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cool scene from a visit in east germany

I have spent some time scanning a small archive of negatives

that I received in the box with an old camera that I bought recently in Germany.

They date back approximately to the II World War.

As much as the people who live under the tracks are considered "homeless", the space under the tracks is, in essence, "home".


More often then not, home gets treated like a teenagers bedroom...clothes and food everywhere, with the attitude of "I'll keep my things the way I want it!"


But once in a while, things are left a little more organized, a little more home-y. Maybe it's just a buried memory that occasionally rises up and reminds them to tidy up.

Continuing on my organizational spree...I also got this thing from Michaels.

One of my favorite parts, it's like counting a stack of money, but better.

Something I've wanted to do for awhile now with this special antique piece I have had for years. Love how this turned out, a feast to the eyes!

Name a line with more accessories.

An exterior detail of Richard Rogers' Lloyd's Building (1986), London, England, UK

magazine storage from IKEA 2 for 47 cents!

N-Z from the general section of my collection. It used to be that only I could find a record in my rack. My wife made dividers for me as a Christmas gift. After spending two weeks sorting it all, now she and others can find what they are looking for a little easier. - If I would have thought about it a bit more I would have included my New Order collection. This starts up at the end of the "N"s.

A place to sit and take care of a few things .

White House organization? Maybe not, but it’s a jumbled mess! Reminds me of my office back in my working days. Faux black and white film look. Raw development and processing in Luminar Flex. Post processing in CK Tonality (Film Emulation: Fuji Neopan Pro 1600) and PhotoLine 21.50. . Olympus E-M1MarkII, OLYMPUS M.25mm F1.2, 25mm, f1.2, 1/15 sec, 200 iso. Photo © 2019 Bob Shrader.

My boyfriend helped me do this today. Definitely needed to be done. Haha. It was a mess before.

This photo really has no redeeming qualities as far as being of photographic value or significance to my trip. My sister pointed this scene out in the parking lot at Sand Beach, making a remark about this being what she looks like on one of her backpacking trips. I find that hard to believe. She is NOT me! She plans, she organizes, she makes lists, she pares down the list and repacks. I wait until half an hour before it's time to get in the car and drive away and then I start chucking everything I can think of in my car. If you know me, you know I speak the truth. And, quite frequently, I end up looking like.... well... looking like THIS!!


Hope you found what you were looking for buddy! I know the feeling! All too well!!


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Buy stuff:

A specialty shop in our local mall that takes organization to a whole new level. : ))


Fuji Astia Film Simulation

Muh lady bought me a thing. I guess my shit has been outta control lately 😂

One of my goals on the doll front for 2015 was improving the doll clothes storage system. I'll put that at about 75% success. It worked out best for the pukifee.

Week of January 8-14, 2017

Organization is my word for this year. Beginning to organize the house after Christmas.

The local Soldiers fight against the groups of terrorists to organise a better place.



This is somehow really new . On the one hand, this is a set for a brickfilm I'm producing for a local Brickfilm contest. This is just a short scene and the film is not an action movie.

On the other hand the soldiers on the right are somehow my new faction. Do you like them?

Sewing Room Organization Challenge

Come check out my Sewing Room Organization Challenge and hundreds of links to sewing project tutorials!

On our way home from Door County last weekend, Dave and I stopped by the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, WI.


They just happen to have drawers upon drawers of wood type.

I finally got one of these medicine organizers from NBS for my Barbie shoes. It's a really great storing those gorgeous kicks and it should make styling so much easier.

I got another plastic box for the shoes so I can spread them out. Vintage shoes and boots are stored elsewhere. Barbie is wearing a jumpsuit I made from an Art Requiem pattern.

Hello there! I hope all is well! Happy Tuesday my friends! I am here featuring Chez Moi with the Sassy Messy Futon which is new to the Tres Chic Event. It is texture change by hud. I liked the black color and went with it. I love black spaces and adding bold colors! This futon has some clothes and shoes thrown about it. It inspired me to decorate a closet or dressing room. Having clothes on a living room sofa for me would make my OCD go in overdrive. But it's fine in the closet. LOL This Futon can go in any space you choose though. Don't let my weird ways influence you! It would also look cute in a nice foyer entry. The animations in here are really nice and there is something for everyone. I always have to try out animations in furniture. You don't want something you and your guests will look crazy sitting on! LOL Full details are on the blog! Feel free to have a look! Thank you so much for the support and have a blessed day! xoxo <3333 Ebony


Majesty- Unorganized Organization-


Visit Majesty Blog:

For this round of Anthem, we have a Pool organization and storage set. You can buy each of the items separately (they come in 3 color packs) or you can grab the full set!


Available at Anthem Event :

Hours of work but so worth it! My embroidery floss is so pretty and organized now (I have stickers of the DMC numbers on the back of each bobbin).

Level of Difficulty:

Phone - 7.5

Large Screen - 5

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