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...sorry, more winter leftovers I'm afraid! Soon, very soon we should see green leaves, blossoms and flowers though!

nein: ich nenne es nicht "licht am ende des tunnels"...


I've recently reposted this image to my 500px and fb acc. as it somehow represents the most these horrible times we are having because of this pandemic. As if I had 'seen' it way back in 2016,,,b,mikic

Pentax 67

90mm f2.8

Fujipro 400H

Very sad!

Worldwide we have approximately 19,100,000 deaths per Covid.

In Brazil there are approximately 533 thousand deaths.

On 07/12/2021


Muito triste!

Mundialmente temos aproximadamente 19.100.000 de mortes por Covid.

No Brasil são aproximadamente 533 mil mortes.

Em 12/07/2021


Arte Digital - Digital Art


Effects - Texture

Light - Vivid Color

Double Exposure

Software: Pixlr; Windows Paint 3D; PicsArt Photo Studio


Brasília, Brasil


Art Week Gallery Theme

This week - 11 July → 17 July of 2021, our theme is:

~ Creative Mystery ~


Vivid Art Group

**VIVID ABSTRACTS Challenge** July 2021**

Entry 10


Food supplies are over, appetite is heavily questioned ...😷

May a lyric that is now history be a consolation:

The cardinal staying at home with us to help through the pandemic pandemonium with art appreciation. That's his job, the state bird keeping residents happy.

McLean, Virginia

When it's been awhile since you've been to your stylist.

Is the worst over - covid-wise? At least here, in the UK? Can we relax and sit back for a while? Not frantically booking future holidays in a kind of frenzy of self-rewarding, but breathing in and out deeply, thinking of what makes life worthwhile - here and everywhere else? Now, when our own lives are no longer threatened, can we begin to mourn the about 130 000 people who died in the UK from the pandemic?

Shot at Superdawg, Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago Illinois.





In the cool of the evening, when the fires start burning bright

Hear the twilight callin', as the flames burst into the night

It's creeping in your bloodstream, like a Metal disease

Underneath the streetlights, everything is larger than life

Ya hear the roar, see it gleaming like the edge on a switch-blade knife

A worldwide eruption, underneath your skin

Worldwide corruption, slowly seeping in,

It's a pandemic

It's a metal disease, pandemic

Brain cell abduction, creeping in like sin, it's a pandemic,

'A metal disease, pandemic

Brain cell destruction, breeding metal from within,


Give into the venom, circulating underneath the skin

Like mercury poison, liquid metal boils within

Spreading like a wildfire, burning up the earth

Caught in the crossfire, all around the world

There's no way to stop it now,

It's a pandemic

It's a metal disease, pandemic

Burnt in your hard drive, smokin' up the earth, like a Pandemic

A pandemic, it's a metal disease

Pandemic, wow, it's a metal disease

Pandemic, caught in the barbed wire, it's underneath the skin

It's a pandemic, it's a metal disease


It's creeping in your bloodstream

It's a pandemic, it's a metal disease


Union Station in Toronto. Eerily empty during the pandemic.

Judged by my physical symptoms, I’m out of alignment.

I’m thankful that I’m permitted to live by a cartoon government,

I’m the actor in a pandemic play rehearsing for survival,

encrypted in the dictatorial pages of the Wall Street Journal,

it’s about a showoff of power (I’m expecting a director’s cut out of existence,

for I’m tired of “everything will be alright” announcing the failure of a system

in which GDP and patience are coming to pieces, no suspense),

it’s about increased unbalance and the international threat to democracy

but the real shock is still to arrive: the cancelling of sovereignty.

The screenplay is tense and keen on convincing me to be extraordinary:

endure, suffer… to then betray me through my immunity.

It’s a sure Oscar for the destruction of this society.


This is the N-th, the last nail in the coffin of speech liberty

-truth indicator of a dis-ease state - I shall not witness silently,

I shall restore my health without your external soothing but with creativity.

I only needed a spark to awaken my warrior spirit and my vibrancy,

I eye the political decaying carcasses: Do you have a message for me??

I have truth bumps all over my body waiting for the answer,

nudging me forward indicating that this is my part,

which comes from my soul, thus for the duration of my act,

steadily and with all the courage I can muster,

I break the barrier of fear. And at the same time,

but in a more poetic way, I curse. Here’s the sneak preview:

“Dear establishment, may you thrive on a dead empty rock

forever ever after.”


(nevereux, may 2020)


Beach without people...

Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️

Sony SLT-A77V / Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro

A stroll on the beach fixes everything

Die Spuren, die wir hinterlassen, werden uns überdauern.

As prescribed for centuries, take one a day...

Macro shot of a rose from our garden -

Petworth, Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Elegant Terns


Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary, Alameda, California


According to Cornell, Elegant Terns (that is indeed their name) are found on the Pacific Coast, but nest on only two islands in the Sea of Cortez (Mexico). I was fortunate to come upon a large flock of them visiting the San Francisco Bay. My first sighting of these very playful terns.

I don't think think I would have given this a second glance before the pandemic, time to appreciate things taken for granted, stay safe x

The fashion colour for the summer season of 2020 will be red! Alternatively, how to cope with the absurdities of the situation.

The 1500 block of Sansom Street, Philadelphia

Window light from above and reflector light from below. Whether you want it, whether you deserve it, or whether you don't - you will get a "haircut". The aftermath of the pandemic and, for the UK additionally, of the Brexit nonsense, means that most of us will get a "shave", financially and possible socially too.

Water bubbles blown by a person is not considered completely safe from covid-19 viruses.


To me, this photograph encapsulates our desire to be safe and yet struggle to assess the risks presented to us.

Abandoned County Jail, USA

Shot in Countryside Illinois

I dropped some money and when I looked down this is what I saw. Well maybe I adjusted it a bit. I have to say I did get a smile out of it, that’s a good thing giving all that’s is going on these days.

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