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It is interesting to watch how he forages for food and thrusts its bill down to snatch the prey when sighted..


Little Branch - Croton Plant and Crispy grass

Rezz Room - British shorthair animesh

Never Totally Dead - The Seafood Market

CVR - Tree of Life

eBento Event



♫♥♫Kyper - Tic Tac Toe♫♥♫

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Feeding on a sea urchin, this small Mediterranean rainbow wrasse (Coris julis) is a colourful fish that can be found in the Mediterranean Sea and in the northeast Atlantic Ocean from Sweden to Senegal.

Coris julis is a sequential hermaphrodite: all start in the smaller initial phase. These initial-phase individuals (both females and males) can turn into the larger secondary-phase males. At a length of about 18 cm (7.1 in), all individuals are secondary-phase males. The maximum length for the species is 25 cm (9.8 in). There is a marked difference in the appearance of the two phases. In the Mediterranean Sea, the secondary-phase male is green, blue, or brown, with a white belly, a dark blue spot over the ventral fin, and a bright orange band on the side, while the smaller primary-phase females and males are brown with yellowish sides and white bellies.


Current round of Cosmopolitan - ending October 19th, 2019

Never Totally Dead

Seafood Market

In-World Store

Marketplace Stores


The Little Branch




In-World Store




Lazy Dog Days - 'My Couch'

grey tabby cat

ginger cat

In-World Store



DRD - Deathrow Designs

Boho Fish Shack - Bouys

In-World Store Row/127/137/21







Marina Bay Shop

Fish Shop



Luc Boutique

(Luc.) Seafood Boil [full scene] BENTO Guest Server

(Luc.) Seafood Boil [solo meal] BENTO Guest Server @ Equal 10


Chez Moi

CHEZ MOI Board Bread W Melted Cheese

CHEZ MOI Board With Salami

CHEZ MOI Bowl With Potatos

CHEZ MOI Bowl With Zeppole

CHEZ MOI June Bench

CHEZ MOI June Round Table

CHEZ MOI Pitcher With Water




Pitaya - Round Rug - Navy



Soul2Soul. Jardin Patio Garden. Planter Long Brownstone A

Soul2Soul. Jardin Patio Garden. Planter Square Brownstone A


Apple Fall / West Village

Apple Fall Lemonade

Apple Fall Sutton Lantern - Burnt Ash



Cinoe // Roadside Lunch - Fish Sandwich at Kustom9

Black Bantam // Aphrodisiacs Oysters

Chicchica // Shrimp Tartar & Cajun Shrimp Cocktail

Vive Nine // Extravagant Seafood Feast - Crab Platter

Point Loma Seafoods in San Diego...:))

Taken at Pemberley Estates:

I took this shot after the Mako Seafood float had closed. But I can vouch for their fine seafood chowder. The closest I've come to New England Chowder since Boston days. There are two levels on this float. The bottom one serves fresh fish to cook at home, and the top floor serves cooked seafood.


There was no one around on this chilly summer evening. But the highlight for me here is the way the mountain is gently backlit by the sun which had set quite some time before.


[Best to enlarge this one and look around. In the background you'll see Lark's Distillery and a replica of Douglas Mawson's Antarctic Hut.]

Four blue crabs, shells from 2 pounds of shrimp (baked first for 25 min @ 375º), two large Spanish onions quartered, 3 carrots, 4 ribs of celery & their leaves, tsp sea salt, 1 head of garlic sliced open, 10 black peppercorns, 4 sprigs thyme, 1 jalapeño chili sliced open, leg quarter bones from a roasted chicken, 5 quarts filtered water. Simmered uncovered for 4 hours then strained and ice chilled.

Tomorrow I'm going to feast on seafood with gym friends. It was an absolute coincidence this project was due to be finished today. Actually, I should have had this ready for Summerfest earlier last month but I had to go through my annual existential crisis. My fitness coach is returning to his province in Lucban, which apparently is six hours south and then east of Manila? I've never even heard of the place until a few days ago. Me and a handful of his weight-lifting loyals insisted on spoiling the man before we probably never see him again and when asked what he wanted to eat, he said seafood. So tomorrow, we FEAST on SEAFOOD. You'd think in the Philippines seafood, in general, would be a super common everyday commodity but besides from the market tilapia, it's as rare a delicacy as it is in New York City. At least in the middle of Luzon, it is, which is a ways away from the ocean. Google Map may say the ocean is an hour away by car but in the Philippines, that's an hour plus ten with traffic.


This was a fun project. Whenever or wherever you get a chance to feast on seafood again in first life, I hope you enjoy this virtual seafood feast until then! As always, you don't have to buy it to try it at the event. Eat as much as you virtually want at equal10 starting July 10th at midnight! I mean, will the scripts lag and cause delays in your munching? Maybe. But the virtual satisfaction is worth it. Seafood for your Soul, youknowwhatimsayin'?

A savory Seasonal Seafood Don by Itacho Sushi in Bedok Mall.


*Note: More food pics in my: Favorite Food Album.

rough seas around won't stop us from having a good meal, savvy? want to join? fresh seafood served, aye.


if you like to know where a certain product shown in my picture is from, please feel free to ask.

This photo is of one of the two buildings that comprise Allen's Seafood. I believe that this building at one time was where prepared seafood was served. It is rather typical of such Maine wholesale businesses. In the photo are a collection of the common items seen at this business sites. Some wire lobster traps, colored buoys, a derrick to lift things into and out of the boats, blue bait barrels, etc. On the side of this building are some old wooden buoys that are no longer used having been replaced by styrofoam. Each fisherman has their own painted pattern on the buoys.

I was asked about this in a picture which only showed this seafood outlet in a corner, so here's a full view.


I've never tried it, but it usually has a queue of people when it opens and customers know best!


As seen on a walk.


Pentax K3iii & 20-40mmWR

The night before I took my previous two shots uploaded today, I decided to set up this shot and see how it worked out. It is a deliberate attempt to create something like Edward Hopper's iconic painting, "Nighthawks" (1942).


Each window has a story to tell (please do enlarge), from the diners to the fish processing rooms on the ground floor. And of course you will recognise the giant red lobster on the roof. The alley between the buildings on the left hand side also leaves you with a feeling of expectation - who might walk around that corner?

Cancale, Bretagne


Dans les parcs à huîtres de Cancale, c'est l'effervescence à l'approche des fêtes

Black Oyster Catcher and chick enjoying a meal at Avila Beach.

Seagulls are wondering where all the seafood is.


Moss Landing, just north of Monterey, California.

The local if the fishing village in Sri Lanka preserves the seafood

Wild Elk (cow) on a frosty morning at the Cherokee Indian Reservation, Cherokee, North Carolina

Seagull with its mouth full of crab.


Blend of paprika, salt, red bell pepper, garlic, onion, lemon peel, black pepper, mustard, lime, dill, parsley, celery seed, oregano, basil chili, ginger and rosemary.

Chuck: Ralph Shirt Polo @ Man Cave

Tiller : Justin Hat


Moncada Paris: Notorious Eyewear



Tredente: Seafood Boil Fatpack @ Level Event

KraftWork Dandy Set Booth


Pose: M E R C H: Couple pose 2


...a wonderful and special meal...

A couple enjoying a seafood platter in St. Josef's Market, Barcelona.

Monastiraki, Fokida, Greece

Whitefish, shrimp, frites

During a long fascinating uphill walk through Montmartre that begins at the Moulin Rouges and ends at Sacré-Cœur, here where Rue Lepic meets Rue des Abbesses is a great first stop for sidewalk seafood. That is unless you had already stopped at the nearby Café des Deux Moulins.

This eagle was having a bit of trouble trying to gain any altitude

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