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This shot is from a UIC parking garage on Harrison. I got here about 45 minutes before sunrise and ended up staying right up until when the sun broke the horizon. This is one of the last images I got of the morning as the clouds started to come in at just the right time.


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Today's shot is a look at the Sears Tower, or Willis Tower, if you prefer it by its proper name . This was taken early Sunday morning before sunrise.


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Sears Tower in the shadow of the water tower.

Downtown Chicago

Northside view from the Willis tower (a.k.a. Sears tower).

This one was done by separate photos on sony nex using HDR feature, then stitched using auto stitch. Unfortunately had to crop out the bottom part where people walking around did not stitch well.

Chicago from the Sears Tower

Chicago Architecture No. 10


The Willis Tower (formerly named the Sears Tower) held the distinction of the tallest building in the world from 1973 - 1996 at 108 stories / 1450 ft ( 442 m) tall

monroe and franklin. i love this picture.

the Sears Tower at sunrise, Chicago


Architect : SOM, Chicago

Chicago's skyline from the 16th street Railroad Bridge

@bridiener on Instagram

they've set up a camera in one of the ledges where you can pose however you want. we DEFINITELY bought our photo. how could we not?

Chicago, IL

May 30, 2006

A fairly dominating structure in the Chicago skyline. I love how far you can see.


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Sears Tower. Chicago, Illinois. Sept. 2018.


@bridiener on Instagram

@bridiener on Instagram

Taken from airplane while flying to east coast...

Still trying to be the worlds tallest. This one inspired by the wonderful work of mr. chezrump:

Cruising on the Chicago River

SOO 1512 does a little switching on Kingsburry Ave in October of 90.

i rode my bike down to see "the ledge" which is a 1 1/2 thick piece of glass that jets out on top of the nation's tallest building-the sears tower. i was surprised to see it was mounted on the west side of the building.

Spider hanging from a tree.

memories of the sunset in Chicago.

People who haven't visited Chicago might enjoy viewing this at the largest size. The map shows where it was taken from.

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