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Planning and preparation, patience and stealth are all hallmarks of a successful hunt. This lioness had her eyes on a herd of Lechwe (antelope) who were out of range, but certainly on her radar. This shot taken in Kanana Game Reserve in Botswana's Okovango Delta.


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Fisherman's preparation

The preparation of the origami Snake ;-)

It was between the clothespins for a few weeks to maintain its shape.

Here you can see her in full color or in monochrome without the the clothespins.


Folded from 70x70cm double colored kraftpaper.


Model: origami Snake

Design: Gen Hawigara

Diagrams: Tanteidan Convention Book #25


Happy Caturday 7.11.2020 "Preparations"


Timmy had watched Sammy on the fence carefully from the terrace, ready to defend himself and his territory. When Sammy was gone, Timmy went to the garden and I could record this little video:


It's not really elegant yet how he climbs up the fence, but for the first time it worked :-) I also hope he noticed that it is exhausting to climb up there but doesn't make sense: this fence doesn't lead anywhere and is very easy to circumvent.


By the way, the sparrows were back after 10 minutes:-)


Two days later my neighbor reported the following event:


When Timmy was on patrol in the morning and walked near Sammy, Sammy growled and hissed at him. Timmy ignored that at first.

But on the way back he ambushed Sammy, jumped out of the cover and grabbed Sammy's head with both paws and shook him back and forth, but without scratching him.

Just to show who the boss is :-)

I would have loved to have filmed that :-))

Remember: Sammy is a head bigger!


I'm just afraid Sammy won't let this sit on him :-(((


I would prefer the two of them to get along. They could go out together so nicely and spank strange tomcats ;-)


Back to part I:


(Translated with

Happy Caturday 7.11.2020 "Preparations"


When I came home at noon a few days ago and looked after the birds out of the living room window, a new sight was offered to me: the handsome Sammy (Timmy's favorite enemy, living on the other side of the brook) was sitting on our privacy fence and the birdhouse. The fact that I was watching and photographing him through the window did not worry him.

It was only when I went out on the terrace that he started toddling off with dignity.


Part II:







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Locomotives being prepared at Loughborough TMD for a days work on the Great Central Railway


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Mossy stump detail

Qui en veut ...?


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copyright: gerd kozik/ yarin asanth 2019


Island Preparations:


A head full of dreams

A spirit full of adventure

The heart at the right place

Two hands for the moped

Two feet for paddling and fire escape

A nose for smelling all wonderful things

Two ears to hear the silence

A mouth to talk, eat and kiss is not wrong ...;)


Regards, Yarin


Location: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

Music: Summer days by Martin Garrix 2019

Looking out across the farmland of Boulder County, Colorado.


I have had so little time to work on shots. Sorry. Hope your week is a good one.


alternative view photography blogspot


© 2010 John Salisbury All rights reserved

Hamburg Cruise Center Altona

Posted for: Happy Caturday


I think you all know of my interest in gardening and this re-edited image captures Mr Linton and Mr Lockwood who loved to help me in the garden too. Our 'preparations' was to get ready for treating the lawn.


I know we are still in the Christmas period, but Spring is also in sight now and as the bulbs poke through, it is a reminder that it's not too long before lawns will need treatment.


Have a great day everyone :-))


Winter is a season of recovery and preparation. ~ Paul Theroux


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Happy Caturday 21.12.2019 "Preparation"


Timmy and me wish all caturians a Merry Christmess and a very good and blessed Happy New Year 2020!

Preparation time is necessary for your growth. Trust and believe everything you're going through is preparing you for some request you put out into the universe.

~Germany Kent

"Psittacula krameri" - halsbandparkiet

BLOG:Credits & Slurls & More:

Featuring:Infinite,[Krescendo], Chez Moi and much more!


Túnfífill.....Dandelion......(Taraxacum spp L.)


63 x 50 cm

Otis and Fleur are getting ready for Christmas. It looks to me like Fleur is doing all the work decorating the tree, but perhaps Otis has some computer work he has to catch up on, or maybe he's just playing solitaire. Hmmm, I wonder what the story really is here?

BLOG:Credits & Slurls & More:

Featuring:Sweet Kajira, .peaches. and much more!



Credit @ Kaerri in Cosmopolitan {Round 14/8}

Frost Dining table

Frost Lantern Small

Frost Table Setting

Frost Table Arrangement

Frost Planter

Frost Tree


Credit @ **OLD WORLD** in Cosmopolitan {Round 14/8}

Tray with crayfish : OW Tray of crayfish and beer v3

Dish with crab : OW Crabs with beer v1


Credit @ :::ChicChica:::: in Cosmopolitan {Round 14/8}

:::ChicChica::: Sweets dispenserth


Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Home

Aphrodite Churros with Salsa

Aphrodite Churros with Choco dip


wall decoration : TLG - Xmas Window Decoration by The Looking Glass

wall Christmas tree : TLG - Our Memories Xmas Tree by The Looking Glass

Cottage : "KIller's" Winter Cabin Part I by Killer's Production in Cosmopolitan {Round 14/8}

It's hard to belive Christmas is only one month away. I have started my early "crafting" period with handmade Christmas cards, other crating projects and normal paper crafting that I love to do when is dark outside. A cozy and pleasant reason to stay inside and keep my mind going.


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