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It's the PDX airport carpet, now in LEGO version! This is one of my favourite goofy things that is so Portland. Since moving down to Southern California, I miss Portland something crazy right now, and it felt like a good time to make a LEGO tribute of the PDX carpet.


I haven't done a lot of designing in LDD, but now that I use it at work I've started getting more familiar with it. As soon as I can get the rest of our brick out of storage, I'll finish up the physical version of this!

We had a nice date. Went to the airport where I built a carpet square.

[09/05/2016] I have these coasters that are made from slices of the former airport carpet. I have to vacuum my coasters, which is a bit weird.


If you don't understand why the airport carpet is worth turning into coasters, it's a complicated story. A roll of Portland's airport carpet was the grand marshall in a big parade here a few years ago. We're an odd bunch.


What did I do today? I think I went on a run, stretched, read a bunch of books, and not much else.


Second submission for We're Here: Curves


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Originally installed in 1987. Designed by Portland architecture firm SRG Partnership.

My flight was at SIX AM, which means that I was up WAY, WAY TOO EARLY. Ugggghhhh.

There were two short flights and since it was Southwest and I wasn't in the A group, I was in middle seats for both flights. I read, I crocheted, I dozed a little.


On the way to ImagingUSA in Nashville!

Or "That was then ... this is now"

Who would guess the PDX carpet would become famous. It has its own Facebook page and Instagram site. After 30 years it is being replaced and people from all over the world, as they pass through, stop and make images of their feet on the carpet. I already did that and so I decided my Remington would look gorgeous here. No one gave me a second look as I spent 4 hours making images up and down the concourse.

Keeping Portland Weird

camera: Zero Image pinhole

film: kodak ektar 100

exposure: 3 minutes

...mouse pad.

For the many years I've been coming to Portland, the iconic carpet has greeted me. Imagine my shock when I stepped off the plane only to set foot on something so unfamiliar. Ah, but the carpet lives on. You can buy a square foot of the carpet for US$40. I resorted to buying a PDX carpet mouse pad instead.

Trifecta with old PDX carpet on the left and incoming Southwest Airlines flight on the right. As maybe you can tell, I love Aviation!

I've read that this pattern has been replaced in the main terminal, but I had to switch planes at this rinky-dink older terminal. I don't think I spent more than 15 minutes altogether on the ground in Portland. I'll have to come back another time and see it properly.

Portland International Airport, Oregon

Did you know that the PDX carpet has its own Facebook page? It does.

In 1987 this controversial carpet was laid at the Portland Airport. Before that the floors were hard and the noise from the 'click-clack' of feet bothered employees. In 1987 the airport wasn't that busy, but it is now. There were a lot of people running around when I took this photo last week but with a 5-minute exposure they disappeared.

Now the carpet is getting ready to be replaced and people are once again upset, but in a different way. Souvenirs are being sold and I understand that even bike helmets are being produced with the carpet design on them. If you are a fan of this iconic carpet then you better go have a look….quick….before it is gone forever.


camera: zero image 2000

film: kodak ektar 100

exposure: 5 minutes (should have been longer)


PDX. Portland, OR. March 25, 2015.

Taken on Emily and I's trip to Maui in February of 2015.


Taken on Emily and I's trip to Maui in Februaryof 2015.

Shopping for some purple cordura and red water repellent fabric (not pdx carpet remnants yet, so I can't buy enough to carpet the bicycle storage room. Yet.)

Custom wrap on a new Tundra celebrating the famed carpet from PDX airport.

couldn't be happier to be on the ground since about half of that 3 hour flight was just sub threshold white knuckle turbulence which I define as enough to spill your coffee while it’s sitting in the tray.


if there was any of the old pdx carpet around I couldn't find it. if i wasn’t running so far behind i would have spent a little more time looking ( later i would find out there is still a stretch near D7 in the business center and in the corridor where smaller alaska planes come in at concourse A. ).

This is Portland. The old carpet in the airport is a goddamn celebrity.

This is the new carpet. I couldn't find the exhibit on the old carpet.

There are even custom legos that express Portland's mantra. For example the grand marshal of the Starlight parade this year is the PDX carpet which attained cult status this year when the ai[ort pulled up the old carpet for a new one. Keep Portland weird!

115 Pictures in 2015 #12: Illustrate a traditional saying

Love it or hate it, the carpet at Portland international Airport makes a statement.


The teal blue background appeals to my 1980s sensibilities, and the pattern evokes the runways and terminals.


Some bigwig has decided the carpet has outlived its natural life span. It is in the process of being taken up and replaced.


If you're crazy about the design, there are several online companies (I'm not associated with any of them) that are cashing in on the fad for all things Portland, Just goggle pdx carpet.

I couldn't make it to XOXO Fest this year, so I made this PDX carpet inspired art instead.

Wrapped in pdx carpet pattern. pdx carpet was parade honorary chair.

Festival of Roses parade, portland



We are writing a grant to get a lot 1 of the 4 lots of 9000 sq feet of the carpet that is being removed from the airport. see for more info

The famous carpet, in all it's glory!

Taken on Emily and I's trip to Maui in February of 2015.


Taken on Emily and I's trip to Maui in Februaryof 2015.

PDX carpet, we love you

The famous PDX carpet!

Last day PDX airport carpet


Portland International Airport.

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