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I got my first publication with this pic in the german GEO magazine. Tiny bit proud indeed :) Cheers you guys.


© by Jean Claude Castor l 030mm - Photography


Berlin, Skyline Mediaspree, Blaue Stunde, 2015

Un article sur mon travail dans la revue québécoise Photo Solution et traduit dans sa version anglaise Photo Life...


Un immense MERCI à tous ceux qui me suivent et commentent mes photos!



Newspaper / Gütersloh / NW Read here -


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I recived two parcels with November issue of What Digital Camera Magazine lately, in which I was featured again(magazine - not in parcel ;P ) thank you Michael AND Paul for sending them my way! :D :***

First notice about it I got from Miss A - and so I wanted to thank her too for keeping hand on pulse ;)

Thanks! :)

Once again, one of my photos was selected and published.

An american poet/spoken word artist used it for his new book.


Jason "Lalli" is an awareness/performance poet from Phoenix, Arizona with a unique creative use of off-beat slant rhymes.

He writes from a driven passion to make difference trough opening minds to alternate perspectives with encouraging positive messages.

"Making Sense Out of Doubt" is a poetic collaboration of touching awareness pieces.


Lalli - on MySpace

Lalli - on YouTube: live at Mills End Poetry Slam!


>> my original photo: see 1st comment


****my renewed website: ******


thanks for all your lovely feedback so far!! :**

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Dear Fickr Friends,


I'm pleased to share with you a recent article on monochrome souls by Mike Hindle exploring the contemporary works of creatives from the world of Behance Community.


Mike Hindle is an editor of Grey Sky Days who publishes his writings on Medium:


I'm honoured to have my self-portrait titled "The Trembling Living World Will Congeal Into a Perfect Shape Nearly Geometrical", 2015 included in the selection of artworks among so many exquisite Monochrome Souls.


Check out his latest article featured in photography category!


Happy reading!



Plusieurs de mes photos sont dans le dernier numéro du magazine NOISE.

Photos de Jesus Lizard, Sunn O))), Obituary, Amebix, Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Jay Reatard, Hellfest 2009, Brutal Truth, Anthrax, Down, Coalesce, Dragonforce, Killing Joke.

Acheter NOISE en version numérique

Was feeling a little nostalgic

from when I used to post monthly

magazines, so here's a throw back

with a professional touch ◊

I am so proud to be featured in current issue of Practical Photography -


If you are subscriber, please check out my 6 pages interview.



Thank you so much dear friends for your support, I can't tell you how much this means to me.

This a limited edition publication by me. It's based around Dave Sawyers one of the more eccentric characters from Brighton swimming club. It features never before seen photos and Dave and archive material from Brighton Swimming clubs rich history. The 1st edition print run is only 50. Find out more about on my website here.


Shot this with a Samsung NX30.

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Happy, happy, happy! One of my recent self-portraits made a floral editorial for the “Talking Flowers” Issue (August 2014) of Kaɪ'oʊti Magazine. That was a great feature for it and for me too as I love so much flowers.


The magazine is avalaible on MagCloud for purchase in digital and in print version.


To check it out, click the link (pages 127-132):


The preview version of this Issue is available too.



For further information, visit these sites:

I don't mean to brag here....just wanna share with you an article about me which was published recently in a photography magazine called Click! This is the first time my shot made it to the cover of a magazine too.

So today it was finally there.. my publication in Hollands biggest selling tv-guide! =D and i am prouuuuuuudddd !


The English translation (i did it quite fast guys so sorry if there are spelling errors!!)


Famous on the internet


From the city Hoogeveen in Drenthe she is conquering the internet. Carmen Gonzalez is one of the top 5 photographers of the international photosite


It is the new succes story: fame on the internet. Carmen Gonzalez is a star within the online photographers and has collect over two million hits. From Drenthe she reaches thanks to internet fans all the places in the world. Some what more than three years ago Carmen started with a simple 3.2 Megapixelcamera and a passion for photography. Nowadays she has better equipment, uses photoshop and is studying photography. But that is the technique. Carmen is a person that feels and that is what she wants to show in her photography. With fairytale landscapes and often rather sexy selfportraits. "It all started with curiosity", Carmen says. "I always have a model right with me when the ideas come to my mind" I photograph with my senses. My photos are an autobiography, it is a story about my feelins and my innerworld. "In Drenthe you don't see all the images i upload on flickr; it is the world i rather would want to see." Carmens world is sensual, mystical and fairytalish. Something very different than her officejob. "I try to spread my wings and go out into the world. It is so cool that i can do this thru Flickr and that i can reach so many people there. I find it fantastic that they love my work. Flickr is a site with same souls; people who love photography and art."


Be enchanted by Carmen's photos:



Thanks to all you flickrians who have supported me during these years. Would not have come so far without you. Big kusjes to all of you!!!!!!!


Also special thanks to :


Dirk Huijssoon ( )




for helping me out with the Veronica issue (see link).


many many thanks guys!





copyright Veronica magazine


Cimetière de Comillas (Espagne)


Comillas cemetery (Spain)

Thrilled to have two images published in Photography Week.

Retrouvez moi sur et dans le dernier numéro avril-mai du magazine "Images & Nature ", à la fois en couverture et dans un article sur le papillon Gazé. Je vous raconte un peu ma passion pour cet élégant papillon :-)

I don’t usually announce the publication of my images unless they hold special meaning to me and Outdoor Life Magazine was a must read when I was young.


I signed the contract today for the above image to be used in “Best Fishing Float Trips” feature in the August 2009 issue of Outdoor Life Magazine.


Great to see 2 of my London Underground pictures in a new hardback book.


Early this year I sold a licence to use 2 of my London Underground pictures to Penguin Books for £100 each. They found the pictures on my website. The book, Britain’s 100 Best Railway Stations by Simon Jenkins was published at the end of September and I recently received from the Publishers my complimentary copy of the hardback version.


The main picture shows the escalators to one of the exits from Canary Wharf Station. It was one of the few pictures in the book to get a 2 page spread. The picture shown in the inset I have added shows Gants Hill Station on the Central Line, a classic example of Art Deco. I also got Photo Credits on the acknowledgements pages.


Links to the originals on Flickr are as follows –


The book has had a lot of good reviews in newspapers and their web pages. It is available from book stores and also Amazon at


Awesome! one of my photos was published in Photography Week magazine :D


Clematis III

Today arrive to me letter from Ukraine, issue 3 (March 2009) Photographer magazine.

Inside my publication and other four photographers (btw. three of them are my flickr friends) in Photographer magazine (Ukrainian edition of Digital Photographer magazine). Fifteen pages article with many photos, main subject of course HDR decay ;-)


More informations and photos tomorrow, today I'm so tired, then... Cheers!


Many thanks to chief editor Evgeniy Zubenko for publishing these.

greetings all,

Some good things of late I thought I’d share with you all. This months issue of Wild Magazine have done a port folio of my work, about 5 pics of all Tassie wilderness, not the shots I might have chosen but that’s normally the way with publications. Also I have a double page spread shot in Outdoor Magazine, the Aus Geographic version. It’s the golden light on a tree in the snow shot on my main page. Really happy they picked that one. Also looks like Lonely Planet are going to offer me a 5 year contract as a photographer for them. Still waiting on conformation and yet to receive a contract so not sure of the details but could be something very good for me. Anyway thats my good news week, hope you are all rockin on and snapping away. Cheers 8-)

I'd like to thank camerapixo magazine for my publication in new issue "NEW DIRECTION"

You can find my images in 12-13 pages of magazine.


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All rights reserved - Copyright © Tania Koleska

As you will all know I did a promo shoot a while back for my good friends Above The Underground, Now their new album is fast aproaching which I have also been able to do the cover of, which will be shown soon, they have been given various interviews and such with certain magazines. This was the first one and there is my image. Another publication, which I am happy that my image was used in.


So feel free to buy yourself a copy of the mag or go and check out Above the underground at or like their facebook page at where the original image can be seen.


Dont forget to check out my shop


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Thrilled to have two images published in Photography Week.

November 2009 issue :)


Also, I joined facebook recently. I have a fan page which I use to post all updates & news tidbits regarding photography, publications and my book reviews.

Two books which I collaborated to write have just come out this month.

Two books are:

"Japanese Culture in America(right)" and "Transnational Japanese Mobility in the Modern Era: The Experiences of Overseas Japanese and their Descendents(left)".

Hurray, my photo has been published!:-) At World Literature Today magazine. But they forgot to write my name :-( a compensation they promoted my photo (with my name this time) on their Facebook page here . First try is often not so perfect..

2010 Mt Hood Area Chamber of Commerce Business Directory Cover Shot.


Just a bit of self promotion... please bear with me.


Below are two photos of cover artwork that has featured my photography in the last month. Coupled with a sizable order of my photos from a resort for their condo remodels, two gallery orders, the display at the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce the month of June, publication in the new Timberline Lodge coffee table book... I feel some satisfaction with the progression of my work.


I owe a debt of gratitude to all of my Flickr contacts for their support as well as several contacts that have inspired the growth in my skill.


Thank you for your support and encouragement.


A bit about this photo. It was taken at sunrise and I used my 55-200mm lens to bring it on home. The compression made the mountain look closer than it is. I've had a couple people insist that I made this from a composite, and that there's no way that the mountain is that close to the lake. This is a simple single exposure in wonderful morning light and a great mist on the water. This may be my favorite trillium Lake shot.


Best Viewed Large on Black


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July 2015 will be the first Anniversary of THEMA. I cannot believe it's been nearly a year since the first issue went out. Stylists after stylists and artist after artist - they have each inspired me with what they created for THEMA. I cannot tell you how many times I've counted my blessing for being able to work with these amazing people.


I have had the eminence privilege of having some of these artists participate in THEMA the past year. And we are looking to expand our family.


That is why we are looking for some people to be apart of the First Anniversary of THEMA. Below is a link that you can click on, it will take you to a form that you fill out.

I look forward to work with you all



Paris Couplets published by Bergger Editions (November 2018) at Arles, France (July 2019).


To order the book:

Here are just front and back covers of my second publication (more kind of photo zine) including just ten photographs along with the excerpts of poetry by H. Poswiatowska which inspired them for the Polish Days Festival.


The selection of photographs was based on the textual analysis of the poems by Poswiatowska. Why this theme? I realized I've been working on the motif of bird in the poetry of Poswiatowska for a while now (still, I have three unpublished photo sessions related to "birds").


I was recently invited to participate in an art exhibition inspired by birds and held at the Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX.


If you would like to see my metaphorical birds on display on June 4th, then please, check out my event on FB for more information:

Barton Park, 1st June 2015. This will take up its original Southdown livery in due course.

great way to end 2011 ;)


you can read more here


my spread on page 238 - 262


I hope you all had a wonderful X-mas with your loved ones flickrinos <3

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