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Ripples and reflections on the Calder & Hebble Navigation as it passes through Brighouse.


Canal trips during the Brighouse 1940s weekend

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' The script is burning

On heavy fuel

No time to lose

What will you do?


Camera’s rolling

What will you do?

What will you do?

that you can’t undo?


The gun is loaded

What will you do?

Cruel gifted fool

What will you do?.. "




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Windblown dunes in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

The sun shinning on clear blue water, algae and soft waves with some wonderful patterned ripples created by the latter.


Ripples of Colours on the mountains - Side Pikes, Lake District

Ripples of curves on the river st the Fairy Glen, Wales

Fresh blues and greens of spring, reflected in the ripples of the Stroudwater Canal.

Soft wave ripples distort what lies below.

„Even a wave stops being such. Even a wave, in a single instant, stops being a ripple of the sea to go and relax in the depths of the waters. Perhaps for this reason, attention is paid to it. Maybe that's why, when you are aboard a boat facing the railing, you are almost always there, looking for that little whiteness. Near or far it is. You stand there watching that slender bend of water vibrate in infinite drops and then dissolve. It remains, even during a short-term trip, to see them first restless and then exhausted to return to being only sea. "- Federico Pace


Everything in Its Right Place-Brad Mehldau Trio


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Bluegirls come in every size

Some are wise and some otherwise,

They got pretty blue eyes.

For an hour a man may change

For an hour her face looks strange -

Looks strange, looks strange.


Marching to the promised land

Where the honey flows and takes you by the hand,

Pulls you down on your knees,

While you're down a pool appears.

The face in the water looks up,

And she shakes her head as if to say

That it's the last time you'll look like today.


Sail away, away

Ripples never come back.

Gone to the other side.

Sail away, away.


The face that launched a thousand ships

Is sinking fast, that happens you know,

The water gets below.

Seems not very long ago

Lovelier she was than any that I know.


Angels never know it's time

To close the book and gracefully decline,

The song has found a tale.

My, what a jealous pool is she.

The face in the water looks up

She shakes her head as if to say

That the bluegirls have all gone away.


Sail away, away

Ripples never come back.

They've gone to the other side.

Look into the pool,

Ripples never come back,

Dive to the bottom and go to the top

To see where they have gone

Oh, they've gone to the other side...


Sail away, away

Ripples never come back.

They've Gone to the other side.

Look into the pool,

The ripples never come back, come back,

Dive to the bottom and go to the top

To see where they have gone

They've gone to the other side

Ripples never come back

Sail away, away


Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford

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This was taken from on top of the old bridge that I posted last month.

I love the concentric circles made by ripples on water,these remind me of other natural circles like lily pads and tree rings

Black Swan at Mclaren Falls park near Tauranga, New Zealand.


Taken on a visit to Elie Ness lighthouse, East Neuk of Fife, in Scotland. The ripples run along the sand, like giant worms.

McKee Botanical Gardens

Low tide at Holywell Bay in Cornwall

A view (of sorts) of a fish pond high in the hills of the Westerwald (Wester Forest) near Driedorf, Germany. Water rippled by the wind reflects trees and sun-dappled leaves along the shore. Lens: Tamron 28-200mm for A mount. [SNY07518_lr_2000]


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At the beach .... concerted efforts

Explore March 4, 2020 #18

A long exposure, landscape image of waves rolling off the rocks on coastline near Hopeman in Morayshire, Scotland.

Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness . Every act creates a ripple with no logical end .

--- Scott Adams



Seen in a pond in Celo, N .C .


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I was lucky to catch this rippled sky reflection during the golden hour.

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Reflections distorted by ripples, the Calvert River, Northern Territory Australia. The plants at the edge of the water are Pandanus spiralis, the common screw palm or common screw pine, which is neither a palm nor a pine.

Just one fallen leaf disrupted the stillness of the water.


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20150930 - White Rock, BC Canada

Ripple (Grateful Dead) feat. Bill Kreutzmann | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

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Pentax K-5

smc PENTAX-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR



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