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A Contingent of president's bodyguard during their rehearsal for upcoming Republic Day Parade, New Delhi, India

President’s Red Hibiscus, or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘President’, has several other names. These names include tropical hibiscus, red hibiscus, and red tropical hibiscus. However, the most common name used in gardening circles is President’s Red Hibiscus, as this helps differentiate this variety of flower from other tropical hibiscus varieties.

Little Rock, Arkansas. Old Rock Island Railroad bridge

Detail of the old Rock Island Railroad bridge

1955–Studebaker President State Hard-top

The President Theater

Downtown Manchester, Georgia USA


infrared, 590nm


Color toned

Since it's President's Day I looked back in my pics and dug up a shot I took at Mt. Rushmore last August.

Overland Park, KS (part of an on going series)

This is my President today.


Hey Trump,.... ya FIRED !

part of an on-going series

Président Sarkozy.

Duyệt binh mừng quốc khánh Pháp 14.7

See more of my photos in VnExpress:

1955 Studebaker President State Hard-top

Mountains and history combined.


Classic view. Stone cold clear day.


TPL264 (LN51KYY) Route 465 at Dorking Town Centre

Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

Recrop of an earlier post. This was a piece that I framed and donated to a raffle to support the local artist guild, TAGOL.


Thank you, Mr. President, for everything you did and tried to do for this country over the last eight years. You are loved, respected and admired. I appreciate what you did for us.


Today we start a new chapter in the story that is our country. There are currently about 324,405,432 people in the United States.


Around 261,425,593 did not vote for the incoming administration. I am one of those.


There are 62,979,879 people that did vote for him. Which astonishes me as I did not see him as a viable candidate. For those that did vote for him, I have two requests:


One, get your source of information from multiple sources. These cabinet hearings have already shown us how important this is. Let me be clear: if your only two sources of information are your religious leader and your favorite news network: then you are NOT informed. You must get your information from many sources and then form your own opinion.


Two, show yourselves. Don't hide. Let us know who you are. Don't be a coward. It's pathetic to hide. Wear it proud!


Best of luck to all of us.



Carles Puigdemont .Carmen Forcadell .-

Supports of H.M.S.President. A Royal Navy landbase.

I had a chance to return here after almost five years. If you are interested search John Plashal photography


"Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism." -George Washington, the first president of the US

First thing in the morning.. Before the Heat takes its toll..

a tree stump outside the post office


the music: Vishnu


a Alan Hovhaness piece that goes with the visual and not necessarily the title. unless ironically

The Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC

President Donald Trump prepares to deliver a speech at the March for Life in Washington DC.

January 21, 1981 - Atlanta, Georgia - President Jimmy Carter the day after he left office in 1981.

The sun starts to rise behind Wisconsin Central GP40 #3018, which is tied down for the day on Presidents Island in Memphis, TN.


Gnesta, Sweden


Clematis are mainly of Chinese and Japanese origin. The wild Clematis species native to China made their way into Japanese gardens by the 17th century. Japanese garden selections were the first exotic clematises to reach European gardens, in the 18th century, long before the Chinese species were identified in their native habitat at the end of the 19th century.


One of the most popular Clematis, 'The President' is a deciduous vine which gets covered with a profusion of impressively large star-shaped flowers, up to 7 in.

Wisconsin Central GP40 #3018, is seen here tied down for the day on Presidents Island in Memphis, TN.


2018 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California

Le Président (en anglais : President Tree) est un séquoia géant situé dans la Giant Forest du parc national de Sequoia, en Californie.

Avec 75 m de hauteur, il n'est pas le plus haut des séquoias. Il n'est pas non plus le plus volumineux: son volume total est estimé à 1 278 m3, ce qui le place en troisième position derrière le General Sherman et le General Grant. Il est toutefois connu comme le plus vieux des séquoias vivants: il serait âgé de 3 240 ans.

Le Président a reçu ce nom en 1923 en l'honneur du président Warren Harding.

D'après diapositive.


Happy Not My President's Day! I hope you celebrated with a protest!


Trump Rat at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York

Artist: John Lee

Two former ATSF SD45-2B's #6522 & #6523 along with three SD45-2’s #5701, #5703 & #5704, a BNSF Locomotive in the H1 paint scheme and a couple of H3 painted Locomotives all seen here sitting on Presidents Island in Memphis, TN, waiting to be moved to Progress Rail

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