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Romanesque stained glass windows in the Cathedral of Augsburg, dated to the late 11th or the early 12th century. From left to right they feature the prophets Jonah, Daniel, Hosea, King David and Moses.


The windows are about 2.20 m high. The Daniel, Hosea and King David windows are still in their original condition, whereas the Jonah window contains some reworks, and the Moses window is a re-creation of the original dated to the middle of the 16th century.


2018 11 30


[- Outfit -]

☑ Shiny Shabby

Socks: Insomnia Angel . victorian arts stockings


Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mai hair @Gacha

Choker: Violent Seduction - Rosary Choker (Group Gift)

Body tattoo: CURELESS[+] Dog Bites / OMEGA

Face tattoo: CURELESS[+] Exorciser Wounds (v.1)

Eyelash: [CX] Hana Eye Make-Up Set ( Catwa ) ' CerberusXing '

Lip: Bossie. juicy vibrant lipsticks [catwa]

☑ Gacha

Hand arm: ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Unlost Arm / MAITREYA RARE

Body: ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Laudium Edge / RARE MAITREYA

Back: ANTINATURAL [+] Mad Malice / Key to Nowhere

Heels: CUREMORE / Antoinette's Closet II / Rococo Heels (Onyx)


[- Decoration -]

☑ Gacha

Room: ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Liddell's Nightmare RARE

Mace: ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Equestrian Mace / WHITE

Potion: ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / F.M.F.J. Potion

Knight: [-BLUE SKY-] Chess Wood Hedge - Knight (Clean)



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...legte ich mich rücklings auf den Kirchenboden, um dieses Bild von der wundervollen Kuppel der evangelischen Kirche St. Nikolai in Potsdam mit dem größtmöglichen Abstand und halbwegs symmetrisch zu bekommen.

Jesaja, Jeremia, Hesekiel und Daniel schauten mir ungerührt dabei zu... ;-)

Dass die vier Propheten in ihren kreisförmigen Rahmen und auch der restliche gemalte Zierrat so harmonisch und ästhetisch ausgeführt wurden, verdanken wir dem großen Baumeister, Architekten, Stadtplaner, Maler, Grafiker und Bühnenbildner Karl Friedrich Schinkel.


Wikipedia weiß über den Kuppelbau noch Folgendes zu sagen:


"Auf dem würfelförmigen Unterbau erhebt sich auf einem runden, gestuften Dachansatz die mächtige Tambourkuppel. Der zylindrische Tambour hat eine Höhe von 22,5 Meter und ist von achtundzwanzig, 10 Meter hohen korinthischen Säulen umgeben, die eine mit Palmetten geschmückte Attika tragen. Im unteren Tambourbereich lassen vierzehn hohe Sprossenfenster Tageslicht in den Predigtraum. Die im Wechsel mit ionischen Pilastern angeordneten Fensternischen oberhalb der Attika sind lediglich Blendfenster. Auf dem Tambour erhebt sich die doppelschalige Kuppel. Sie hat einen Durchmesser von 24 Meter und eine Höhe von 13 Meter. Die äußere Zierkuppel ist in Segmente gegliedert und mit Kupferplatten eingedeckt. Drei umlaufende Reihen Rundfenster, sogenannte Ochsenaugen, zwischen 28 auch nach außen sichtbaren Rippen, belichten den Raum zwischen Innen- und Außenkuppel. Den Abschluss bildet eine auf sieben schlanken Säulen ruhende, 14,5 Meter hohe Laterne mit einem bekrönenden Kugelkreuz. Die Gesamthöhe des Kirchengebäudes beträgt bis zum Kreuz 77 Meter...."


f 5,6

1/40 s

4000 ISO

16 mm

"they call me Oaks"

Inspired by 30 Seconds To Mars - Capricorn


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...on sunset. (yesterday)

The Monastery of Filerimos in Rhodes

Plaka in the background. Milos, Greece.

Photomode + Injectable Generic Camera System (IGCS), ReShade

If you are interested in Hip Hop, here is the newest part of my little series called 'Hip Hop and Photography':


Mamiya RB67 Pro SD; 90mm K/L; Ilford HP5@1600

Taken straight down on the concrete floor of a very nice art gallery in Seattle. Juiced up a little in Photoshop.


"The great song traveler passed through here

And he opened my eyes to the view

And I was among those who called him a prophet

And I asked him what was true

Until the distance had shown how the road remains alone

Now I'm looking in my life for a truth that is my own"

--Jackson Browne, "Looking into You"



I could not sleep... so, I decided to grab some pileup Photos, and play with them. This is Prophet. I hope I didn't mess up lol.


If you would like me to attempt a pileup of you, please post a pic below.


My personal preferences are...

Photos on a white background. Green is hard for me for some reason.

Also please make the photos at the very least 5000 in height...


After that, well... idk, I will try. And pray that you like it.



Friends Tower Munich

"A prophet doesn't have to have any brains. They are good to have, of course, for the ordinary exigencies of life, but they are no use in professional work. It is the restfulest vocation there is. When the spirit of prophecy comes upon you, you merely take your intellect and lay it off somewhere in a cool place for a rest, and unship your jaw and leave it alone; it will work itself. The result is prophecy."

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)


The End (of my 366 Day Project) is Near!!!!!!!!!

We're Here! : Table Top Faces


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Strobist: AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox camera right. Triggered by Cybersync


بزوغ النور , أنسجآم روحي




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Prophet 60091

This is the flight number of our galactic sun

Prophet 60091

Before we start you should know that you're not the only one

Who can hurt me



This is the serial number of our orbital gun


You better be sure before you leave me for another one

You can hurt me

I can hurt you


Listen to Meeee



Credit :. BLOG HERE ⬇️⬇️


Tattoo :. DAPPA - Prophet Tattoo. @TMD JANUARY


Hair :. Modulus - Anton Hair - Monochromes @ANTHEM JANUARY


Skin :. Clef de Peau.Jamie T3 [LELUTKA] @TMD JANUARY


Pose :. Ana Poses - Ngari @TMD JANUARY


Pant :. Ripped Jeans interative - Black < @INVICTUS

At the end of Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona you can see the head of a figure which could have been carved by an 11th-century romanesque sculptor for some abbey in France or Italy, depicting the prophet Jeremiah or some other Old Testament character. His long hair and beard form fiery waves... Or maybe I'm just seeing things. In short, nature at its most virtuosic.

© 2017 Marc Haegeman. All rights reserved.

Mad Max


Photomode | Range Remover CT by DET | Reshade | Camera Raw

So who decides who's a Prophet ... Life is your canvas... Wash your life brushes well... before your paint your life...




"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

Matthew 7:15


Strobist: AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox camera left. Vivitar 283 with VP1 and Wein peanut slave suspended camera right. Triggered by Cybersync.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, but I really like Totally's suggestion, as it really fits with what I want to do in Volume 3 of Solar. Also changed cape color as per Zeke's suggestion


Alias: The Prophet

Real Name: N/A

Gender: N/A

Alignment: Villain

Backstory: One that uses time travel for its own means, not caring about the resulting consequences of changing past events. A piece of time traveling equipment is stolen by Eon, which leads to Prophet being stuck in present day Cardinal City. Using the knowledge it has acquired of past (present day for Solar) events, it seeks to create a new empire, one capable of controlling the world. Prophet's also searching for Eon, to get the time traveling equipment back.

Christian Science

Nobody listened to Brainy Smurf, when he tried to warn them about climate change and the catastrophic climatic events that would ensue... And now, as is too often the case, the bearer of unpopular news pays the price for the collective inertia.

My entry for #InIce, Macro Mondays' theme for Feb. 15, 2021.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

"Did you see it too?"

"Yeah.... What was that?"

"I don't know.... do you think he is who they keep asking us about?"

"Maybe... I didn't hear anything though. Well not a voice. It felt.... good though.

"It did! Maybe it will happen again" closes her eyes and sighs. "If we listen for it."

"I don't think we should tell them."

"No we shouldn't. We might forget again like last time. I wonder if the others saw it."

By me and Matt Sheean. We have the first part of a three part back up comic in this issue also. Out February 27th. They go out of print, so pick one up now!

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