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Reading is dreaming with your eyes open.

Not SL. All components from Pixabay.

Midnight reading "Alice in Wonderland".

I don't know how many times I have read the Alice series again.

I feel like I can use magic lol


Tune- Fantasy Music - Lumina



[TEX]one-piece_set_up Maitreya @ SOLA FESTA

It is a very beautiful dress. Perfect for the fall season.


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Photo Location : Twilight Doors


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Which do you prefer...or maybe both at the same time?


I just finished a couple of books-the Removed by Brandon Hobson about a Native family who is the victim of a police murder and faces struggles with drug use and Alzheimer's Disease and also a non fiction book called The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human by Jonathan Gottschall.Two very different books but both worth reading.


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Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are - Mason Cooley

Reading is one of my passions, an escape for a few hours, where I can be transported to a whole new world of mystery, thrills or drama, depending on what mood I fancy. I must admit that these days I tend to read more on my Kindle app, very convenient being able to enlarge the text but nothing can quite beat the smell and feel of a real book.


Thanks for viewing and HCT 😀

Since I am home most of the time now, I am looking for things around the house to shoot. These are my reading glasses.

The Gas Works Street Bridge and derelict Gas Works Social club in Reading.

Seen in Dresden/ Zwinger

reading. gathering words. sitting in the stillness of the early morning...a few of my most loved moments


happy Friday, friends!

Forbury Gardens is a public park in the town of Reading in the English county of Berkshire. The park is on the site of the outer court of Reading Abbey, which was in front of the Abbey Church. The site was formerly known as the Forbury, and one of the roads flanking the current gardens is still known as The Forbury. Fairs were held on the site three times a year until the 19th century.


The gardens are listed as Grade II in the English Heritage Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.


Forbury, a suburb of the New Zealand city of Dunedin, was named after the gardens by early resident William Henry Valpy, who was born in Reading.

Reading Abbey was founded in 1121, by Henry I, and for the next four centuries it dominated the town, becoming one of the most influential establishments in England. Like other such monasteries, Reading had a forbury, or 'borough in front', an area of open land which provided a meeting place between the Abbey and the town. The Forbury in Reading was part of the outer court of the Abbey, and provided a market place as well as a meeting place.


In 1150, what is now Forbury Hill was constructed to help fortify the Abbey during the civil war between King Henry I's daughter Matilda and his nephew Stephen.[citation needed]


The abbey was largely destroyed in 1538 during Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries. The last abbot, Hugh Cook Faringdon, was tried and convicted of high treason, and hanged, drawn and quartered in front of the Abbey Church. After this, the buildings of the abbey were extensively looted, with lead, glass and facing stones removed for reuse elsewhere, and the focus of the town moved away from the Forbury.


Forbury Hill, used as a gun emplacement in the civil war

Reading suffered badly during the English Civil War, being occupied at different times by both sides. During the Siege of Reading (1642–43), the Royalist garrison built defences that further damaged the remains of the Abbey, and Forbury Hill was used as a gun emplacement.


As a result of the concerns sparked in England by the French Revolution, and throughout the ensuing Napoleonic Wars, the Forbury was used for military drills and parades, in addition to its well-established use for fairs and circuses. Three annual fairs were generally held on the Forbury, but the most significant was the Michaelmas Fair, held in September. This fair became known as the Reading Cheese Fair, although cattle, horses and hops were also sold, and it served as the principal local hiring fair.


On a more up to date subject , Forbury Gardens made the headlines with the news of some stabbings ----

On 20 June 2020 shortly before 19:00 BST, a man with a knife attacked people who were socializing in Forbury Gardens, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom. Three men died from their wounds, and three other people were seriously injured. A 25-year-old Libyan male refugee named Khairi Saadallah was arrested nearby shortly afterwards. Saadallah was a former member of the Libyan militant group Ansar al-Sharia. He was charged with three counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder; he pleaded guilty. In January 2021, Saadallah was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Picton Reading Room in Liverpool Central Library, UK. Built in 1879 and now a Grade II listed building.

Reading Company FP7 903 and T-1 2124 on display adjacent to the Steamtown National Historic Site.


RDG 903 FP7

RDG 2124 4-8-4

Reading with Coffee - © 2021 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

Former Reading T-1 4-8-4 2101 has completed its metamorphosis from American Freedom Train 1 to Chessie System 2101. Here it leaves the former Reading Company Saucon roundhouse in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, rolling onto the turntable to get its train and proceed to the B&O in Philadelphia.

Night is a good time for reading, with the curtains closed, and the darkness wrapping around me. Quiet and reflective - I open the books and let the words speak to me.

Shot with the Helios 44-M on the Sony NEX-7


Happy Monochrome Bokeh Thursday ;o)


B/W Tinted and Mono Here

Helios 44-2 and 44-M set: Here

Everyday Things : Here

What is better than reading in a peaceful place and enjoy the outdoor :) (XXXPLORE Island - Adult Nude Beach & Community -


On the banks of the Marchfeldkanal in Floridsdorf, the 21st district of Vienna. The wire on the trunk of the birch tree is probably for protection from beavers, which are very active in this area.

In the La Trobe Reading Room of the Victorian State Library in Melbourne

immersed in magical readings....

Birth skin UNA at UBER HERE



Nails from LERONSO



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The inscription over the entrance to one of the Etruscan tombs at the Necropolis del Crocifisso del Tufo (my husband was pointing as he was reading it to me - yeah, he can read Etruscan).


The necropolis is situated below the town of Orvieto (which sadly we did not have time to visit), made by tufa rocks and in use mainly from the middle of the 6th century B.C. and then some hundred years (though the area actually was in use in total from the 8th to the 3rd centuries B.C). There are some 70 family tombs, built almost like small houses, with an entrance and straight walls and a door-opening (and inscriptions over the doors, telling who is buried where).

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”



“..reading a book doesn’t mean just turning the pages. It means thinking about it, identifying parts that you want to go back to, asking how to place it in a broader context, pursuing the ideas. There’s no point in reading a book if you let it pass before your eyes and then forget about it ten minutes later. Reading a book is an intellectual exercise, which stimulates thought, questions, imagination.” ~Occupy

I recently bought a new keyboard and am still reading through the manual. I left it on the table a week back and one of the Bears was giving it a look over.

I should be able able to pilot the space shuttle after this.

Happy Teddy Bear Tuesday

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7th September 1984

50036 pausing at Reading

Blue Mountain & Reading’s ex-Reading 4-8-4 2102 got a chance to stretch its legs on the former Reading main line between Temple and West Falls, Pennsylvania. The excursion, which ran over the entire length of the Reading Belt Line to Birdsboro, is seen crossing the Schuylkill River next to Metropolitan Edison’s Titus Generating Station.


The 2101 was steamed up earlier this month to test for leaks as part of its restoration. Andy Muller has announcer that its first assignment will be pulling the NRFF. I want to see it, but I am going to have to think quite a bit about a walk-in location where I can avoid the sea of foam.

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The Reading heritage unit soldiers on, looking like it's been through a battle, through the farm land of Perry County PA along NS's Pittsburgh Line.


July 27, 2020.

7th September 1984

56044 passing through Reading

'Standard' 1970s arrivals view into platform 4 at Reading shows D1021 'Western Cavalier' upon 13.35 London Paddington-Oxford service.

Perhaps a lean turnout for Class52 to the capital this Thursday in peak summer having recorded just D1021 out and back on an Oxford.

5th August 1976

The main reading room on the 3rd floor at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

Reading Company's #2124, a 4-8-4, built by Baldwin loco works on display at Scranton, PA.

My favourite Teddy from childhood days reading a book.

Reading the daily news while waiting for the train at the Munich central station.

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