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In 89 AD the fleet was honored by Domitian and got the name PIA FIDELIS like the Legion XXII. The main service was patroling on the Rhine and later to transport goods for the Legions. Inscription: CG PF (Classis Germanica Pia Fidelis).

Under the Flavian dynasty X Gemina was in Nijmegen, with XXII Primigenia.


In 70, after the Batavian rebellion was suppressed by Vespasian, X Gemina was sent to Batavia in Germania Inferior to police the lands and prevent new revolts. From 71 to 103, the legion was stationed at the base built by II Adiutrix at Oppidum Batavorum, the present day Dutch city of Nijmegen.


As part of the army of Germania Inferior, X Gemina fought against the rebellion of the governor of Germania Superior, L. Antonius Saturninus, against Emperor Domitian. For this reason, the Tenth — as well as the other legions of the army, I Minervia, VI Victrix, and XXII Primigenia — received the title Pia Fidelis Domitiana, "faithful and loyal to Domitian", with the reference to the Emperor dropped at his death.