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feel this spirit of Christmas climb up in your minds

hold on to it.

Wash it clean from all of our ideologies, relegions and false believes.

Try to calm and feel the spirits of all those who surround you.

Enemy and friend


We all are the same.

Missleaded, confused and lost in possibilities.

Our capacity of Love, care and empathy can rise above.

It only needs the will to change.

Think through. Feel and have trust in yourself.

We are animals.

But we have the gift of intelligence.

Lets use it for a better tomorrow.


Merry Christmas to all of you

In this series of images I tried to address the matter of pain. My pain. And, yet, it is not just my pain. There is pain all over the world. With my pain (and pleasure) I am participating in the life of the cosmos. I am made of the particles the cosmic process of creation and destruction has produced. This dance of birth and death has created me and comes to its awareness in me (and in you). Responding to life, the pain and the joy, I participate in creation. Creation is my answer to pain. I have not found a better one.

Samyang manual lens at F4; one LED lamp.

Putting on a street show . . . .

Between performances in museum "De Kunsthal", Rotterdam

Even foreigners are caught up with the events, here a couple of kids are dressed in Indian attire walking from the parade

Bothwell Castle, Scotland, typical day

A 50 shot blend of the last morning from a backpacking trip in King's Canyon NP. They say the journey matters more than the destination. I'm not sure if I agree, but since I didn't make it to the destination, I'll happily accept this participation trophy.

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I would really LOVE to be your family photographer this year! (or next:))

All the World!


Book me for your wedding & family & engagement shooting!


Wedding Photography by Yuliya Bahr.

Europe and worldwide!


Familien- und Hochzeitsfotografin Yuliya Bahr.


US Navy Growler that is probably flying with a USAF crew.


©2019-2020 Paul Carter


That photo attribution means you need to ask me for my permission first (, before you download this photo to use it for whatever reason you're thinking of.


This photo includes my copyright, name and the date it was taken in the EXIF data, therefore, it is



The Participants of Cult Fit 10K 2018 enjoying their success after completion of the run in Bengaluru.

An impressionist edit on a recent visit to Vingt-Sept theatre in Rouillac, France.

Protest against the Covid measures. Frankfurt, Roßmarkt.

Fort-Dauphin (Madagascar) - Cette photo a été prise non pas dans un village de brousse, mais dans un quartier excentré du centre ville de Fort-Dauphin. Un puit à pompe a été foré ici, il y a quelques années. Une installation qui profite à une cinquantaine de familles. La pompe est au coeur du quartier, derrière la barrière en bois, à gauche de la photo.

La femme qui porte un sceau sur la tête n’a que 20 mètres à faire pour retourner chez elle.

Les habitants du quartier sont unanimes : L’installation a changé leur vie. Autrefois, il fallait aller à la rivière. Le problème n’était pas la distance, mais la proximité de la mer qui donnait une eau saumâtre.

Quant au puit, il est surveillé et entretenu par le comité de quartier. Entretien financé par la participation de quelques centimes d’euros par mois et par famille. Même dans ce quartier défavorisé, cette somme est supportable.


- A noter que le jeune femme à droite de la photo est aveugle.


Solidarity participation


Fort-Dauphin (Madagascar) -This photo was not taken in a bush village, but in an outlying district of downtown Fort Dauphin. A pump well was drilled here a few years ago. An installation that benefits around fifty families. The pump is in the heart of the district, behind the wooden barrier, to the left of the photo.

The woman with the seal on her head has only 20 meters to go home.

The residents of the neighborhood are unanimous: The installation has changed their lives. In the old days, you had to go to the river. The problem was not the distance, but close to the sea which gave a brackish water.

As for the well, it is monitored and maintained by the neighborhood committee. Maintenance financed by the participation of a few euro cents per month and per family. Even in this poor neighborhood, this sum is bearable.


An person in the audience at a concert enjoying the music.

What a convoluted way of saying these clothes aren't in the sale HSS & HWW!

Coming soon to the Ultra Event - opening August 15th, 2018!



Sterling Renaissance Festival

Leica M9, 35mm Summicron ASPH

thewholetapa © 2010 tapa | all rights reserved

Sensory flux

Rational element

Reciprocal causation


I have admittedly been on an eddie vedder/pearl jam kick. I just love that man.


if you enjoy audience participation, enjoy 6 minutes of this. watch it all, it begins and kinda ends with a most wonderful audience.

better man


oh how I wish I could make music.


polaroid slr 680 with impossible project yellow/black film, converted to b&w.


By transforming our consciousness, we participate in the transformation of the world.

-----Robert Thurman

I won and I didn't even compete! Sure, I designed the logo, but nonetheless.

Enmass participation of Bikers in World Motorcycle Day 2017 celebration in Bengaluru city

Voting Day. Appreciate the Blood spilled. 💓

always nice to have an enthusiastic audience. These girls dancing along was a fun sight. MOSAIC 2017

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