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One ordinary plant hanging around my living room and I noticed a few things that I could use from it

Closest thing I could find.

What's there to say?

Guess the toppings?

The world is filled with trig... even my living room apparently!! Without putting your cursor over the picture, can you see the trig within it?? lol... luckily i woke up on the couch this morning looked up and had a EUREKA moment :P... well this is my attempt so enjoy!!

Well well well... who knew a trip to home depot would be full of exponential functions?? well lets just say i looked a little like a crazy person as i walked around taking pictures in the hardware store :D ... but alls well that ends well.... and i got an ice cap too... yummy.. anyways out of many pictures i found, i thought this one was the best. Can you see the exponential functions within the picture without checking the hot spots first?? Go ahead and try, there are lots and lots to find :D

the back of my sweater that has trigonometry on it. it may be hard to see because the picture is small but the colors are pretty and the pattern is nice so it should make up for that=P

well while i was cleaning my room, its was weird how i threw a necklece sting on the ground when i saw it , it look like a graph and the string form to a exponential function. But it didn't look exactly like that when i first threw it, i modded it a littile , after i found out what it was.

for trigonometry, i've chosen my clock because it relates to the unit circle and thus trigonometry. think of the hands as angles related to the x-axis which is at 9 and 3. even though this doesnt have adian measurements, IT HAS ROMAN NUMERALS!

That's a picture of my hair. I was looking down one time and I noticed my hair curved and I was like "whoa!" So anyways my hair doesn't curve that much only at the tip but you get the idea.

i found this on a wall from one of the libraries in the city. It looks cool because it sort of resembles the letter "e" and "e" has something to do with exponential functions

This picture was found in class. The detail of the picture shows alot about trig functions. I chosen this picture because it was very interesting,and it attracted my eye. You know what i realized in Mr.k's classroom ,every picture that you saw on the wall ,allof it deal with math. I guess when he was teaching , i wanted to look at the time, but all of a sudden, i saw the cosine/sine function graph. During that time i was looking for a picture too.

this the logo of one of the most popular fast food chains in the whole world. in its logo, you can see math functions.

Darn~ Someone beat me to it with a unit circle =)


I found this completely by fluke =o. You see, i was trying to find an item worthy enough for the trigonometry picture, after a few minutes of futile attempts i was like "gah, this is harder than i thought,.. i need some cool air." So i turned on my fan and sat down, watching tv for a few minutes before i tried looking for one again. Pressing the speeds on the fan it just hit me. And i stared at the fan and out came my idea =o.

As I walked along the Central Park, I saw this tree and suddenly a reminder popped in my mind, my flickr assignment. For me, the tree itself shows something related to exponent because as you can see the tree branches grow exponentially.

It's a gymnasium and the lines represent a grapg of an exponential function, particalarly the black line that curves up and takes up most of the page.

Seven is my favorite number because it was the date when the love of my life became my boyfriend. Another is that, number seven is considered as the perfect number in Hebrew opposite of six. One interesting matter about it is that in every face of the dice the two opposite sides sums up seven. The second is that in religion, there are seven sacraments. Lastly, there are seven wonders in the world.

I absolutely love the number nine. I was born in the ninth month, on the 19th day... see the nine?? :P and nine has just always been my lucky number... not really sure why... but why else is nine an interesting number, well its a perfect square i can tell you that... and after some research i found out that there are some really interesting facts about nine, most that can be found at this site

[ ] .. and to make this nine even more special, i made it out of some of my favorite pictures from some of my favorite times... i hope you all enjoy!!

This may look like a normal internet cable, But it's not, it's suppose tor esemble a sine function. It may not be perfect but, please use your imagination =). Just by looking at this picture, I'm sure you can see a few things already ;).

Zero is very unique and very special number.

Any number multiplied by zero will always give you zero.

A zero divided by any number (not zero) will also give you zero.

It is the only number that cannot be a divisor.

A zero added to any number the answer is the given number.

A zero subtratcted to any number, the answer is the number with opposite sign (unless the given number is zero)

Zero is not a positive integer nor negetive integer.

zero is called ORIGIN in the cartesian plane. It is the center of all number.

Zero has the shape of round. It is similar to a circle. It has no reference point. It is continuous and infinite.

In counting numbers we don't start at zero.

special charcteristics:

any number (except zero) raised to zero is equal to 1

0!(factorial) is equal to 1


Do you think zero is a number?

Of course!!

Imagine life without zero.





The word zero comes through the Arabic literal translation of the Sanskrit śūnya, meaning void or empty, into ṣifr (صفر) meaning empty or vacant. Through transliteration this became zephyr or zephyrus in Latin.The Italian mathematician Fibonacci (c.1170-1250), who grew up in Arab North Africa and is credited with introducing the Hindu decimal system to Europe, used the term zephyrum. This became zefiro in Italian, which was contracted to zero in Venetian, giving the modern English word.


WOw, this is a better version of the last time I took the pic. It's because last time I only took a pic of ONE bar, now I took a greater variety so there's more room for work =] ^_^. HEHE who knew eh? That a bus ride home, can become a mathematical experience? ENjoy everyone =).

what makes number 5 so great?

For starters it's my jersey number, it's one of the numbers used to "build the universe" it is one of Fibonacci's numbers, found in the number of petals on a flower. Number 5 is also a basic number for sports, for example basketball. It is a basic number for car seat space, fingers, toes etc. It's just awesome.

a picture of a 4 from a calendar. i chose 4 because it's a number that rhymes, the date of my bday, it sounds nice when you say it and its square root is 2.

this may look like a roll of toilet paper(and it is) but it also looks like a number in a way. And that number is ZERO. why zero you ask? Because not only it's a number but it can also be looked as an oval shape and the letter O.

7 is one of my favorite numbers that i use , and like. The number 7 is also the month that i was born in, JULY. 7 can be used in addition,subtration,multiplication,division. The number is also a very poplution number that is been used in business Ad. Example Super 7.haha.

This is my picture for trig because if you look closely, you can see a swirly pattern and it looks like sine/cosine functions. There is an imaginary line at where the "half circles" connect to each other and this would symbolize the x-axis. If you turn your head sideways, you can see tangent functions.

This is the number 7 found on the floor, the number 7 is a lucky number, and there's 7 days in a week, it comes after 6.

when I looked at my christmas tree these decorative fluffy things sort of resembled a sine/cosine graph.