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Super Happy Dev House 17

... that they're pursuing pet projects, which one day might make them millionaires, in the custom-designed house built with the riches Harrison reaped from that company. (excerpted from

A white king-size bed sheet hangs over the living room window as a makeshift projector screen for the night's six-minute technical talks. More than 50 people cram onto the couches and carpet, lean against the walls, and strain to hear from the hallway during the 1 1/2 hours of programming presentations. (excerpted from

Drawing by David Seward

burritos wrapped in corn or flour tortillas, chile verde with pulled pork that's been simmering for eight hours, and chocolate-chip bundt cakes laced with Godiva liquor. (excerpted from

Three laptop-toting strangers sitting around a table on the sun deck strike up a conversation about, a social-networking polling start-up that is in test mode. (excerpted from

To break the law in their face

Khang Tran offers a demo of his start-up's social-networking photo site, which is in alpha testing. "I want to get some feedback. Do you mind if I show you guys?" (excerpted from

"Don't promote your company," warns moderator Joel Franusic, a 24-year-old network technician in San Luis Obispo. "We want cool hacker tips." (excerpted from

Matt Rubens, a 25-year-old software engineer who worked at and then established a start-up in Seattle. He ditched that in April for Silicon Valley's scene. (excerpted from

who wants chocolate-covered rice krispie treats?

The executive director of wanders the party looking for a whiz at drupal - a free content management framework - who can help her build a database. (excerpted from