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Pausanias says that “Colophonians believe that the prophecy centre at Claros had been established quiet long time ago”. However, the story of establishment of the Prophecy Centre of Apollo Clarios in the ancient texts, dates back to the period of the Achaean colonisation of the Country of Colophon which occured in the 13th century B.C. Locals of Country of Colophon are the Carians. Nevertheless this region gets two overseas migrations consecutively. Pausanias points Crete origin Rhacius as the ktistes of the first wave of migration. The origin of this man is disputable. The information that Apollonius of Rhodes gives about Rhacius is different from Pausanias. He says that Rhacius was the son of Lebes who has Mycenaean origin. He was named like this because he was poor and dressed badly. He also says that he was Achaean and was also named as Lacius. Hesychius suggests that Cretans use the name of “Rhacius” as “Lacius”. Cretan immigrants who came to the Country of Colophon under the leadership of Rhacius get to Colophon on Seaside. But here they encounter great resistance of locals Carians and settle down near the coast line. The second wave of migration to the Country of Colophon comes from Greece. Pausanias says that the new arrivals are Theban community who had to leave their homeland after Thebes was conquered by the Epigones. According to this story, after the fall of the city, captured locals are offered to Delphoi as slaves. Teiresias the oracle of Apollo and his daughter Manto were among these slaves. The God orders the Thebans to colonize who were offered as slaves. He gives order to Manto to instal a prophecy centre especially in the Country of Colophon in the name of Apollo. Pausanias says that when Manto and the Theban immigrants arrived Colophon, Rhacius was still in war with the locals. After he gets the information about the migrants Rhaicus lets the new arrivals settle down and gets married to Manto whom he is in love. The purpose of this marriage should be union of forces against Carians rather than love.