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Model: Pam Astonia

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Acho que finalmente estou me acostumando com o novo visual da pam, e posso dizer que estou bem satisfeita até :33


Essa foto foi bem difícil de tirar e_e recentemente eu trouxe pra casa um filhote de gato, que aparentemente tinha horror a pessoas, mas só aparentemente mesmo -Q Agora ele não me deixa em paz D: e como Ciel, o gato lorde da casa ¬__¬ não é nada sociável, o pequeno tem que ficar trancado no meu quarto até que se acostumem, então já podem imaginar a BAGUNÇA que ele fez enquanto eu tentava tirar essa foto kkkkkkk


Enfim, desejo uma boa sexta e um ótimo final de semana pra todos vocês <333

Pim pam pum con la Seu Vella de fondo. Final de fiestas de Septiembre de este año 2010.


otra foto:

Morning after seasonally early nighttime snow and record breaking cold. Pam and Pooka in their winter coats. Pooka would gladly stay out for hours...Pam not so much.

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Postando só pra atualizar XD

Era pra ter postado ontem mas .-. fiquei sem luz o dia todo e-e


e pra contar pra vocês que minha nova doll foi enviada ontem *U* logo logo ela estará aqui e possivelmente mês que vem chegarão mais dois *--*


Boa semana pra todos <333

Picture Taken by: Pam Astonia

its a great one too!






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I don't think I've ever used the Hasselblad with the Planar 80-mm lens wide open, so this is from a test roll where all the frames were exposed at f2.8 (wide open). One of the reasons I don't use the Hasselblad more often is because I strongly dislike pentagonal bokeh, which is what the camera gives because of the five blade aperture.

This is Tri-X 400 exposed at 160 ASA and processed in home-brewed D-23 1:1 for 13 minutes. It seems Tri-X likes this developer a lot.

Model: Me - New Profile Pic

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Postando essa foto porque a Neko me pediu T3T


Obrigada a todos que deixaram comentários de apoio na foto anterior, sério mesmo, ajudaram muito <3


Sobre minhas wigs, todas já foram enviadas, menos a do Takanori --' e faz mais de duas semanas que pedi, to perdendo a paciência com o vendedor.


é isso u-u-q Boa semana pra todos.

ha sofferto ...

ha pianto..

ora è felice.. diventerà finalmente..


ti voglio bene..!!!

Pam graciously gave me permission to post this one. She wanted a martini, but she also wanted to water. I immediately saw a photo op! I took about 6 or 7 shots as she watered with the hose, but it just wasn't working. I suggested the watering can switch, which is what I originally envisioned anyway. I took two more photos and this was the one.

I figure everyone could use a smile about now. Cheers!

Hìg cũ ùi nhưng thíc nên up lên:d

3 con ngựa k ik học nên take hìg chơi đoá:))))))



Coá bonus:x

Cmt + fav nhìu nhìu choa Pam nhar:x





Dnày học qoài k còn tg để thở nữa :(( [ nói hơi qó v. thôi :))vẫn còn sống:d]


37 foot Pam's Grotto from behind. Such a beautiful spot. spent an hour and a half there by myself last Saturday. It's really nice large.


Very long exposure and from another angle below

Pam's Grotto from a while back with Clay Wells. He taught me everything I know about photography. Sometimes he lets me put my tripod legs exactly where his were moments before.

Modelo: Pam Tonietti

Maquilladora: Verónica

Fotógrafo: Salvador Rubio


Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved


None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


You can visit my Website:


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Pam, a runner from Virginia, is tired but still smiling as she nears the 24th mile marker in Central Park during the 2008 ING New York City Marathon.

new white lastolite backdrop and had a great test shoot. A very patient model whilst i tweaked with f-stops, lights, exposure settings and pretty much everything else!!!!

It was this time last year that I found out a dear Blythe Artist that I adored passed away. I was a huge fan of Pam with Pamsprettydesigns and had followed her for years and bought her bears and dresses and acquired a nice collection. Her Sister contacted me through Flickr last year, and had let me know that Pam had been battling cancer and had passed away. I was so sad to have learned this news last year....thus making my collection of her bears and dresses even more special. All the bears on the top shelf, except the 2 black ones in the middle, were ones that Pam created.

My Gran, Dad and his older sister Pam...we think taken by Granpa( around 1944, '45)


Over Christmas Dad spent a fair bit of time scanning old family photos...I'm now reaping the benefits of his work, as I have a wonderful archive of old family photos from his childhood.


Some of them are just beautiful, I thought I'd share them.


new white lastolite backdrop and had a great test shoot. A very patient model whilst i tweaked with f-stops, lights, and pretty much everything else!!!!

A puny try at recreating something in the style of Pam Carriker for the Digitalmania challenge!

Thanks for looking! xx

Publicity still for "Black Mama, White Mama"

Dad and Pam ( I'm guessing, taken about 1945)


Over Christmas Dad spent a fair bit of time scanning old family photos...I'm now reaping the benefits of his work, as I have a wonderful archive of old family photos from his childhood.


Some of them are just beautiful, I thought I'd share them.


new white lastolite backdrop and had a great test shoot. A very patient model whilst i tweaked with f-stops, lights, and pretty much everything else!!!!

All three photos posted today were taken yesterday, 19 October 2017, when I joined birding friends for a walk in South Glenmore Park. The setting is beautiful, but usually the birds are out in the middle of the Glenmore Reservoir or near the far side. The main reasons I go for a walk there is just to enjoy the views over the water and to catch up with friends. If I'm lucky, I might come home with a couple of bird photos.


Not the best lighting, but I thought this little Chickadee's pose was quite cute. It looks like it is checking, before flying off, that there is not a better seed in friend Pam's hand. They can be picky eaters. These birds are just 24 hours away from death, and need to collect enough fat in order to survive. Such busy little birds.


"The Black-capped Chickadee is notable for its capacity to lower its body temperature during cold winter nights, its good spatial memory to relocate the caches where it stores food, and its boldness near humans (they can feed from the hand)." From Wikipedia.


"The chickadee's unerring spatial memory is remarkable enough, says Colin Saldanha, assistant professor of biological sciences at Lehigh University and an anatomist who has studied songbirds for six years.


But it is what happens inside the tiny songbird's brain that Saldanha finds amazing. In the fall, as the chickadee is gathering and storing seeds, Saldanha says, its hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for spatial organization and memory in many vertebrates, expands in volume by approximately 30 percent by adding new nerve cells. In songbirds, the hippocampus is located on the dorsal surface of the forebrain right beneath the skull. In mammals, the hippocampus is located beneath the cortex.


In the spring, when its feats of memory are needed less, the chickadee's hippocampus shrinks back to its normal size, Saldanha says." From article on ScienceDaily.

Pams : Happy Bday Werol

My partner Pam gets to hold a Lamb, something she has always wanted to do. Once she handed her back, the farmer painted a blue "P" on the Lambs side and named her Pam ;-)

Pam tells me she is 'out shopping at an event' Naked with her 'bits' missing as she wants to keep lag down.


I think ok, she will change - she assures me her bits are alpha'd out!


She then goes on to brag about her script count being so low and it's the best way to shop at crowded events -


mmm urrr ok Pammy lol


Pam arrives and I say "oh your still naked Pammy"


Pam says

"I told you Chanty, I was naked, it's late and I can't be bothered dressing'


Now you have to keep in mind here - Pammy is one of those friends that takes a great deal of pride in her pixels and she makes "Barbie Doll" look like she is dressed in rags, so seeing my friend dressed this way is to say the least - a bit shocking -


OMG she seriously goes to events looking like this,

(I have been to events and shopped with Pam before, but this is a first for me seeing her looking like this - lol)


I say to Pammy, jump in this car and I will get a pic of us.


Pammy jumps in the car & starts to

com plane

and wine


She says:

"Chanty the pose is all over the place for me - Look my butt is behind the seat"


mmm ok Pammy I think - I can't even see your butt - it's alpha'd out !


Pammy says


"Let me fix my pose - she then proceeds to make a big fuss over the poses being right "


I think - oh good Pammy is going to put on some amazing outfit for this photo opportunity


So we sit and wait - she is still naked, but OMG she got the pose in the right place!


She is waiting for me to take the pic

I am waiting for her to put some clothes on


Finally I give up and take the pic and laugh -


I say to Pammy


"Well since you got so dressed up for this picture Pammy (not!) - this is going public, but so pleased you fixed the pose so your alpha'd out butt is not in the back seat ! ! !


I thought that might motivate Pammy to get dressed


mmmm - nope it ain't happening - Pammy stays as she is - lol


(God forbid we can't have the pose not right Pammy! )


By now I am thinking Pammy is suffering from sleep deprivation (she did say it was late for her)


You deserve this song Pammy - lol

David Hasselhoff - Jump In My Car


Now if that was not enough after the 'car scene'


Pammy is excited to tell me about these funny gestures she wants to show me


We are in The Docks Café by now - it's small inside and if we were any closer - well - ummm - errr - we won't go there!


Next thing Pammy starts doing all these crazy gestures, including hovering up above me and spinning around, if that was not bad enough, then she says to me


" Look at this one Chanty"

then proceeds to bend over and do some impossible acrobat gestures


And Pammy calls me crazy? haha


I then want to show Pammy a new dance called Wandering Hands which is funny and say jump on the pose Pammy


Pammy says "Oh I cant jump on I just TP Arra over, she can't see me naked like this and on a couple pose ball with you Chanty. lol


Only then did Pammy decide she should actually get dressed!


I can't wait to show this to Piano Man/ Funny Man David Dawson, David takes great pleasure in taking the "mickey out of Pam" at his live shows! he is going to have a field day with this one Pammy! laughs wickedly !


And Pammy calls me the crazy one? haha


Gotta love her


Hoje eu fotografei a Pam, gosto bem mais dela assim <3


Acho que vou me afastar um pouco do flickr, perdi todo o meu ânimo com dolls, mesmo com wigs e obitsus vindo por ai, não estou animada!

Sem falar que, não ando feliz com as minhas fotos, isso também tem me desmotivado!


acho que é isso Ç_Ç-q

Model: Me :)


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