta zona que va de los 800 a los 1200 metros de altitud.


Nikkor Ais 50mm 1.8


No hables a oídos del necio,

Porque menospreciará la prudencia de tus razones


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