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When walking through the mountains of the Galicica National Park you will find these kind of sheds made from wood and mostly metal scrap roofs. All materials wich can be used are present in these sheds. A perfect example of recycling!


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Smile on Saturday: recycled

Recycled packing


for "Smile on Saturday! :-)"

Theme : "Recycled" - January 15, 2020

Left over materials used for patchwork. It's not finished yet.

Each flower is sewn by hand so it takes some time to do.

For Smile on Saturday - recycling

121 in 2021 #114 Work in progress

they are all made of recycled newspaper. The technique is to create straws with the sheets of paper that will be the basis of the weave.

Have you ever thought about how many tons of paper are used and end up in the bins, inexorably turning into waste? Only a small part is used to generate recycled paper.

Here, creative recycling is a way not only to help the environment personally, but to raise awareness among others on the importance of reducing waste and consumption.

Recycled jam jar



In many ways, this typifies San Francisco for me...


I think everyone in New York City is in favor of recycling (except, perhaps, the rats who steal our pizza and terrorize our babies). But we don't have any illusions about saving the entire planet by picking up a few scraps of recyclable junk.


And we don't have trucks like this one. We do have graffiti, but most of it is on our subways and building walls ...




In early November 2015, I flew from New York to San Francisco to take a weekend street-photography workshop under the tutelage of Eric Kim. As you might expect, I took gazillions of photos; but not all of them were specifically associated with the workshop itself. On the way out to San Francisco, I took a bunch of pictures with my iPhone; and during the weekend, I took a number of photos that had little or nothing to do with street-photography per se.


I’ll upload the photos in dribs and drabs during the next several days, and let you decide which ones are sufficiently interesting to warrant a second look…

A recycled metal antique car from Napcoware, made with metal, nails, flat washers and a screw nut bolt.

Some people just have that touch to make beauty out of anything. This was taken in Lisbon. A very nice use of recycling. HSoS!

(Smile On Saturday Theme: Recycled)

My Daughter has been Felting, .....That is recycling old wool, and creating various Gifts, this one was for her Mother.

#SmileonSaturday #Recycled

At this time of the year, my wife makes Marmalade from Seville oranges. We store the marmalade in saved jars that have been sterilised and enjoy the contents throughout the year. The labels are made from old postcards, wrapping paper and old Christmas cards. Likewise, the string/twine is recycled from a variety of sources. Finally, all the orange peel and pith is dumped in the compost bin.

A shot of this gerbera before it went into the recycling bin.

Springbok jigsaw puzzle box and puzzle pieces are made from recycled material. Stuart, who was kind enough to help out, is not. :)


Smile on Saturday, theme this week "Recycled"

For Smile on Saturday.

A clip :

Thanks for watching.


jeans processed into bags, perfectly recycled

Taken at Dya's Southern Twilight


Do you ever take a pic where you like the content but hate how the lighting turned out? It's too dark, no detail, too busy. What do you do?


If you are like me, you delete it.

But when sating at home and nothing on TV to watch for some reason that pic pops into your head.


You just have to get it out of the recycle bin and play with it. After playing with colors, lighting and textures, thus here it is.


So it's my recycle bin pic. LOL




I have chosen part of the trade boxes and bags

that are used daily in the stores where I usually buy and that use bags or containers made with recyclable material in different percentages, and that in turn I reuse for

household use or disposable material.

They are not very photogenic but they are ... recyclable!!


Lovely little container made from a recycled milk carton sitting on my hat made from recycled PET bottles (it's great for light rain).

Smile on Saturday: Recycled

Nothing says recycled more than an old fashioned, handmade quilt using textile scraps. This is a small section of the one my husband's grandmother made for him sometime in the mid 40s.

This is one of several throw pillows that i made using old t-shirts. I made them a few years ago, as Chrisrmas gifts for relatives. This is the only one that i saved.


Shared for Smile on Saturday theme: Recycled.


Recycling kann wirklich Spaß machen und auch schick aussehen.

Ehemalige Kaffeesäcke erhalten ein neues Leben und werden zu einem individuellen Hut. Dies ist nichts für Langeweile - so wie jeder Jutesack anders ist, sind auch die Hüte anders. Ob Panamahut, flache Kappe oder Pork Pie Hut, der Kaffeefan sucht dieses Modell zwischen den Lieblingstypen und der Hutgröße. Möchten Sie lieber einen Cappuccino oder ein Café Noir?


Recycling can be really fun and look chic too.

Former coffee sacks are given a new life and become an individual hat. This is not for slowpoke - just as every jute sack is different, so are the hats. Whether Panama hat, flat cap or pork pie hat, the coffee fan looks for this model between the favorite types and the hat size. Would you prefer a cappuccino or a café noir?

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Bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET, sometimes PETE) can be recycled and used to manufacture new bottles and containers

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Ein alter Waschkessel, der jetzt im Garten als Feuerstelle genutzt wird.

Im Wasserbehälter wird Regenwasser gesammelt und zum gießen der Beete genutzt.


An old copper, now used as a firing place in the garden.

In the water tank rainwater is collected and used for watering the flower beds.

These CD's I have recycled from the library when they were cleared out last year. Now they are adorning my Nashi Pear tree trying to deter the parrots from eating the almost ripe fruit. As they blow in the wind and reflect the sun at odd times perhaps the movement is scary.

in 2019 I bought a pair of jeans - so comfortable- made of plastic bottle. I kept the tag because I found it was extraordinary to recycle this way ! The jeans are made in Bangladesh .


J'ai achete une paire de jeans fait de bouteilles recyclées !!! Fabriqué au Bangladesh !!!

Portable garden in Croston Lancs.

This chair was made by my primary school teacher by using clothes pegs... it is 37 yo!!! 😅

My wife had a similar one... in this way, at the beginning of our love story, we discovered that we had the same teacher in the same school! 😍

I hope that you like it, dear friends!

Have a nice weekend! 🙋‍♂️

Pose: - space cadet - recycled youth

for SaNaRae on May 26th!


( Muccellina & me ♥)

A friend of mine made these cakes out of old books. They are a perfect example of Recycling.

Have you still got your old Christmas tree hanging around shedding needles everywhere? Do what I’m doing, strap it to the top of your car and take it to the tip for recycling. However, don’t use an old banger of a car like mine which has broken down in Fris’land and probably needs recycling itself! Today’s post post features a cute exercise outfit from Vinyl available at Collabor88, the second of the new VIP hairs from Truth and the first update for the new Bento head from Lelutka – I love this head!!



Paradise wildlife park

5th October 2019

Working hard in Beijing. January 2020.

Created from recycle stickers on trash cans and made specifically for the "Art from Trash" challenge at SOTN:


I made little envelops from old music sheets.

You can use them as a gift envelope or for a gift card.

I can't wait for the thrift stores to open, I need new music books !


I also use old road maps and pieces of gift paper to make these envelopes, they are very easy to make !


Happy Smile on Saturday


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Lovely little containers made from recycled milk cartons (one open so you can see inside) sitting on my hat made from recycled PET bottles and a Fair Trade magazine holder.

One of my lockdown projects last year. Our yoga mats needed new bags as the ones supplied with the mats were falling apart. I found this idea of using old jeans online and reused the original drawstrings and carrying handles so the only new item I needed to make these was the sewing thread.



A man who really quenched her thirst! Made from Recycled waters bottles

#DoodlewashJanuaryPrompt : Recycle. This was a quick pen drawing over a mildliner background. Did you know that an entire load of recyclable material can end up in the landfill, because there was one non-recyclable item included? Zebra pen Mildliner Marker pens on Hahnemühle hot press 'The Collection' Watercolor paper. @Hahnemühle_USA @ZebraPen #ZebraAmbassador @zebrateam_usa

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