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Large on Black Explore #70 - but all credit to the original artist(s)...


Hello readers from the Toronto Star, reddit, p2pnet, mobilesyrup (and Virgin)... this is the source of this version used without permission


Live Version?


Dear Fans of Lotte March Koala Cookies,


Please be aware of the recent reports of melamine in our favorite cookie!!!!


"Melamine is a chemical compound used in a number of commercial and industrial applications...not allow its use as a food ingredient.”


Melamine have been reported to cause kidney stones in numerous people who consume products made with milk ingredients. Good thing I've stopped eating these koala cookies for about a year now. I've noticed they tasted rather differently from before...sure enough I remember the box indicated they were made in China (they use to be made in Japan). Poor SaiSai and Kansai....what will they eat now?!!!!

First you flood the P2P networks then you try to buy them out. You arrest, spy on and insult your own customers and are creating a hostile environment for creative expression.


You want a war? Fine.


You've got everything to lose. The artists are against you. Musicians are against you. The people who listen to music are against you. And most importantly, the kids are against you.


You want a war? Bring it on.

The invisible laser printer code.