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Questa foto di "Grace", di razza Ragdoll, non è stata scattata da me, bensì dal mio amico Gian Luigi

© Copyright SVETAN Photography™ - All rights reserved


Island of Sint Maarten


Princess Heights Luxury Boutique Condo Hotel


Nikon D800E + Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8

Princess Aurora loves the warm colors of the enchanted forest. Absolutely Maleficent.


LEGO outdoor adventures.


Smile on Saturday, theme this week "multicolour bubble bokeh"


Happy New Year everyone.

Lingerie w sleeves, dress w corset : ERSCH - Princess. At C88.

Crown : ERSCH - Bubblegum Crown. At C88

Heels : [BREATHE]-Satsuzu Heels. At Kinky.


Hair : WINGS-TO1220-HAIR. At Anthem.

Shiny Stuffs EvoX Kissify 22 and 17

[Glam Affair] Emma Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Snow B. At C88.

Head : Lelutka lel EvoX KAYA 3.1


Decor :

K&S - // Dreamlike Space. backdrop

Myrrine : Carriage white. In main store.

Simply Shelby grasses with wildflowers :

Dense Wildflower Grass w/ tall wildflowers

Dense Wildflower Grass - with bluebonnets

Spring Wildflower Field - pink

Tall Wildflower Group - pink large

Wildflower Field - apricot mix

Simply Shelby : Fairy Wishing Tree - Pink, Purple, Blue

Elm. Iris Ottoman ~ PG [White]


Credits -`♔´- { ɘᴙɘH } -`♔´-


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Moon Princess ♥ Look #224 Danniexblood


Skin: [Heaux] Juliet - Blush @Equal10


Hair: bonbon - aino hair (naturals) @The Crystal Heart


Dress: Insomnia Angel . Dumeril dress [FAT] @The Crystal Heart


Socks: Insomnia Angel . Andre socks (Mait) @The Crystal Heart




Moon and stars: Serenity Style - Sady Moon Dream Scene


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Princess FatPack












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Princess Ashley of Helhiem strolled pass a young fairy named Daliah. Daliah lives in Helhiem Forest with a community of other fairies who rely on the forest's unicorn for survival. One day, Daliah follows the unicorn to the edge of the forest and is spotted by Princess Ashley. The princess chases her inside and finds the unicorn, only to take it home with her to the Castle. Knowing it is her responsibility to retrieve the unicorn, The fairy sets out on a journey to bring the unicorn home. Things get a little more complicated when the Princess takes the unicorn to the king's stable to be guarded.


Inspired by:

Origins of Sin Roleplay

SURL: Origins of Sin Roleplay Sim


Tags: #SL #Secondlife #Roleplay #Unicorn #Princess #Fantasy #Kupra


EEP! WL: Bree's Apple Blossom

Princess Katana -statue



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Artist Gabriele Köhler created the Wine Princess in 2014 with refractory cement via the lost mold method. It is called "lost mold" because the mold needs to be destroyed in order to reveal the piece of art it was shaping, producing a unique copy. This took multiple work stages, afterwards the sculpture was refined, finished and painted. It is one of the art pieces displayed in terroir f - Art and Wine, a sculpture park in Sommerhausen that is deemed a magical place for Franconian wine.


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So long why

Does it take so long

What if I wait for you

Am I the only one


So long what did it mean

Turn around here and

See if it breaks in two

Am I the only one


Listen to Meeee



Scarlet Creatives Princess jezibell Snug


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The Princess de Monaco hybrid tea-rose in the rose garden of the Warrawee Club, in northern Sydney. Although not especially fragrant, this is nevertheless one of my favourite hybrid teas because of the pink edges to the petals.


This rose was named in honour of Grace Kelly, 1929-1982, the American actress who became the Princess of Monaco. She died in a car accident in 1982. This rose is a Meilland rose, originally from France, and first bred in 1981. It is sometimes called: 'The Grace Kelly Rose'.


My Canon EOS 5D Mk IV, with the Canon f 2.8 L 100mm macro lens.


Processed in:

Adobe Lightroom and PhotoPad Pro by NCH software

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."

~ George Eliot


Princess Point shot from York Blvd. Hamilton, Ontario

Stanier 'Princess' Class 4-6-2 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' doing what she does best and was designed for, tackling the grade on the climb to Shap summit at Scout Green, heading the 1Z20 06:09 Crewe to Carlisle 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' on 31st July 2010.


© Gordon Edgar - All rights reserved. Please do not use my images without my explicit permission

'Crimson Princess' hybrid tea-rose at the Swanes Garden Nursery, in their rose garden, today - Wednesday 10th June, 2020. Light rain was falling over the Hills District of Sydney but nevertheless I ventured out to Swanes on Galston Road, Dural, to purchase a new standard rose, but also to view the rose gardens at the front of the nursery.

... The old queen went into the bedroom, took all the bedding off the bedstead, and laid a pea on the bottom; then she took twenty mattresses and laid them on the pea, and then twenty eider-down beds on top of the mattresses ...

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……Up to Cumbria this morning for a change for a trip around Derwent Water. Hope the week has started well! Stay cosy & locked down to stay safe and to keep EVERYONE else safe too! A VERY BIG THANK YOU to ALL the key workers who are carrying on to benefit the rest of us - we applaud you all. Alan;-)👏👏👏👏👏


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©Alan Foster.

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- ERSCH - Princess @ Collabor88






♥Kupra Original



Each pack - sheer\non sheer sleeves or skirt, hearts HUD




Also Featuring


- Lipstick - Ivesbeauty

- Hair - Doux

- Necklace/Leg band - Pervette

- Nails - Ascendant

- Earring - Michan

- Eyelash - Michan

- Eyes - Gloom.


Sim - The Outer Garden

Princess Aurora


Kitchener Comicon 2019



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The Cursed Princess

Once upon a time,

a princess small and fair

sat in a simple wooden tower.

She spent her days

surrounded by stories and songs,

and let the whispers of tales

sing her softly to sleep.

But, one day, a curse fell across her mind,

sent by an unknown spellcrafter.

The curse shrouded the princess’s thoughts in darkness.

The princess grew fearful of every passing day,

distrustful of the ones she loved,

and her stories and songs

became her only remaining comfort.

The princess spent many years

tormented by this terrible curse,

a foul spell that forced her to

doubt her life

and draw her own blood.

She was trapped, frightened and alone,

in her cold wooden tower,

and her only company was the monsters who came

to feed on her fear.

One dark and rainy day,

the princess was startled to see

a pair of warm, brown eyes

peering through her window.

She gazed into those eyes,

and suddenly felt something stir in her chest.

It was a feeling that she hadn’t experienced

since the days before her curse:

Love, and trust.

The princess opened the window

and let the eyes’ owner climb in out of the rain.

The boy standing before her saw

the monsters in the princess’s room,

and he drew his sword.

The princess cried out, startled.

The young knight looked at her and said,

“Never fear, princess. I will always protect you, no matter the cost.

Your monsters cannot drive me away.”

To prove his point,

he ran his sword through the beasts one by one.

One monster managed to escape, scurrying out the window,

but the rest turned to dust on the knight’s shining blade.

The knight turned to the princess and fell to his knees,

taking her small, soft hand in his.

“My fair princess, I have been watching you, lonely in your tower,

and I have seen the curse’s power.

If you would allow it,

I would like to stay by your side,

to protect you from any monsters that may come your way,

and help you find a way to break the curse.”

The princess gazed down at the knight with shining eyes,

then knelt so her eyes were level with his.

“I will let you stay, knight, for I see loyalty and truth in your eyes...and I also see hope.

I feel that you will help me break the foul curse that has been placed upon me.”

The knight lifted a hand and gently rested it on her cheek.

“Then I vow to protect you until my dying breath, princess.

I swear I will never leave your side.”

The knight leaned in and sealed his vow with a gentle kiss,

and the princess gasped as the world around them suddenly brightened,

the tower’s icy chill faded into a pleasant warmth,

and the princess’s darkest thoughts faded away.

She knew that the curse was not broken,

but something had been changed,

and the change was wrought by the knight’s kiss.

She looked at the knight kneeling before her with wide eyes.

“You are meant to be my savior,” she whispered.



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Keep Your Head Up Princess - Anson Seabra


When she was younger, she would pretend

That her bedroom was a castle, she was fairest in the land

And she got older, and it all changed

There was no time for make believe

And all the magic slipped away

Until the light and in her eyes, it was all but gone

'Cause all the dreams that she had, turned out to be wrong

So keep your head up, princess, before your crown falls

Know these voices in your head will be your downfall

I know it gets so hard but you don't got far to go

Yeah, keep your head up, princess, it's a long road

And the path leads right to where they won't go

I know it hurts right now but I know you'll make it home

So keep your head up

Yeah, keep your head up



Location, Cactus Pass :

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Princess Heidi posing for the camera on a visit to Italy

Have you ever wanted to feel like a princess? Well Promagic has a new release out and it is so cute.

The detail work on this skirt and top are so realistic and all of the cute accessories are sure to make it a hit. Made for the maitreya body Lizz is a must have. My favorite part though has to be the tiara which is sure to make you feel like a princess. So stop in at Promagic and try Lizz out today.



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Reflections in Princess Dock Liverpool, Nisi 0.2 Medium ND Grad EOSr 24-105L

Amazing architecture in Princess street, Edinburgh

J'ai fait cette photo sur la baie sauvage de Quiberon (Morbihan 56_Bretagne). Can you see the princess ;) ?


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I know you...

I walked with you once upon a dream...

-Sleeping Beauty



tiara:[Since1975] Princess Tiara @Enchantment


ring:Astralia - King&Queen Rings @Cupid Inc.


hair: [monso] My Hair - Vicky@ C88


lace collar+gloves:::Static:: Royally Laced Gloves @Enchantment


dress:Noxturnal - As You Wish Dress @Enchantment


pose:Le Poppycock *Queen Bee*


eyes: AG. Cupid Eyes @Cupid Inc.


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You can tell she's a princess

She doesn't need a crown

You can tell she's a princess

She'll turn the world around...


You can see it in her style

You can see it in her smile

You can see it in her flair

And the way she wears her hair






You can tell she's a princess

She doesn't need a crown

You can tell she's a princess

She'll turn the world around...

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