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My old XBOX 360 Faceplate and game collection. Also My intercooler for those long hours of gaming.

So, the other day I placed an order from They had Xbox 360 in-stock for a while so I purchased one. I needed some games too, so I bought Project Gotham Racing 3 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. The system should come tomorrow, but the games have already come in the mail. I went and checked my mail today, since I was busy yesterday, and then opened one of the packages. After opening the PGR3 disc box, which was still in the plastic wrap, I carefully turned over the disk by grabbing the edges of the disc and much to my surprise the disc had fingerprint marks all over it. I will be returning the game to Best Buy tomorrow. I currently have not opened the other game box yet and will be taking it with me to Best Buy tomorrow and will open it on site. I let you know what happens.


On a side note the time is messed on my camera because when I was in Italy in March I forgot to change the time back to Central Time.

PGR3 Faceplate on my XBOX 360, as if the Premiun console wasnt hard enough to get ahold off, i've got one of the PGR3 Faceplates given out at one of the european launches.

got some serious air on project gothum racing 3,


Any one else race?



My meager, yet mostly satisfying collection of Xbox 360 games. Taken with Treo 650.

Publisher: Microsoft

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Racing

Published: 2005

Audi RS 4 in Project Gotham Racing 3 for the Xbox360

TTR Ch0mpr from Team Technique Racing being interviewed by DirecTV live at the CGI in LA DEC 2006.


ChOmpr or as some of you know him as 'Chomp on this' dominated the WCG (World Cyber Games) in 2006. Chompr is one of the worlds greatest drivers on all racing games on the XBOX 1 and 360 but particularly PGR series where he gained the nick name 'THE MACHINE' merely because unlike most of his opponents his skill and consistency are second to non... Well only his other team mates!

Publisher: Microsoft

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Racing

Published: 2005

A quick look at this active region that has given us so many flares this last week including the X9 which sparked off Auroras. This region was still flaring this morning (Saturday 9 September 2017) as I was imaging and viewing it. Best 50% of 3500 frames using PIPP, AS2 and CS5


AR2674 is also visible just above it.




Skywatcher 120ED

Daystar Quark Chromosphere

PGR 3 (IMX174)


Seeing around 6/10 due to wind wobble and racing cloud


Challenging conditions, very warm and lots of turbulence, but I persevered today. Best of 3000 frames in PIPP, then 50% of 1200 images, stacked in AS2!



Skywatcher 120ED Esprit

Quark Chromosphere

PGR Grasshopper 3 IMX174


Two sets of data taken today under very turbulent conditions. The afternoon session was really bad.


In the morning this was a large headed dog rearing up from the solar disc, by the afternoon it had risen higher and was beginning to lift off.


Skywatcher 120 ED Esprit

Daystar Quark Chromosphere

PGR Grasshopper 3


PIPP, AS2 and CS5 processing


For the full Hydrogen Alpha imaging setup see here:

By the afternoon this was a large headed goat rearing up from the solar disc, beginning to lift off.


Skywatcher 120 ED Esprit

Daystar Quark Chromosphere

PGR Grasshopper 3


PIPP, AS2 and CS5 processing


Jupiter's rare event of the transit of three moons casting there shadows on the jovian disc on January 24th, next event like this in 2032. Time scale on top ( Left to Right/Down Right to left ) Equipment: LX200ACF 12 in. OTA, CGE mount, PGR3 Ccd, TeleVue 3x barlows, Astronomik LRGB filter set. Also the moon Io being shadow eclipsed by the moon Callisto See Animation At:


Science at NASA Article:

I did a quick process of this data before I went away on holiday this year but never got around to uploading it. From memory I did a quick tweet on this without even getting it up the right way!


This image is a stack of 60% of only 61 frames. To be honest 30% doesn't make any difference to the quality. The reason for the short number of frames taken was that originally this was just a test to make sure my equipment and software was working well after a major IT change. The seeing this day must have been exceptional!



Skywatcher 120ED

Celestron AVX

Daystar Quark Chromosphere

Daystar Tilt Adaptor

Point Grey Grasshopper 3 (IMX174)


Processed in Autostakkert!2 and Adobe CS5


Jupiter, Oval Ba and the moon Europa on January 10th, 06:14ut. Under ideal conditions finally. LX200ACF 12 in. OTA, CGE mount, PGR3 Ccd, Astronomik RGB filters, TeleVue 3x barlows. 60 sec. per chnl. Animation At:

Juegos para diferentes consolas, soy fan de GTA, y el de perfect dark zero lo pienso vendet, cuanto dan??? pido $50 pesos mexicanos, neta!!!

part of my Dream Ferrari Garage on Project Gothum Racing 3 on the xbox360.

My Ferrari garage on Project Gothum Racing 3 on the xbox360

Enzo Ferrari and Big Ben

The Joss Supercar is the first Australian built mid-engine sports car. Designed by car enthusiast Matt Thomas it is under design since 2003. In January 2006 Joss stated that the requirement investment money for finalizing the car's design was still being pursued and further 12 to 18 months will then be required to roll out the first fully fledged production car.


The Joss has been on display at both the 2004 Melbourne International Motor Show and the Sydney Motor Show, where it seemed to be the main attraction. The Joss Supercar can be seen in the Xbox 360 video game PGR3 and PGR4 although at that point no actual road-going car existed.


- courtesy Wikipedia


for more details on this Aussie supercar go to


please feel free to email me at lachlansear [at] if you wish to purchase any of these images

My Ferrari garage on Project Gothum Racing 3 on the xbox360

Lamborghinis in garage

Anyone else in to Project Gothum Racing 3 on the xbox360.


Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione

Ferrari F50 GT

ALL pictures are taken from gameplay from MY Xbox 360!

I was in first place 3/4 way through lap 1, as we were heading south on Park Row, just before we were about to swing around City Hall Park and head north up Broadway. Unfortunately the Neanderthals on Xbox Live saw it fit to ram me into the barrier at top speed, rather than follow me around the turn and attempt to pass afterwards. My white Ferrari went airborn and landed on the roof of that blue Skyline. I finished 6th. And yes this is actual gameplay footage, using the photograph feature in replay mode.

Received my wristbands (thanks Trixie!) and PGR3 today. Yeah, it was a good day.

The same as "My entertainment system" except with the speakers shown. I was downloading a demo version of PGR3 at the time (1.25GB)

With a nice Tubi exhaust system, and super clean.


I wish.


Back to PGR3, at least it does not hurt when you crash.

Ferraris in garage

Im Gonna Star Off With Tiger Woods 06 The Game Has Gorjess Graphics But Lacks On Hitting The Ball Tiger Eaither Hits The Ball To Short Or To High On Top Of That The Putting Is Horriabl You Can Never Put The Ball In the Hole The Way They Acurate It & Final Thing Thats Brings It So Much Down Is That Thers Only 6 Courses Or No Mini Camps Out Of 1 to 5 I Give it A 2 out Of 5.


Quake 4 Is Not Bad If Your Into Pc Games But Your Tired Of Playing On The Pc Then This Is Your Game For Me It Feels Like Playing Doom 3 The Graphics On This Game Again Is Gorjess I Never Played it Online Yet But I Assume It's Like Playing Unreal Tournament Witch Is Allways Fun I Give This Gave a 4 Out Of 5.


Nba 2k6 Is About The Best Basketball Game Ive Ever Played It's Really Up Ther I Never Seen The Graphics So Great On a Bball Game Ever You Literly See The Sweat On Shaq Or Iverson Its Insane The Controls On This Game Are Pretty Good The Only Thing I Have To Complain About On This Game Is That When I Do Foul Shots I Rarely Make a Basket But I Guess Im Just Terribal At The Foul Shots Lol All In All I Give This Game a Solid 5 Out Of 5 !.


Need For Speed Most Wanted I Wood Have To Say Its My fav Game On The Xbox 360 Right Now It Is Soo addicting I Cant Get Enough Of It I Love The Whole Cgi Movie Theme They Went With The Cars On This Game Awsome I Say This Is a Must Buy Game No Hesatation A Solid 5 Out Of 5 !


What More Can I Say About Pgr3 (Project Goatham 3) The Graphics Are Insanely Beautiful & Stunning My Fav Town To Race In Is Vegas The Cars Are Also Stunning It Looks So Real Its Like Watching a Great Movie The Controls On The Game Are Great The Difting Gets Better & Better On each Pgr Series Again This Is A Must Buy Game A Solid 5 Out Of 5 !


So The 3 Games You Should Pick Up Is nba2k6 Nfsmw & Pgr3 !

It's Count Rushmore, trying not to be seen in Tokyo.




I know it's not a real photograph,

I know it' has been made with an XBOX instead of a real camera...

But -frankly- I don't give a s*t,

because I still had to pick the moment and place,

the angle, the light, focus, shutter speed,...


most important of all... I like it !


Project Gotham Racing 3 picture...

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