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Couple Pose: Just Friends by: [..::CuCa Designs::..]




Body: Lara by: Maitreya

Head: Erin by: Lelutka

Skin: Gen2 F - Emma - [F1] by: .:Soul:.

Hair: Penance by: Stealthic



Cyber Outfit: Impulse by: Graves – Quality Fetish & Cyberpunk

Boots: Bound Boots by: Graves – Quality Fetish & Cyberpunk

Top : Knite Armour - Black by: . The Rotting Lab .



Collar : Lamia Collar [Clean] by: Wicca's Originals

Cheek & mic : Pathfinder by: Wicca's Originals

SA - Armtech Mk.4 by: :::SOLE:::

SA - Visor GLATT by: :::SOLE:::

SA - Nucleus by: :::SOLE:::

SA - Pauldron T09 by: :::SOLE:::




Body: Gianni by: Signature



Gloves : ::*Cyber Pulse *:: by: L'Emporio&PL

Dark Messiah Pants & Boots- Black by: ::GB::

Oni Cyber Horn by: ::RMN::

Ministry Hunter Helmet by: [ContraptioN]

Jestyr jacket – black by: [sYs]



Skybox Hideout by: Varonis

Robodog Companion: Cyber Greyhound by: RezzRoom

Wall Things : Caviar by: cinphul

Jerrycan Backpack : Grit by: cinphul

THX Console by: Ex Machina

Xenostasis Pod ~ Creature by: Rivendale

Ghost in the Machine (grunge) by: [.fn]






The John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU, Canberra, ACT.

Always looking for a similar soul

Please be sure to look at all 4 of the photos in this album!


Another appearance by Jem Sternhall as "Zana Sherman," with a little help from Morgan and me. Details at the article.

The original was shot on a Pentax Spotmatic 500 using Kodak High Speed Infra-Red film. The negative was then scanned at 4800 ppi.

The front half of this thing has been sitting around since sometime last summer and I've used quarantine to finish it off. I think the overall quality drops off the farther back on the ship you go, but overall I'm very happy with it!

More pictures are on Instagram.

Kahn with a couple of book on politics: "Presidential Pets" and "John, Paul, George and Ben".

Daily Dog Challenge: Dogs in Politics

Here’s my rendition of the Hammerhead W14 design by Devid VII


I built mine more around scientific sample retrieval, and things like that. I really enjoyed working with this frame, might experiment with it some more in the future!


The minifigure was somewhat inspired by the guys seen in the gameplay trailer for Death Stranding. Really looking forward to when I can play that game, not sure when that’ll be though


Finished all my finals yesterday, so a new trimester starts next week. not sure if it will free up time to post or make it harder, but hopefully you guys will be seeing more of me.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

I designed this replica of a real-life boat on commission. It's over 20" (50cm) long, and features 3 levels of accessible interior details!


Learn more about this model on my blog!


Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Een mannetjesmerel op onderzoek naar wat er tussen de bladeren ligt


5921: Research Glider


Very little has changed with this set. Only the tree at Pterodactyl have been adjusted. The glider us the same, mainly because I really liked how it looked.

... with attitude ...

NEW from ChiMia:: Oak Four Poster Bed ~ Mainstore

CREDITs at Her Sketchbook

That low morning sunlight is reaching across the floor of the Cumberland Valley as Norfolk Southern train 905 creeps up to a stop signal at CP Lees Cross Roads. The SD60 leader has a pair of research slugs and a support car in tow, on its way to Altoona for modifications.


According to, NS 38, known as "The Brick," was built from a former SD40, NS 1620. The other research slug is NS 34, built from a Norfolk and Western slug that started out as an SD35, NW 1530. On the rear is NS 33, a former Union Pacific passenger car that carries additional track inspection equipment and personnel.

Dutch is so good at supervision he can do it with his eyes closed!

Happy Caturday!

Open Research Day Riga Botanical Garden

Häuser in Ny-Ålesund

M/V G.O.SARS on The Sognefjord, Norway

Please be sure to look at all 4 of the photos in this album!


Another appearance by Jem Sternhall as "Zana Sherman," with a little help from Morgan and me. Details at the article.

Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract

Laurel, Maryland

Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract

Laurel, Maryland



Just a mini hotrip with Lox.

old disused research station in Yorkshire.

"A question for the scientists: would you like us to collect this as a specimen or no?"


Inspired by watching live streams from NOAA's remotely operated vehicle on the sea floor where I've often heard this question.

They say it makes things better.

Somewhere...Deep under San Carlo...



Archivio di Stato di Venezia / National archive - S. Maria gloriosa dei Frari

Last image saw part of a rear view of this library, in this one the library entrance


NOTE - New website


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