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Prisma De Colores. Blue

Place: Radio Kootwijk [NL] Date: 11 juli 2016 Time: around 15:00


Designed by Amsterdam architect J.M. Luthmann.

The main transmission building, building A. Also known as the Cathedral.


During WWI, an independent radio link with the Dutch Indies (former Indonesia) became increasingly important. For example all messages via the sea cable, were censured by the British during the war. To obtain independence in these communications, a large transmitter station was built in 1917, in the Malabar Gorge near Bandung on the island of Java. For the Dutch counterpart of this radio link, a suitable location was found on the sand dunes near the village of Kootwijk. Architect Luthmann made a complete design for this establishment. In 1920 the construction started for the actual transmitter building, which is entirely constructed from armoured concrete, a novelty in those days.


It is at the same time, in the early 1920’s, that the actual village “Radio Kootwijk” developed, involving a hotel, administrative buildings and some 40 residential houses for employees. At the present day this unique village with its 120 inhabitants looks back at a history of about 90 years.


The State owned Postal and Telegraph company (PTT) began utilising Radio Kootwijk in 1923 for long wave telegraph transmissions. The equipment was installed in Building A, which is also dubbed as “The Cathedral”. Within about five years, short wave radio signals were used for these transmissions because these were less vulnerable to atmospheric noise. The first actual radio communication with the Dutch Indies, started in 1928, with the historical words: “Hello Bandung, here Kootwijk”. These historical words. are still iconic for many Dutchmen nowadays.


After WWII, the gradually improving quality of sea cable connections saw a decline in the role of Radio Kootwijk as cornerstone for intercontinental telephone and telegraph communications. From 1970, Radio Kootwijk supported maritime communications for the “Radio Scheveningen” station, in particular for long-distance communication with vessels at large. Because of later technological developments such as satellite communication, Radio Kootwijk further lost its significance. Transmission stopped entirely in 1998.


Smile on Saturday theme - Radio


Emerson Radio and Phonograph in the upper left, Regal in the upper right and Capehart on lower shelf. My husbands radio collection.


Emerson Radio & Phonograph - began in the 1920's by Victor Hugo Emerson.


Capehart - founded in the 1920's by Homer Capehart, later Senator of Indiana.


Regal Ultradyne L46 from the mid 1940's.


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Manhattan, 6th Avenue

Former radio station Radio Kootwijk is a monumental building with a special history, in which connection is central. The building is architecturally unique, in its special Art Deco style.


Architect Julius Luthmann was commissioned in 1920 to build a hall for the large dynamo of long-wave radio transmission equipment. The desolate sand drift near Apeldoorn lent itself well to an interference-free transmitter. Luthmann was not allowed to use wood and iron, so it was made entirely of concrete. In the rich Netherlands of those days, no more or less was looked at. The design has been worked out to perfection and finished in Art Deco down to the last detail.




At the start of the twentieth century, the Netherlands was a trading nation with extensive overseas territories. Its interests were served by a quick connection to the colonies, especially the Dutch East Indies. Direct communication took place by way of electric telegrams, which required cable connections. Prior to this, the Netherlands was dependent on England and Germany. When the First World War broke out the disadvantages of this dependence increased. In 1918, the government decided to realise their own international communication network, independent of the neighbouring countries. After much political debate it was decided to build a long wave transmission station enabling permanent contact with the Dutch East Indies using radio telegraphs.


To establish the radio transmitting station they looked for an uninhabited, remote terrain so there would be minimum interference to the transmission traffic from the environment. The 450 hectare terrain was bought by the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management from the Dutch National Forestry Commission.


About 150 labourers from Amsterdam levelled the terrain. The antenna terrain was constructed as a circular plain with a diameter of approximately 1200 metres, a ring of five 212 metre high masts around a central mast at the foot of the transmitter building. The radio transmission centre was officially put into operation in May 1923, initially for Morse telegraph traffic. The developments in radio technology advanced rapidly. After a few years it became apparent that the long wave connections were outdated and too expensive. They switched to a short wave frequency for a higher signalling rate, better connections, lower energy consumption and smaller equipment.


The station initially operated under the name Radio Assel, but also became known under the name Radio Hoog Buurlo. 'Kootwijk Radio' was the international call sign for radio traffic. Queen Emma brought about the first telephone connection in 1929 with the Dutch East Indies with the legendary words: “Hello Bandoeng Hello Bandoeng! Can you hear me?". The first conversations, which invariably concluded with the Dutch national anthem Wilhelmus, were free as it was still in an experimental phase. Subsequently, people had to pay considerable amounts for a phone call to family members overseas. The PTT (state enterprise for Post, Telegraphs and Telephony of the Netherlands) tried to interest the public in overseas phone calls through advertising. Cheap family phone calls, only on Saturdays with 30% discount off the normal rates cost f 21 in those days for a three minute call to Java, for example. In those days the average weekly salary was f 25.

Wurlitzer Dynamic - 88 Jan 21 1913. Made by Magnavox, Oakland California

The advantage of broadcasting over television: when listening to the radio you can close your eyes.

With television you have to.


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Fabia Hair


The Wolf Dreamer


This is radio nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?

This is radio nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?

Is there anybody alive out there?


♪Tune♪Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere

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Philco Radio old wood cabinet multi band radio, pretty fair condition for it's age, found in North Carolina.

Kelso Valley in the Kern River Valley of Kern County.

Circular pre-set controls on my small Dab radio.

Ein altes Grundig Radio. Ich habe es von meinen Schwiegereltern. Es spielt noch einwandfrei und steht nicht nur zur Dekoration in meinem Wohnzimmer. Der Klang ist auch wunderbar und man kann ihn sogar so einstellen wie man es gerne hört.

Da es schon sehr alt ist, ich denke 70 Jahre, und es noch ein Röhren-Radio ist, schalte ich es nicht so oft ein. Eigentlich nur an Feiertagen und besonders an Weihnachten, wenn die Familie zusammen ist.


An old Grundig radio. I got it from my in-laws. It still plays perfectly and is not only for decoration in my living room. The sound is also wonderful and you can even adjust it to the way you like to hear it.

As it is already very old, I think 70 years, and it is still a tube radio, I don't switch it on that often. Actually only on holidays and especially at Christmas when the family is together.


Translated with (free version)

Oh, mein altes Radio!

Lang vorbei ist deine Zeit,


hast oft und reichlich einen guten Dienst getan, warst mein treuer Begleiter, daheim und unterwegs,


mein Tor zur großen weiten Welt, es war von Nöten, zu deiner Zeit.


Heut ist die Welt gewandelt, mit ihr auch die Technik, ja… …aber ist das besser? Besser als zu deiner Zeit?


Ich weiß es nicht!

Bei allem gibt es Licht und Schatten, heute, in der jetzigen Zeit!


Dennoch, du bist nicht vergessen, mein Ohr hinaus, in Raum und Zeit.


Oh, mein altes Radio!


Oh, my old radio!

Your time is long gone


have served you well and abundantly, have been my loyal companion, at home and on the go


my gateway to the big wide world, it was necessary in your time.


Today the world has changed, with it also the technology, yes ... ... but is it better? Better than in your time?


I dont know!

There is light and shadow in everything, today, in the present time!


Still, you are not forgotten, my ear out, in space and time.


Oh, my old radio!


Rotary Beach.



Canon EOS 6D - f/2.8 - 1/80sec - 100 mm - ISO 5000


- Soundmaster RCD1350BE Retro radio with CD player and


Smile on Saturday - When Walkman was King

smile on saturday

"smile on saturday" and "radio"

High-Tech Radio in our modern hotel room :-)


Smile on Saturday 2.5.2020 "Radio"


Focus stack

I was tuning in the shine on the late night dial

Doing anything my radio advised

With every one of those late night stations

Playing songs bringing tears to my eyes

I was seriously thinking about hiding the receiver

When the switch broke 'cause it's old

They're saying things that I can hardly believe

They really think we're getting out of control


Radio is a sound salvation

Radio is cleaning up the nation

They say you better listen to the voice of reason

But they don't give you any choice 'cause they think that it's treason

So you had better do as you are told

You better listen to the radio


I wanna bite the hand that feeds me

I wanna bite that hand so badly

I want to make them wish they'd never seen me


Some of my friends sit around every evening

And they worry about the times ahead

But everybody else is overwhelmed by indifference

And the promise of an early bed

You either shut up or get cut up, they don't wanna hear about it

It's only inches on the reel-to-reel

And the radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools

Tryin' to anesthetize the way that you feel


Radio is a sound salvation

Radio is cleaning up the nation

They say you better listen to the voice of reason

But they don't give you any choice 'cause they think that it's treason

So you had better do as you are told

You better listen to the radio


Wonderful radio

Marvelous radio

Wonderful radio

Radio, radio

Radio, radio


-Elvis Costello


Old Zenith radio found at Lucks Antique Mall in Sauk City Wisconsin. Processed.painted, and textured in iColorama on my iPad. Submitted for the current Nostalgia Contest in the Handheld Art Group.

Photographed on a Monday afternoon wander with Kiyoshi-san and NJ. Space Lab, East Pender Street, Chinatown, Vancouver. October 5, 2015.


(Title inspiration by Elvis Costello.)

Fitting a replacement radio in the old car

Taken for Smile on Saturday theme "Radio"

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Radio Kootwijk is een voormalig zenderpark op de Veluwe dat in de eerste helft van de 20ste eeuw een belangrijke communicatieverbinding vormde tussen Nederland en zijn toenmalige koloniën, met name Nederlands-Indië. Het werd gebouwd vanaf 1918. Ook werden er voor werknemers woningen gebouwd, die samen het gelijknamige dorp gingen vormen.


Radio Kootwijk is a former transmitter site in the Veluwe an important communication link in the first half of the 20th century was between the Netherlands and its former colonies, notably the Dutch East Indies. It was built from 1918 were also built housing for workers, who were together form the eponymous village.

Radio for Smile on Saturday! HSoS


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Radio Kootwijk is een voormalig zenderpark op de Veluwe, ten westen van de plaats Apeldoorn, dat in de eerste helft van de 20ste eeuw een belangrijke communicatieverbinding vormde tussen Nederland en zijn toenmalige koloniën, met name Nederlands-Indië || The housing accommodations of Radio Kootwijk arose as a result of the building of a shortwave radio transmitter with the same name, starting in 1918. The transmitter played an important role in the 20th century as a communication facility between the Netherlands and its then colony of Dutch East Indies. In 1923 Dutch PTT started trans-oceanic telegraphy using a longwave transmitter (a 400 kW high frequency alternator) from the German Telefunken company under the callsign PCG, on 24 kHz and 48 kHz. By 1925 the longwave transmitter was changed by a shortwave tube based, electronic transmitter which had a much better performance due to the better propagation of short waves. With this new technology, in 1928 a radio-telephonic connection was established. At the end of World War II, the German occupying forces blew up the transmitter. Afterward some of the radio towers were rebuilt. (Wikipedia)

This fellow must have an amazing radio reception! I mean, look at those long antenna ^^


On a more serious note I think this is a nymph of the Great Green Bush Cricket but as usual with these animals...


Not 100% sure with the ID Help appreciated on that :)


Cheers everyone




Portugal - Oeiras


? Great Green Bush Cricket (Tettigonia viridissima)

? Esperança (Tettigonia viridissima)




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