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Isaac Newton


The long Zeeland Bridge in the Netherlands radiates a special atmosphere.... Have a good time and lots of light..


Die Menschen... ...bauen zu viele Mauern und zu wenig Brücken

Isaac Newton


Die lange Zeeland-Brücke in den Niederlanden strahlt in einer besonderen Atmosphäre.. Euch eine gute Zeit und viel Licht..

Sometime happens to find some people so interesting and fascinating that is impossible not to dedicate them a burst of photos. This girl is one of the refugees in Leh, Ladakh, northern India, she was sitting in the market with her mother, begging for money. I was far away from her, armed with my zoom when I decided to frame just her face while she was looking away, looking something else than a photographer with a big camera. Guess I got my photo, or not?

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Classic 1966 Beatles "Rain," flip side to "Paperback Writer."

Hello my amazing Flickr friends !

Today is a green day at Color my World Daily and lets celebrate with another green picture ! And as we all know, celebrating is better with people. So here we go, let me introduce some new tiny people I got. They are from China and since they were traveling in very difficult conditions for the last few weeks (months ?? Honestly it took forever… I almost forgot about ordering my tiny people !! ) they are a little bit pale …


But dont you worry, they aren’t sick (they all tested negative for Covid-19 and they had to go through a very, very complexe disinfection process !!), they just lack some vitamin D … and maybe a touch of paint…

But for now, lets just welcome our new « ghost -white » guests by showing them our kindness and support !! Happy green day !!


Who misses having new people over ? I do !

FYI: in Montreal, due to sanitary measures, we aren't allowed to gather with people from other households (even if they are your family) in private spaces...


Mucho, mucho amor for you all !! Have a beautiful day and see you later!!


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments / favs/ general support / happy thoughts!! Stay safe and well!! And see you soon on Flickr !!

Fujifilm xt2

Pentacon 50mm 1.8

...are equal.

Only the salaries are different.

unknown author


The financial metropolis Frankfurt

in the last red from an exposure series

of a total of 20 pictures


Alle Menschen... ...sind gleich.

Nur die Gehälter sind verschieden.

unbekannter Verfasser


Die Finanzmetropole Frankfurt

im letzten Rot aus einer Belichtungsreihe

von insgesamt 20 Bildern


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Street photography from Glasgow, Scotland.


Captured in September 2020. I wasn't allowed to dye my hair as a teenager so as an adult I actually dyed my hair fire-engine red once. I loved it but it really didn't look good when growing the colour out! Chestnut red suited me better to be fair. Wising you all a fantastic weekend of photography - wherever you are, stay safe!

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Street photography from Glasgow, Scotland.


Previously unpublished shot captured in July 2019. Although I am obviously digging deep into my reserve images at this point in the pandemic, it is definitely clear that 2019 had been a bumper year of street shooting for me. I hope those days return. Enjoy!

I met many beautiful people in my lifetime until now, sometimes the contact is fleeting, sometimes longer. I saved up a few encounters and called them "Happy people".

In the previous photo there was exuberance and cheerfulness, this man is more modest, but he was proud of his shop and in his eyes I saw happiness.


I wish everyone a very beautiful Christmas and a good, prosperous and a healthy New Year.

Thank you so much for the attention to my photos, it is really appreciated!


These are related to the comical Rain Frogs that peep when you disturb them. These are very laid back though.

....can feel the rain, others become only wet

On the way in highlands


Manche Menschen....


....können den Regen spüren, andere werden nur nass

Unterwegs in den Highlands

People come and go.

Some are cigarette breaks,

others are forest fires.


- Unknown

Fujifilm xt2

Carl Zeiss Jena MC 135mm The film's title is a univerbation of the Romagnolo phrase a m'arcôrd ("I remember").The title then became a neologism of the Italian language, with the meaning of "nostalgic revocation".

After a hot day in the city

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