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we form a necessary paradox; not a senseless contradiction.

Don`t let your uniqueness be taken from anyone Morti.

There are enough puppets in this world.


Lass dir deine Einzigartigkeit nie nehmen.

Marionetten gibt es schon genug!


Morti`s Version


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Head • Lelutka

Body • Legacy

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portrait of photographer-model-designer-DJ Paradox Mercury

Amor, ya estoy conectada Hoy quiero respirar tu voz hasta la madrugada Imaginar que entre tú y yo no hay una pantalla (una pantalla, baby) Que pida que erices mi piel con sólo rozarla Ay, me muero de ganas Y aunque te encuentres lejos No he renunciado a la esperanza de conocernos Y de olvidarme del celular y estar cuerpo a cuerpo (cuerpo a cuerpo, baby) Dar rienda suelta a la locura y el deseo De comerte a besos.... Y ya es hora Que negociemos ponerle fin a tanta demora Que necesito quemar el fuego que me acalora Y saciarme de ti, y tocar el cielo, y vivir lo nuestro Y ya es hora Que terminemos con esta ansia que nos devora Que necesito de tus caricias aquí y ahora (yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh) Y pongámosle fin a tanto anhelo, pa' vivir lo nuestro ...



My mimic of Paradox Ivory's work. Go check her out.



Bad Unicorn

Fake Society




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When the Cold Warms.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dear friends :)

Next year's headache in the making....this seed head had already managed to send off most of it's tiny parasols of seed before the lazy gardener, (guess who), could get to it...this year's beauty will be next year's headache...

The paradoxical tree


I went with my friend Raphaël to do a photo session in the different installations at the Arsenal museum in August 2020.


Cultural theorist Stuart Hall’s influential essay « Endoding and Docoding in the Television discourse » is animated as a stream of letters that from time to time assemble to form each sentence of the text. The directions of the text follows the position of the visitor in the room.


Digital immersive interactive art

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Art numérique, immersif et interactif

Montréal Qc


En août 2020, je suis allé faire une séance photo avec mon ami Raphaël dans les différentes installations du musée Arsenal.


L’important essai du théoricien culturel Stuart Hall « Encoding and Decoding in the Television Discourse », est animé et représenté par un flot de lettres qui, de temps à autre, se rassemblent pour reconstruire des phrases du texte. Les mouvements du texte suivent la position du participant dans l’espace.

shot in Berlin on a rainy night with Leica M10 and Summilux 50mm in Mitte

♥ Exclusive

HAIR: :::Phoenix::: Estelle Hair @Fameshed

OUTFIT: adorsy - Estelle Set @Fameshed

SHAPE: TFS Exclusive for me


GLASSES: [Fetch] Jac Glasses

FRENCH FRY: :::ChicChica::: French Fry

EARS: --- PUMEC - / Mesh Ears\ - Last Hero

HEAD: Lelutka – Fleur 2.0

BODY: Maitreya - Lara


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---Collab With ThiegoFire---

For more details (Taxis/Credits) search for MALAMANHADO FASHION BLOG on GOOGLE.


Photo by the ever-talented Magissa Denver

inspired by the salamander..:))

Valley in western Colorado

(note the glitch in the matrix)

Have you give it a try? I must tell you that since I came to Chicago I wanted to get this image underneath the train trucks, people and car free, but for obvious reason I wasn’t able to. And believe me I tried. As much as I hate what is going on around us for the past couple of months capturing this image made me really happy. Always looking for the little things we can hang on to! What do you think?

Tune in: The sound of nature.


I already told you, I couldn't resist:) ❤️



Location: NorderNey. Group access.

It's the end of the world as we know it

It's the end of the world as we know it

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

Eric Hilton _ Expert Dreaming · ( album Infinite Everywhere )

Lou Ruvo Brain Institute by architect Frank Gehry

Montréal, Qc


"What is and what is not

create each other." - Lao Tzu


"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there." -Rumi


L'unité paradoxale

"L'être et le non-être s'engendrent l'un et l'autre. "- Lao Tzu


"Au-delà des idées d'actes répréhensibles et de bonnes actions, il existe un champ. Je te rencontrerai là." -Rumi


Listen here- Écoutez ici : Both sides now LIVE

Photo commission by TiddlesWiddles Resident.

Cubes + backlights




What happens if your avatar logs into SL while your in SL


No edits,direct from SL




Time traveling to the past creates a loop with no beginning. I spar with myself and become my own mentor.




- Taken at The Trace Too

- Watch The Trace Too sim video

what a paradox? well. with the sun rising one would expect the moss to be on the north side of the tree?

Blog post featuring my look for MR SL 2015 as Mr Japan:

She is a paradox, a puzzle...

She is faithful and yet detached, she is committed and yet relaxed...

She loves everybody and yet no one, she is sociable and yet solitary...

She is gentle and yet tough, she is passionate and yet platonic...

In short, she is predictable in her inpredictability...




party time

berkeley ca

The surface of this lens, part of my everyday glasses, is clearly imperfect. Just like the rest of me. The paradox is that I can see what is not imperfect. In fact, I believe I can "see" what is infinite, perfect, eternal. Sometimes, I feel visually hit by the truth. How can the imperfect perceive what is perfect? Natural light, 7Artisans manual lens at F8 plus a 16mm macro extension tube. Edited in Fuji's raw converter and refined in Luminar.

New profile pic for

Paradox Messmer

Can you really tell me what is right or wrong?

When they're two sides of the same coin, viewed in different ways.

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