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This is Corbet Lough just outside Banbridge in Northern Ireland it is a very popular trout fishery and is a well favoured stopping point for a picnic on a lazy sunday afternoon


The National Museum of Ireland today consists of four separate museum buildings, three of which are situated in Dublin and one in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. The National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology and History is situated on Kildare Street, Dublin 2 and was the original home of the Dublin Museum of Science and Art which opened in 1890.


The National Museum of Ireland is charged with preserving and making accessible the portable, natural and cultural material heritage of Ireland while responsible for communicating to both the people of Ireland and visitors an understanding of our heritage. The museum also serves to deepen cultural ties both within Ireland and with other countries as well as opening a window on the world’s material heritage through which Irish people may appreciate their own culture in its European and global context.

I have had this bike for four years now and it has taken me to all parts of Ireland and Cat and i have had some great adventures on her ,when i first seen this bike i just had to get it and upon arriving home from the dealers that day she was called the Sexy Black Bitch and it has stuck with her ever since,


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Cat and i camped on this beach last year on the Dune where the photo was taken we were lucky enough to see a pair of eagles commuting back and forth to the Mountain Range to the back of us we reconed that that with the frequency they were passing us they must have been feeding young in the nest ,


Scenery in the Falcarragh area is second to none. View two of Donegal’s most famous mountains, Muckish and Errigal or walk its miles of golden beaches at Ballyness Bay or Drumnatinney. The spectacular sea cliffs at Horn Head and Glenveagh National Park are just a short drive away. The islands of Tory and Inisboffin can be seen from the coast, both of which are accessible from Magheroarty Pier nearby. Falcarragh is an ideal base from which to tour North West Donegal. Tar agus bain sult as áilleacht na h-áite.


Howth harbour at low Tide


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Went over to the Banbridge Buskfest competition today and this little band were playing to there hearts content they were excellent ,


The Buskfast competition is held in Banbridge Northern Ireland and buskers from all over Ireland come to compete they play in shop doorways alleys just about anywhere they can get set up


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I went for a rip on my Kawasaki tonight looking for photographic inspiration i went to various places i already had thought out in my mind and none of them were working for me, so i stopped the bike on the bridge at the river and just took a picture of the bike instead.


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This busker is on O,Connel St in Dublin walk past him and he does a merry dance ,give him some money and he does a bigger merry dance!

Tor giving explicit permission to share half-baked ideas etc. Your shit is another's food.

Time stands still with the passing days ,guarding the entrance to Strangford lough ,thousands of men have sailed past through time and thousands forever will !!


Overlooking Portaferry Harbour, the Castle is within easy sight of Strangford and Audley Castles across the Lough. This 16th-century Tower House was built by the Savage family but now stands as a ruined shell.

i went to a gamefair recently at shanes castle in Antrim there was a medieval section ,it rained and rained all day and was a washout i only took 5 pictures and this is one of them .


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This old timer was out for a run on St Patricks day and was part of the parade.

Video here:


Source here:



* Arduino soundmachine

* by Classy & dalager ( &


* Based on tutorial


* Makes sounds. turn pitch up and down with potmeter, activate with button. No fuzz just noise.



int potPin = 2; // select the input pin for the potentiometer


int val = 0; // variable to store the value coming from the sensor

int duration = 160000;

int speakerOut = 9; // digital out

int rest_count = 100; // pause thing


void setup() {

Serial.begin(9600); // open the serial port to send

pinMode(speakerOut, OUTPUT);

//pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT



void loop() {

val = analogRead(potPin); // read the value from the sensor







void playTone(int tone) {

long elapsed_time = 0;


if (tone > 0) { // if this isn't a Rest beat, while the tone has

// played less long than 'duration', pulse speaker HIGH and LOW

while (elapsed_time < duration) {



delayMicroseconds(tone / 2);



digitalWrite(speakerOut, LOW);

delayMicroseconds(tone / 2);


// Keep track of how long we pulsed

elapsed_time += (tone);



else { // Rest beat; loop times delay

for (int j = 0; j < rest_count; j++) { // See NOTE on rest_count






From Jyri Engeström’s Reboot 10 talk.

Reboot10 Laptop Sock / RGB Light

Serena has a growth of Howard Rheingold on her head.

(with different license, CC BY SA, for use in Wikipedia)

everyone likes to be clean

Extremely interesting talk. I could link this with strategy, and my ideas on coping with complexity.

changed my view:

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Eric Reiss gave os these ducks at Reboot10 to throw at him, when he says something we disagree with him on. Great fun :-)

I dag claimer og lancerer Lunde, Thomas og jeg Stedet hvor du kan claime dine idéer og koncepter, enten for selv at forfølge dem eller lade andre gøre det.

One of my favourite presentations from reboot10

we decided to call the hotel27 in copnehagen the sex hotel for its interesting vending machines throughout the hotel, like this one in what is called the john travolta bathroom (has a disco ball and other craziness going on in there). notice the vast assortment of sex toys.

Ideas in relation to the enviroment. Very interesting business (for me anyway) oriented talk. very inspiring. Thanks Toby.

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