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Another shot of a favorite relic

Looks like it has been a long wait for service

Seaton Devon tramway service

Smile On Saturday-Ring The Bell


I have a few of these desk bells but this one is by far my most ornate and I love it's resonance!

Seaton Devon tramway service

Secret service agent or so she thinks. Olive is traumatized by the new addition a chugg puppy weighing just under three pounds. Feeling safe behind the veil Olive watches as the ball of energy gallops madly around the back yard chasing her favorite aunt daphne. The pack is not balanced it will take more time.

Minolta Alpha (Dynax) 7 : Minolta AF 24-105mm F3.5-4.5 D :

Ilford FP4 ; PMK Pyro

Wilkinson Service Station at least the sign says, the old building I am not sure of it's origin, found in North Carolina.

Just like this boat, it feels like I should retire my internet service provider. I had no connection for six days until today. Our rural service is slow on a good day and frequently cuts out. COVID-19 has overloaded their system with so many people at home. The boat is at Riverport, Nova Scotia.


Pergear 35mm, f1.6

Minolta Alpha (Dynax) 7 : Minolta AF 24-105mm F3.5-4.5 D :

Ilford FP4 Plus ; PMK Pyro

Minolta Alpha (Dynax) 7 : Minolta AF 24-105mm F3.5-4.5 D :

Ilford FP4 ; PMK Pyro


Minolta Alpha (Dynax) 7 : Minolta AF 24-105mm F3.5-4.5 D :

Ilford FP4 Plus ; PMK Pyro

Pas de vente à emporter ici, mais un service à table, comme avant le coronavirus !

At 5 or 6 days old, this young robin seems to be demanding service, although he did tire a bit and had to lean his neck against the nest. Continuing with my "Rocky" theme, here Cuff reminds me of Rocky, eyes swollen at the end of the fight when he is yelling for Adrian.

Minolta Alpha (Dynax) 7 : Minolta AF 24-105mm F3.5-4.5 D :

Ilford FP4 Plus ; PMK Pyro

Candid Street Photography


Tokyo, Japan


January, 2020

Walking along the service road next to the California Aqueduct.

Just another of the many abandoned service stations around town. For many years, after the station closed, it was a TV repair shop. Now it's also out of service because today people just throw away their old sets instead of trying to fix them. A sign of the times...

While I was wandering all over Ross taking photographs, Marjorie had set up her easel to paint the cenotaph I showed you yesterday. As I mentioned she had two great uncles go off to war, and one of them never returned. His name is inscribed on the memorial: Clarence Davidson. You can see Marjorie in this photograph outside the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church which was built in 1920.


Closer to camera is a really rare sight these days. A full service petrol station with a general store. That gaslight is also a treasure. The perfect shot for another monochrome.

What I am wearing and where to get it!

Photographed by Belinda Millet


+AH+ Madl Dress


{ Speakeasy } Blend Tattoo


Old truck near the abandoned Wallstreet Mill in Josgua Tree National Park. Although it's not in a "mint" condition, it was worth taking picture of. I love those places. It's just a 2 mile hike from the parking lot, but most people don't go there because of the heat.

not any more,

Navarre Garage

I’ve been here before, and I’ll probably return. Just an old service station, edging into full retirement. Or collapse.

Kyria/Mrs Sarri and her assistant resting after their work was done at the estiatorio/restaurant.


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🎧Hit Play and order room service🎧


Thank you all for your faves, awards and comments. Be safe and god bless.💋💋💋❤️

“Room service? Send up a larger room."

Quote ― Groucho Marx, [A Night at the Opera]

The weekly power servicing move from the anthracite region passes through Leesport, Pennsylvania on its way to Enola via Reading. A GP38 of Penn Central origins is travelling with seven of Conrail’s ten ex-Reading MP15’s.

Another old service station...without the service.

Kemble Women's Institute Scenic Lookout.

"The Parkette is a memorial to the members of the Kemble Women's Institute, past and present, and it celebrates the 110th anniversary of the organization and features a unique tea service carving of rock and concrete. Stunning views to the east over Georgian Bay."


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