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Mijn foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op

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Alter katholischer Friedhof Dresden - The old catholic cementary in Dresden

It just goes to show how exposure and lighting can make a huge difference. This was taken a few seconds after the shot of the same seed head I posted a couple of weeks ago. The difference is all in camera...

A rarely if ever used jon boat is absorbed by the days of summer.

A bighorn ram with nice curling horns at rest under a large ponderosa pine trying to keep cool. He was deep in the shade with glaring light above him making for a challenging shot. He blended in so well I almost missed him.


Just another treat seen at the National Bison Range in Montana.


May your Thursday be terrific!

Beautiful huge Blue Morpho Butterfly resting on a stone ledge near a waterfall. When their wings are closed you'd never guess how gorgeous they are , until they open them up... Just like sometimes you don't know how beautiful someone is on the inside until they open up ! : )


The Blooming Butterfly Exhibition returned at my favorite Park in St. Paul , Como Park..It had been gone for 6 years..I was so happy t see it had returned and went there often after recovering from my surgeries.. I was recovering from my second surgery when this was taken...They had butterflies form all over the world , North America, South America, Asia, and Africa..


It was in a huge long mesh like netted enclosure with a mini waterfall and gorgeous flowers inside.. I'll post a video I took on the inside so you can see it... ; )


Before this one, I posted a photo that a lady took of me with a gorgeous Blue Morpho on my shoulder and another butterfly on my camera...


I've always thought it was special if a butterfly lands on you.. ; )

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Rest Stop a small flock of crows came over and this one decided to stop and rest for a few minutes, shot in North Carolina.

I know that they have to be cut but I'm always sorry when I see such a view...

I like these wonderful fishing vessels, battered by the sea and weather.

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Detail of the burial monument for Gustaf Svanberg, according to the stone beneath the lady whose hands we see here, he was mayor and doctor and lived 1839-1909. When looking him up on the Internet you will find that he was a doctor of philosophy and he was a mayor in Gothenburg - he died there too, but he was buried in Uppsala, which is rather far away, the town where he was born and studied. And it is in the old cemetery (Gamla kyrkogården), Uppsala, this photo was taken.

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie is a stop on the Monarch migration. Can you find them all? I think I see at least 7 in this photo.

I went out to water the plants on the deck and found this little treasure, a baby goldfinch resting on the deck rail. It was totally unafraid of me so I got a little closer and captured this lovely shot:-)


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This snowy egret repurposes the remnants of an old pier along the Gulf Coast.


Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz - Andalucía)


Sigma 10-20mm + Cokin filters : GND8 + Soft Sunset


This old shed is now collapsed and on the ground. I've driven by it hundreds of times and only stopped once a few weeks back to get a shot of it. I still haven't learned my lesson... photograph things while they are still around and you just might get a decent shot or two for some memories.

Beeleigh weir

23rd June 2020

Sayaca Tanager /Sanhaço cinzento


Too high for my lens. Better if viewing large

Porcupine doing what they do best...sleep. (I was too far away for scratching his/her belly, so tempting)😍

@ZooAmerica-Hershey, PA

Violet-capped Woodnymph - male. Common hummingbird of both montane and lowland forests and woodlands. Also visits feeders and gardens. Males have a metallic green body, dark wings, a long deeply forked blue tail and a violet crown. Females have a green crown and are pale gray below with a shorter tail.




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after sunset we found 3 lionesses that had been feasting on a blue wildebeest they had killed earlier that day .

They were resting near a waterhole and this large lioness was lying down on a mound


Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa



panthera leo





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Mahony Bay, Nova Scotia 2019

Special for

Pak Bhakti,Ave&Maria siap duduk di bawah pohon Natal ya:))))

Walking through the forest, I saw hundreds of catkins laying on the top of the fence beside the trail. This one was resting perfectly along the curve of the round fence. If you look closely, you will even see a tiny inch worm. The catkin is probably 3 or 4" long, so you can imagine how tiny the inchworm is.


Taken with Meyer-Optik Görlitz Oreston f1.8 50mm vintage lens.


I have a very sore arm after my 2nd vaccination yesterday, but other than that, all is good :)



The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand.

- Frederick L. Knowles



English garden

Kleinhesseloher See


On the road to Alston, Cumbria


31st May 2020

This dragonfly was captured from 2.3 feet away with my trusty 105mm macro lens and my Nikon D600 camera.


These Catmint plants are the gift that keeps on giving...

They are hardy, always making it through our Wisconsin winters, they fill out the area nicely, they produce thousands of tiny and long-lasting blossoms, and the insects love them.

What more could we ask for?


Enjoy :)

Birds of prey are fascinating and majestic animals. They can generally be defined as birds that feed on animals that they catch alive. Representatives of these two orders can be found almost everywhere in the world. Although these groups are distantly related, the behavioural and anatomical characteristics they share appear to be mainly the result of parallel evolution.


Bruce Hornsby - Resting Place


The hail falls hard

and the wind whips my face

And I'm a long, long way

from any sheltered space

And the storm clouds are flying high,

mud all over my face

But I'm a long, long way

from my resting place


Well, I'm on a long sojourn,

I'm sitting here shedding my skin

I don't know about inside

but I'm ugly on the outside

They're all messin' with me

for the shape I'm in


I'm looking for a clean slate

I just need to find a new way,

a way to relate

Hey, let's go looking for squirrels,

let's find something to do

I think she's shooting it right at you,

I look down, I said right at you


And the hail falls hard

and the wind whips my face

And I'm a long, long way

from anywhere that's safe

The storm clouds are flying high,

mud all over my face

But I'm a long, long way

from my resting place


Photo taken at Auld Lang Syne, Isles of Scotland, Second Life

Young deer fawn resting ,I took this a few weeks back after all the bounding around it deserved a little rest ...

A Buck rests after a furious morning of rutting with nearby competitors.

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