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Lagune de Shabla au bord de la mer Noire - Bulgarie

Шабленска тузла - България


Shabla Tuzla (250 decares) is located approximately 6 km of the town of Shabla (northeast of Bulgaria). The Lake is completely separated from the Black sea by a sand strip about 80 m wide. It is a salt lake – lagoon, formed mainly by infiltration of saline waters beneath the sand dunes which separate it from the sea.


Whooper swans flying. Juveniles have gray plumage.


Vol de cygnes chanteurs. Les juvéniles ont le plumage gris.


Летящи пойни лебеди. Непълнолетните имат сиво оперение.


Cygnus cygnus


Fairly common but inconspicuous in dense bushes and hedges near water, reedy marshes with bushes and scrub. Often heard but rarely seen. Explosive, rich staccato song often draws attention: usually a birds sings once, from cover, then moves to another concealed spot and sings once again, not the persistent singing from a single perch that typifies many warblers. Appearance is plain, but does not match any other species: rather dumpy and broad-tailed; warm brown above, pale grayish below, with narrow pale eyebrow.


Shabla Lake, Bulgaria. May 2016.

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Petit matin au bord de la Mer Noire.

Рано сутринта по брега на Черно море.


Shabla / Шабла - 28.10.2016


The shot was made during my workshop held in the Bay of Owls near the town of Shabla in Bulgaria. The photo was taken with a Nikon D810 camera and a Tamron 85mm / 1.8 lens. The new generation of Tamron lenses give maximum

sharpness and detail even with the aperture open.

Nikon D 810 ; Tsmron 85mm/1.8 ; ISO 80 ; F 1.8 ; 1/320s

A 2K12 Kub mobile surface-to-air missile system fires during the multinational live-fire training exercise Shabla 19, in Shabla, Bulgaria, June 12, 2019. Shabla 19 is designed to improve readiness and interoperability between the Bulgarian Air Force, Navy and Land Forces, and the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, U.S. Army Europe. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Thomas Mort)

Шабленският фар по изгрев

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Photographie surréaliste 30 x 40 cm disponible sur mon site officiel - Surreal photograph 30 x 40 cm avalaible on my official website :


Je rêvais d'un autre monde,

où les hommes ne seraient plus immondes.

Je rêvais d'une Terre en paix,

où on vivrait sans avoir à s'en faire.

Et ce serait la paix sur Terre !


I dreamed of another world,

where human would break all of our chain.

I dreamed of another land in peace,

where we would live without worry.

And it would be peace on Earth!


mikme tseway terchen chenre sik

drime kyenpay wangpo jampel yang

dupung malu jomdze sangway dak

gangchen kepay tsuk-guyen tsongkapa

losang drakpay shabla solwa deb


Изгрев край Шабла | Sunrise near Shabla

Изгрев край Шабла | Sunrise near Shabla

Shabla, Bulgaria 2013


Nice days in Bulgaria..

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Tuylenovo - Тюленово - is a village and seaside resort on the north Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, part of Dobrich Province in between Shabla and Kavarna. "Tyulen" means seal in Bulgarian, but seals hadn't been seen in the area since the 1980s. Tuylenovo can be reached by taking the old seaside road from Kavarna that passes along the rocky coastline, through the sea resort of ‘Rusalka’.


One more addition to my moon photo series. I was looking forward to go to Tuylenovo village to capture its beautiful rocks and idea to capture them with full moon seemed as a great combination. Not taken with usual 100 ISO as there is much less light than during normal blue hour. Moon gives lot of light but you still need much more sensitive setting in the camera to capture nice blue color.


Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II; Lens: EF17-40mm f/4L USM, Focal length: 19.00 mm; Aperture: 9.0, Exposure time: 32.0 s, ISO: 500


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Wildlife sanctuary - Shabla


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Shabla, Black Sea, Bulgaria

...the ravages of time

Shabla, Bulgaria 2013

I have always thought that the sea is one of the most promising places to take photographs. If you go near a beach you can play with the shapes and forms created by water, if it is a rocky shore you can play with the rocks and the movement of the water. So if you feel uninspired on where to go to shoot this weekend, go to the beach, it's more beautiful in the winter.


Hope you like it, enjoy!

Photo: Tyulenovo, Bulgaria

Shabla, Bulgaria

Taken on April 16, 2016

Shabla, Bulgaria

Taken on April 16, 2016


14 Février 2013 : Tulenovo (Bulgarie) : depuis le Lac de Shabla en direction du Sud, une route longe les côtes de la Mer Noire. Cette côte offre des paysages de champs et de pelouses propices à l’observation des rapaces (Buse Variable, Buse Pattue, Hibou des Marais, Faucon Crécerelle).


14 February 2013 : Tulenovo (Bulgaria) : since Shabla Lake to the south, a coastal road is following the Black Sea coast, offering a scenery of fields that are very interesting for the birds of prey (Common Buzzard, Rough-Legged Hawk, Short-Eared Owl, Common Kestrel).


Sgt. Zane Pettibone and Spc. Svenson Albert, a Stinger Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) team with 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, conduct engagement sequences and the 13 critical checks of the Stinger Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS), as part of the multinational live-fire training exercise Shabla 19, June 11, 2019. Shabla 19 is designed to improve readiness and interoperability between the Bulgarian Air Force, Navy and Land Forces, and the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, U.S. Army Europe. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Thomas Mort)

Bronica GS-1 / exp. Kodak Ektachrome

Shabla, 2011


"Save ground for Red breasts"


with Jermain on the bird and Yeto on this beautiful trompe l`oil landscape

Enough is Enough" © 140 Ideas 2012


during the Shabla Kite and Graffiti Festival

The last Dodo bird - 1662

The Last Pyrenean ibex, named Celia - 2000

The Last Pinta Island tortoise, named Lonesome George - 2012

And MANY MANY MORE species...




Shot at Shabla, Bulgaria at midnight at almost full moon.


fishermen's village near the lighthouse of Shabla

Shabla Lighthouse and poppies

Shabla's lighthouse

North Black sea - Bulgaria


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