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After a long walk or bike ride on the north-east of Terschelling island, you will find this remote shelter or "drenkelingenhuisje". It used to be a place for seamen who were shipwrecked and could find shelter here. It is now a famous place at Terschelling to visit for hikers and for photographers...

Don't know why my camera details do not appear, but this one was at ISO 100, F/20 and 1/100 sec using a polarising filter. Enjoy your day

This is the second attempt at a portrayal of a special place on a fine day. I love my Nikon gear, but the iPhone does do very adequately sometimes.

I am getting comfortable with this remote working.

Skötufjördur - Westfjords


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In a relationship, the most epic fight is over control .. I mean, the TV remote control XD


Whoever obtains it will have the power to choose the movie on Netflix, and believe me... it´s a battle that I don´t intend to lose.



LAST DAYS! Til July 10th

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Ananas - Telly Heads V2


Full Credits and Landmarks at ♥My Blog♥

✔ “Hanging Garden Bed” - GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan

✔ “Path of Hope” - GOOSE

✔ “Grey Wolf” - Jian





The abandoned and derelict Red House sits at the start of Glen Geldie a good hours cycle ride from any sort of civilisation.


This cycle trip was supposed to be the start of a climb up two Munro's but it took us a lot longer to get there than anticipated and given the early nightfall this time of year, we abandoned the trip and just 'enjoyed' the cycling.

A lone tree stands in Glen Ey preparing for winter on a bright sunny Autumnal day in November.

Farmland outside of Tweed, Ontario, Canada.

Nuns Cross Farm, Dartmoor

Minolta 50mm 1.7 AF

My family have lived here for 60 years. I had heard about a patch of Rhododendrons that grew in the middle of nowhere, but never seen them.

So yesterday, we went over the hill (the one I look out onto) and far away, in search of this patch.

We were too late for the main flowering period, but there were still some flowers looking good.

I am still astounded by how big that patch of Rhododendrons is (all white, but looking like there are different varieties). It was a real thrill to see them ... next year I will be visiting earlier!

I couldn't get a distance shot that showed the whole area, but there's one in the first comment box to give an idea of the scale.


A lone tree stands in the remote Glen Derry in the Scottish Highlands. My target for today is the far right peak in the distance, Beinn Mheadhoin, but with the weather closing in and starting to shroud it in cloud, it is looking unlikely I'll make it. My second intended summit is Derry Cairngorm, which is the steep mountainside disappearing to the left.

Advantages of living in such a place

- Playing AC/DC at top volume without worrying about the neighbours


- Inconvenient when the milk runs out

"And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.


به خاطر داشته باش كه مهم نيست كه كجا ميري،


— Confucius

This male eastern bluebird would perch on the same spot outside a nest while the female did her work going in and out with nest building materials.


To get this image, I setup the wifi connection on the camera to link it to my phone. That allowed me to stand back at a distance and wait for the blue bird to return to the spot. It works, but there is a considerable lag, so I wouldn't rely on it if you had to get a shot.


The image was taken in the morning with light reflecting off green brush in the distance. The bird was in the shade, so a flash was used to add some fill light.


Loughrigg Tarn

Panorama doesn't look good on any social websites, the city pond from Reykjavik is one of the examples. So I sliced a portion of this massive 13000 pixel panorama image.


This scene looked very different from my naked eyes than my capture. The mixture of blue and gold was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life.


For more of my recent and unpublished works, please visit my homepage

Counts as gym class, as long as I take a pic and a short video.


Looks warm, right? Nope; that is ice water.


Sorry, there are lots of mountains to see but I am limited right now to what I can get to within 10 or 15 minutes -- just can't be away from the house very long. I have to go to Havasu next week to visit mom's dealer*; maybe I'll get steps in while there (steps=shots, usually).


*Toyota dealer, that is

During the boat trip from Bergen (Norway) to Stavanger, we passed this remote place, with a little light on it. Must be relaxing, but maybe also a bit lonesome living here. Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

The Kennels. An iconic outbuilding that is so photogenic and justifiably so.

Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

“What draws us into the desert is the search for something intimate in the remote.”


∼Edward Abbey

After some steep climbing we reach the upper slopes of Carn an Fhidhleir and look back down Glen Geldie from which we've come. This image gives a sense of how remote this place really is. On the right are the slopes of An Sgarsoch, which we'll be climbing next, while in the distance, to give a scale, the ruins of Geldie Lodge can just be made out. The mountains to the left are the southern Cairngorms.


Carn an Fhidhleir (pronounced Carn an Ealer) means the 'Rocky Hill of the Fiddler' and stands at 994 meters (3261 feet), while An Sgarsoch, meaning 'The Place of Sharp Rocks' is slightly higher at 1006 meters (3300 feet). These Munro's rank amongst the remotest in Scotland, lying as they do in a vast roadless region with long approaches from any direction. Our epic day sees us cycing 7.5 miles up Glen Geldie, hiking the 11.5 mile circuit of the 2 mountains, then the return cycle takes the total mileage up to 26.5 miles.

Canon 6D

35mm 1.4L USM lens

Last house before the mountain.

Remote farm house on the Moor with both sunshine and mist

Road from Vik to Bergen, Norway

Near Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

Heijing, Yunnan Province, China

Coastal road along the northeast coast of New Caledonia, it really does end at an estuary a few minutes later, but there is a (free!!) ferry subsidized by the French government to the other side. I didn't have time to go to the other side unfortunately.


The road photo means the usual.......


Thanks to all for the comments and faves, I'm taking a short break to travel, hopefully the next upload will be on September 12th or sooner if I have good internet connection.

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I sing in the early morning, I cry in the dark night, I grow towards the sun, I humble in the storm. All I've been through is because I know - one day, I will meet you.

And this is my testimony - a little flower in the remote valley.


Sorry my dear flickr friends, I couldn't get your back immediately. Wish you all have a lovely week!

Holly DOES have some sharp persuaders to help anyone know NOT to touch the remote! She does not share well! LOL!

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My new remote filter pulls in pictures from far away.

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