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When we went to see the litter from which Daisy came from, this is one of the little puppies we saw there! There were 10 other little Golden Retriever puppies there too!

Retriever is an app that will let you sketch something and then it retrieves Flickr photos that look like your sketch.

A tool to search Flickr photos by creating a rough sketch. Could be great for highly visual thinkers or those who have difficulty expressing themselves or processing infromation through words. Found at

I was playing some more with Retrievr. I thought it was impressive that it brought up the picture on the right in response to my sketch on the left.

image search program

retrievr sucks! Not really, but it couldnt find my latest picture despite my artistic rendition of a street lamp!

This is an utterly amazing tool- retrievr dynamically searches for images in flickr that match the color and shape of a sketch you can draw in real time, or by matching an image you upload.


I cannot exactly predict how one might use it, but it is so interesting, I had to include it here!



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This is but one piece of "I Didn't Know You Could Do That with Free Web Tools", a presentation for the 2006 K-12 Online Conference. Other pieces are scattered across the web!


This image was captured with a Nikon D-1X camera with a 70-210mm D-series lens using the Nikon electronic file format (.Nef) Shot on Lexar Flash media. All file was post processed using NIKON capture.

© Vincent Versace 2008


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Holy shit, this thing is fucking amazing. Draw a sketch, and it finds flickr images that are somewhat similar.

Flickr Retrievr could help the children find real world examples of shapes.


Uses sketch-pad or other images to find similar images.


Best with color matching and pronounced shapes.


A Golden Retriever Kakau visita a Casa dos Velhinhos de Ondina Lobo quinzenalmente, junto com sua dona, a voluntária Márcia. Juntas elas levam alegria e bem-estar aos idosos, que esperam ansiosamente pelos cães.


Golden Retriever Kakau visits nursing homes every other sunday. Together with her owner and volunteer Márcia, they take bring and well-being to the instituition, where everybody waits anxiously for the dogs.


**Rights to all this images belong to INATAA, please ask for permission before using


**Os direitos de todas essas imagens pertencem ao INATAA, favor entrar em contato caso queira utilizá-las


*Foto: Laís e Marisa Aranha (

L'application "flickr retrievr" permet de trouver des photos qui ressemblent à un dessin que l'on fait dans la case de droite. Admire my artistic skills...

I did a random search in Retrievr, and one of my images came up.

Look I drew a santa hat and it found one!

The premise: draw an object and retrievr will find Flickr photos that resemble the object.


I drew a car. This is my result.


Here's the site, you can make your own:

This is so very interesting. I drew a landscape with a tree and a cloud.

Testing a "retrievr" style book cover search.


(blog entry)

Caleb and I both attempted to re-create this picture:


The results are stunning.

Nice new software especially for tablet users!

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