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Pose & Decor:

Behind the Scenes by Minimal @ Kustom9

Static Pack Lisa by Beras @ Level

Ana Loft Furniture Fatpack by Scarlet Creative

Huge Fan Palm by Apple Fall

Minimal Art by Fancy Decor



Head lel EvoX AVALON 3.0 by Lelutka

Custom Shape Avalon by MeshedGal

Vitality Eyes by AviGlam

Soft Arch Liv Spring Eyebrows EvoX AVALON by Simple Bloom

Rafa Beauty Mark by Finer Threads

Eloise Skin Lelutka Evo X by TRES BEAU @ Level

E-Girl Blush by Koonz

Notebook case and kindle - Print 6 by Movement @ Anthem

Shawnte Eyewear by Moncada Paris @ TMD

Hera by Belle Epoque @ Fameshed

Wave Hairstyle by Lamb


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KraftWork Belltown Office

β†’ Now @ Kustom9 event

β†’ KraftWork LM


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←me – my altβ†’


What’s an office?



(on alt) Faida & [V/W] Helga Legacy Perky Oops! – B & W

(on me) Faida & [V/W] Helga Legacy Perky Oops! – Blue


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♣ One Moon - Softly ♣


β™ͺβ™« Yellow - Coldplay β™ͺβ™«

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β™‘ cheezu. marie outfit @Kustom9


β™‘ More Details Here + Close Ups! β™‘

Puppies are great moral and emotional support.


Okinawa New Year’s Festival (Dec. 27, 2019 – Jan. 12, 2020)

Kokoro Poses - Dog 01 Holding (Unisex)

#Boataom :: Alyssa Genus Applier

/boop! lucky new years makeup collection



[KH] Worikg Women (shirt & skirt)


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Had the news today that they are closing my old office and I have to now work permanently from home. I'll never get the chance to enjoy this view again.

So, when I got into my car, I realized I forgot to put my pants on, so after sneaking past everyone in the hallways I got to my office and called my wife.


Sweetie I forgot my pants this morning...could you come over with some..



Nikon FE

Nikkor 35mm

Kodak Tri-X

F76 1-9 6.15 min 20c

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βž₯ KraftWork @Mainstore @Kustom9 @TLC

βž₯ What Next @Mainstore

βž₯ Ionic @Mainstore

βž₯ Chez Moi @The Arcade coming 1st of March


β€· Closing credits - Here!

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I sense a little office envy, who doesn't want the corner office or the one with the perfect view, I think there is a different kind of office envy going on here..... is it the office itself...or...what's happening outside?


When someone asks for a song and you give them this...



available @ Vintage Fair

Muniick- Alto Industrial Drafting Table

Muniick- Alto Mechanical Drawings

Muniick- Alto Rolled-Up Drafting Paper

Muniick- Alto Industrial Drafting Stool

Muniick- Alto Drafting T-Square

Muniick Small Snake Plant in Bucket

Muniick- Alto Drafting Compass

Muniick- Alto Industrial Drafting Lamp

Muniick- Alto Drafting Pencil

Muniick- Alto Drawing Tubes

Muniick-Alto 3-Panel Room Divider


Happy Weekend 60L

Muniick- Coraline Toaster

Muniick- Coraline Blender

Muniick- Coraline Microwave Oven


Box Kite Pink&Blue

buildworksdecor ~ Chesterfield Cabinet / White

.random.Matter. - Take Away - Pizza Slice

N4RS Tabriz Rug

ChiMia:: Book Basket

.07 [ kunst ] - Dr Pervert cans

ROOST - Auckland Rubbish Bin STEEL


Adorable Additions:

JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Hi!)

[Rezz Room] Great Dane Adult Animesh (Companion)


Everyone have a great week ahead and thank you for all the support! 🌹


Thinking of using this for my LinkedIn profile photo. What do you guys think?

Looking close...on Friday.

Offering profile portraiture...message ragingbellls for a price list.

My daily morning walk down the hall to my office. Love being the first one in. I'm all the way down on the left ;-)

No water cooler talk when I get in...unless I talk to myself.

View from the window in our new home. The Office is where I "work" on my photos while my wife does real work at her desk.

Taken after an autumn shower.

Arundel Post Office & Castle, West Sussex.

Johan de Witt Straat, Dordrecht, NL

A black lead pencil playing hide-and-seek among some red colour pencils.

Blog 153

**Zen Creations – Industrial Office Desk Set

**Art & Ko – Stylish Image Set

**Goose – Couple Ottoman




Silo and office building in the Port of Hanau (Germany)

This was literally taken through my office window yesterday. He was 38 yards from me. How do I know that? Because the hunter in me wanted to use the rangefinder to see if he was in bow range even though I wasn't going to hunt him. Definitely in bow range, but for now, I'll just shoot him with my camera. Did you notice the doe in the background? She is hiding pretty good. :)

It is nice to have time off with the grandchildren. I look forward to catching up with everyone later.

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