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SPLENDOR OF ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ART – THE OLD KINGDOM (2686–2181 BC) –019 - Statue of Rahotep as a Scribe, detail. From Saqqara. Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5. Egyptian Museum, Cairo ©Hans Ollermann


Statue of Rahotep as a Scribe.

From Saqqara, Mastaba C24

Old Kingdom.

Dynasty 5.


H. 33 cm.

Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

CG 127 (JE 17435)

(Borchardt, Statuen und Statuetten I, 96 Bl. 28.)


An overseer of the two granaries

Ca. 52.5 cm. This particular cubit ruler is not a precision instrument.

Egyptian New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, reign of Horemheb (1319-1292 BCE)

From Saqqara(?) (see on Pleiades)


Museo Egizio di Torino, Italy, Drovetti collection, Cat.6347