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SHDH5 happens this Saturday.


Here's what termie has to say about it:


SuperHappyDevHouse FIVE is going to be on November FIVE. Starting at 6pm and rounding out until we all pass out on the floor / couches / futons / grass, we'll be showcasing the latest developments, drinking the latest drinks, and coding the 1337est code known to man. Get your hack on at the Bay Area's oddest (and possibly most productive / geekiest) private house party. Bring your laptop, drinks, snacks, and ideas. It's going to be a great time for all.

So meta... I ran across this completely at random. Had just finished browsing SHDH pictures and clicked the top level Explore link.

A script based on Google "safe" and "unsafe" results, giving the official "Slut-O-Meter" percentage. =P


Adam's 2.7% slut. haha!

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